November 24, 2017
So life is awesome lately. Work has been so busy I barely get a minute these days. It's good and bad. Sometimes I'm happy with it and sometimes I wish I could just get a break. The real kicker though is that we found out we're pregnant! I am very excited and I can't wait to meet my first born. I also think it's time to really get serious about finding land and get ready for home building.
May 7, 2017
The wife is out of town! Spent this weekend getting some housework done. The weeds in the front lawn are fixed. Hopefully this week I can get some patchy grass areas fixed also. Gotta plan a vacation for us. This is a good month to go somewhere far far away. In the mean time, learning how to write web apps and also learning how to parse through DICOM images. A lot of things happening.
April 16, 2017
Holy busy. That would explain the fourth month lapse in posts. It's unbelievable how crazy and fast life has been. Work is gong well. Still working on my own website so that I can increase productivity. Looking forward to hiring my first OMR. I just hope I'm making the right decision here. As always with new ventures, lots of hope and lots of nerves. This is exciting.
December 15, 2016
Christmas is almost here. I can actually feel the world around me winding down. People are relaxing a bit more. There is less 'work' and more play it seems. Myself I am busy as always. Work keeps me going. The idea of buying another bigger house is on my mind constantly now. Especially that we're considering kids. Life overall though is great. I can't really complain.
September 5, 2016
Man it has been a while since I've updated anything. Life has been very busy. I did end up getting a new car and I love it. Just got a speeding ticket in it actually. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. In any case I am enjoying the car. I'm also getting ready to pay off one of my student loans as well. I'm more excited about that than anything else.

I also happen to be extremely sore. My entire body is in pain right now from running and weight lifting. I might decide today may be my off day. We shall see. In the mean time, need to check on the lawn.
June 10, 2016
To buy or not to buy. That is the question. I'm looking at new cars and I can't seem to get a way from my Z4. On the other hand, maybe it's better if I just stay away from buying cars all together and instead worry about paying off some student loans. I guess I have time to figure it out. My car is running after all and I do have a Tesla Model 3 on order. On the other hand, we finally got my wife a new car a few weeks ago. Very happy with it so far. Will run it by the dealer to get it checked out for any problems.

Another thing I have been considering for a while now is starting my own business. Something that will keep me busy and pushing my income each year. I have so many bills and my taxes are so high. I'm basically stuck.
April 8, 2016
It is time for a change in our politics. The entire two party system does not work for the American people. I've never really agreed with this idea. Voting should not be done like it's a football game. People shouldn't vote for their team, they should vote on the issues and neither party seems to succeed here. I am becoming a fan of Dr Jill Stein who seems to speak outside the political lines. Why isn't she available on the debates? Our political system has been run by two parties for 150 years and we are less safe, less free, and more in debt than we ever have been. It's time to change and the only way that will happen is through a change in voting.

People have been duped today. So many people think that they have to vote either democrat or republican. I think it's time to get the message out. The only way we can change the system is be educating each other.

Happy birthday Maz!
February 23, 2016
Oh what it's like to busy. My beautiful wife is sound asleep next to me and I'm just sitting here working from bed. I look forward to the days when my debt has dropped and I can spend some time getting some sleep and just relaxing. Hopefully at the end of this year some of these crazy student loans will be done and over with. Of course, what will happen is kids, cars, more and more craziness. Such is life.
December 28, 2015
Things are going great. My wife is awesome, my work is awesome, my home is awesome, and my family is awesome. In other words, awesome. Probably going to go to the movies tonight with the wifey. Maybe come home and work on my software. Who knows. I am Batman.
October 23, 2015
Again super busy. Work has been growing very quickly. Absolutely great news. My software seems to be picking up as well, which is also nice. If anything my life seems to be ok. My smoking hot wife is awesome, my family is awesome and I feel awesome. That being said... the world around me seems to be going down hill. Israel keeps murdering Palestinians like it's a hobby. The occupation is getting worse and worse. There is no real effort for peace. I'm disgusted by the entire situation there and the sad part no one will do anything about it.
September 3, 2015
I must be busy. Basically I'm constantly running from work to work to errands to work. I have no complaints. Life is good and living the dream. I'm happily married and my work is going great right now. I have very little to complain about.
July 12, 2015
Ah how the time keeps running. My days are busier and busier. In a couple of weeks I will finally be married and have a whole bunch of useless crap done with. I'm also very excited for my Herman Miller Aeron chair that's going to be coming in the next couple of weeks. I tried it at a store and was blown away by how comfortable it is.

Things I'm working on: re-finishing my mom's kitchen cabinets, building myself a new ergonomic desk, building a foot platform for my feet when I sit on my desk, re-writing my software in Swift, possibly going onto iOS. Life is great.
June 10, 2015
Apparently I've skipped a few posts. But I have my excuses. I am married and happily so. I've also been occupied with basically too much work. Beyond that I have nothing more to mention. Life is good.
April 16, 2015
So what's new? Well, house, job, wife, less student loans. In a nutshell... everything. Life is good and I really can't complain. On my way right now to Sacramento for a radiology conference. I'm not a fan a flying, it always makes me nervous. I'm typing this as I am on the airplane and I honestly can't wait to touch down to the ground, get to the hotel and check in so I can relax. As it is, life is good. Actually, life is great.
March 29, 2015
Well... what's there to say? I bought a house, got engaged, paid off some student debt. Basically... on track. Just need to keep things going like this. Time to get even more out of debt and start turning things around for my family.
February 18, 2015
So many great things. Life is good right now. Hopefully it will continue to be good.
January 19, 2015
Has the year even changed? Happy New Year! Basically... nothing has changed for me. Working my ass off and trying to get things done. Can't say enough about how happy I am with my work and my life. I'm hoping to keep things going like this and simplify my life even more. Get out debt... etc...
December 16, 2014
Busy bee. Is there anything else that can be said. I'm seeing someone new. Enjoying my time at all my jobs but mainly looking forward to going back to mostly radiology. I will be done covering for the other doctor starting January. Which means... more freedom for me! For now... it's 10:48 pm and back to work it is for me. So tired but so thankful.
November 22, 2014
Life is good. Honestly, I am just making the best of it. Work is great, no drama. I am busy most of the time. Soon I will be apartment or house shopping as well. In the mean time I am working on a couple of new pieces of software to keep me busy. Also it's Saturday but the weather sucks so much that I really don't feel like leaving. I figure, I might as well immerse myself in something useful. So for tonight, my goal is to figure out how to get another piece of my software working without issues. If I can do that, I can release it on the Mac App Store and hopefully get some more income stream going. In the mean time, happy birthday Mom.
November 9, 2014
Awesome. That's all I can say about life right now. I'm finally done with my boards. I am finally able to get back to just work and relaxing afterwards. In a few months I will find out the results and whether I have to repeat them again next year. I'm hoping not though. In the mean time, I have been busy with work and the other work. In other words, still doing two full time jobs and just going crazy right about now. But it's good crazy. Also working on a new, small app to help me with my radiology work. Might even release it when it's ready.

Regarding work, I feel blessed. Busy, but blessed. If I keep things up the way they are I might get out of debt in a year and a half. That is not too shabby. I can't wait to be done with it all and move on with a normal life after that. Then I can take care of mom and dad and whoever else I feel the need to take care of. Happy birthday Hani.
October 6, 2014
It has been a while since I've posted anything on here. Basically life has been insane crazy. I'm busy working two full time jobs, taking classes and studying for my boards which should are coming up soon. Between all of that, I think I have managed to go to sleep here and there. I'm still on the hunt for a home also. But for now, that's been put on the back burner. Basically, I'm tired. Once I'm out of debt, then I'm out of this lifestyle. I can't wait to just enjoy doing radiology, waking up whenever I feel like it.
August 17, 2014
It's 3:15 am and I can't get a bit of sleep. Feeling a bit frustrated right now. I figure, why not post an update? So life is great so far. My work is amazing, I am house shopping and basically enjoying my life. I really don't have much to complain about. I signed up for Arabic class that will start in two weeks. Not the most exciting thing in the world but I'm looking forward to it. My reading and writing has gotten to a level of pathetic. Right now though I don't really have much more to add, just wanting to knock out but I'm having a hard time doing so.
July 3, 2014
I am finally settled in, wondering about the next thing to come. Soon I will start house shopping. Hopefully I find something that I like and is in budget. After that, the rest is easy. Find a lady, purchase her, make the babies, pay the bills... and life continues on.
June 23, 2014
9:30 am and I'm literally working from bed. God I love radiology. Best job in existence. I think it's time to go shopping for a shoe. I need some new shoes and online just doesn't cut it. Also excited to get my new toothbrush heads in today. It's amazing how simple life has become after leaving residency. I love it. I wake up, work out, work, enjoy my time and basically relax. Of course living on the lake doesn't hurt either. Life is good.
June 4, 2014
So I'm all moved into my new apartment. Started working mostly as a radiologist and I love it. Greatest job ever. Today is a particularly slow day so I thought why not update? So far... moved to a new city, new apartment, new jobs and really new everything. Now I'm all graduate, finally have my Master's degree. All that's left is to take my boards in Chicago and then basically the work life. Going to try to enjoy it as much as I can. I'm also going to continue house shopping and hopefully find something that works well for me. Other than that... same ole.
May 19, 2014
Aaaaaaaand done. Master's is finished, got my diploma last Friday. Now I'm basically getting ready for my move. This Sunday I will be on my way back to Dallas. Very excited to finally be done with it all and be near my family again. Work is going well, I'm slowly building up my radiology practice. I'm hoping that sometime in January I will be completely out of dentistry and doing pure radiology. That should give me plenty of time to purchase a home and just enjoy my life basically. Till then, well... nothing really to update. Graduation is this Friday. Move is on Sunday. Start my work life on Monday.
May 2, 2014
Life is so great. I'm finally getting things wrapped up here in San Antonio. Rented an apartment on the lake in Las Colinas. I literally walk out the door and I'm on the lake. Amazing view, nice thick walls so I can sing as loud as I want. Short enough lease that I can buy a house. Work is also going amazingly well. Picked up three radiology positions and keeping my contacts in San Antonio good. Will be flying back and forth to get some work done and then working from home also.

For now, what I have left are graduation and moving to my new place. Very exciting.
March 31, 2014
Ahhhh the art of relaxation. Something I still don't get. Life has been so busy, working on finding a new job. At least I am finally done with all my thesis stuff and finally have my master's degree. All I have to do is wait on graduation basically. Other than that, let's see. I got my first radiology position. Very exciting. I've updated all my software and it's awesome now. Good reviews. Also getting ready to pack for the big move back to Dallas. It's time to find a house to purchase and basically figure out where I want to practice alongside radiology.
March 15, 2014
Oh wow. Looks like it's been a very long time since I have posted any updates on here. Basically I have been busy. I've finally finished my master's thesis. Defended and all. I only have on step left. In the mean time I have diverted my attention to my software. I've been so busy updating all my apps. Making more user friendly, more accessible, etc... Even Cocoa Shot has been updated to be prettier and have some help for users. My sales have doubled since, which is a nice thing to see.

What else? Well... wrapping things up here in San Antonio and getting ready to make my move back to the Dallas area. I'm house shopping, car shopping and so forth. I am ready to start my radiology career and software entrepreneurship. Would love to see both of these pick up and hire a team under me for each one.
January 26, 2014
Wow, it has been a real while since I've posted on here. Well, basically... been busy with life and school. Very very busy. Finishing up my thesis. So let's see what happened in the past month. To be honest, nothing too exciting. Still house shopping, trying to secure work back in Dallas. Talked with some radiology groups and also with a private practice GP. I'm also house shopping these days. Trying to finally settle down into a home. Sick of having to worry about apartment rules. I basically just want my own space.

In some other pretty awesome news, I "met" someone super awesome.
December 23, 2013
Ohhhh Dallas... again. Christmas break. This time though I really need to start house shopping. Definitely interested in finding some place to purchase as my own. The whole renting thing is getting old for me, especially considering I don't have a garage. Looking forward to having that and then buying my own home gym. Life is so great. In the mean time... happy birthday Nada and Leila and merry Christmas!
December 1, 2013
Ohhhh Dallas. Been here for Thanksgiving and about to go back home to San Antonio. It is great seeing everyone but I miss having my own place. Unfortunately I think I'm on the verge of getting a really bad cold. My throat is getting to me right now. In other news, I have updated and released a new version of Screener and Passport Photo. Now it's time to get to work on iGrades. Once that's all done then back to finishing my master's thesis.

Happy birthday Nasser.
November 9, 2013
I have finally released a new piece of software that I myself will be using on a regular basis. iGrades, Passport Photo and now Screener is my latest attempt at software success. A full two weeks of writing and getting it to do exactly what I want it to do; be quick. It is fast, has different options and really is made to be completely out of the way. Very excited about that little thing and it will help me tremendously in my radiology work. I've already been using it for a week and it just works. Now I need to update all my other software as well. I have some pretty good ideas for Passport Photo and for iGrades. The trick is getting the time to do so.

Right now I'm in the middle of finishing my master's thesis for my program. I am very excited to be done with it soon. All the data is with the statistician. Once I get the results I am basically left with two steps. Write the paper and then defend my thesis. Other than that, life is good.
October 26, 2013
A busy few weeks have passed. Even though I am on my rotations, which I do not spend too much time on, I have been busier than I can imagine. I've released a new piece of software to the Mac App store and then I am also updating some of my original software. Basically I have been working non-stop. Between both dental practices, my residency and my software company I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. So far this entire weekend I have had a total of about six hours of sleep. I think it's time to take a breather and enjoy some video games or some hookah or maybe make some chocolate fondue. Something totally brainless to do basically.

In other news I have finally fired my first gun ever. My friend took me to a shooting range and it turns out I'm a pretty decent shot. It was fun but I have to admit, it's not really my thing. While many people say it helps get rid of frustration and such, myself it did nothing for me. I guess I'm just not that type. Give me a guitar, or a computer, or a swimming pool to jump into. That works.

Happy birthday Hani.
October 6, 2013
It has been an absolutely incredible week. I am finally done with my boards, got to spend some time in LA with some pretty amazing people and then made it to Dallas to some more amazing people. I essentially had one hell of a vacation. After all the stress of studying and dealing with other drama I am finally getting to relax and just enjoy my life. Tomorrow I fly back to San Antonio to a fondue pot that I am excited to go to town on. The rest of the time I am spending in my program will consist of hospital work in October, finishing my thesis and just going through the motions. I won't be spending most of my nights having to worry about studying. Instead I will be doing whatever the hell I want. I'll back to weight lifting every day and really house shopping for when I get back. I'm tired of renting and I think it's time to buy my first house. Very excited about it. Life is good.

I just came back from a fun day at the Cowboys stadium. Best seats ever and what an incredible game... even though we did lose at the end. Still, great company, good game and some tarneeb at night. What more can a guy ask for?
September 21, 2013
I made my bed. The reason this is an interesting fact is because I never make my bed. It is odd how as soon as I sit down to study I all of a sudden find so many different things to do. I have so far cleaned my entire apartment, played guitar, did the dishes, laundry, worked out, made my bed and basically anything I can possibly do to further procrastinate. I did manage to get some studying in between. It has been a busy few weeks for me and I can't wait till October 2nd. Better yet, October 1st at 5pm. I will be done and enjoying my time in California.

I am ready to finish my residency. I have been in hospital rotations for two months so far and wow... so boring. I would rather be doing my own studies and reports, at least I learn from those. All I can say is thank God for football season. I love watching football, tomorrow will be my usual date with Joe. Chicken wings and football. Hopefully they get our order right this time.
September 9, 2013
Still peeling. Can't believe I spent so much time in the sun and I can't believe that I'm still peeling. Sun screen like crazy next time. In some very exciting news, I got an awesome new hookah. It is an all glass hookah made by Al Fakher. Comes in a nice case, super easy to clean and gives you the best smoke ever. I already feel like I'm spoiled. The trick is to use the right coal and pack the bowl to have about one centimeter between it and the glass cover. I have found that all natural Coco Nara coals are the best, even though they do take a while to light up. I'm also becoming a huge fan of Al Fakher tobacco. Starbuzz has great marketing, but for flavor you really can't beat Al Fakher.

These days I am obsessing over buying a new Z4. Such a beautiful machine and so well designed. The question here is do I want to buy one now? Or should I just be practical and worry about it when I'm back to practicing full time? There's also this amazing guitar that I played. It is a Martin GPCPA1 Grand Performer Acoustic Electric. What a terrible model name. Can't they name them something more memorable? Anyway, sounds and plays amazingly well and I am very tempted to just go there and pick one up for myself. The practical side of me says wait of course. You have student loans to pay off, you're better off doing that. I'll probably listen to it, nothing sounds better than the guitar that I have right now anyway.

Oh, I have actually been studying for my boards lately. This is a new development, but I figure three more weeks to go. Time to get on it and start memorizing all the shit I forgot after my first year in the program. It is time to get on it. The second to last exam I might ever have to take and I can't wait for it to be over.
August 26, 2013
I am burnt to a crisp. Still an amazing weekend though. I am hoping that tomorrow my skin will stop hurting in general. Ready to tackle this coming week, which should be full. Also I think it is time for me to start studying for my boards. It will be a busy month but after that, it will also be time to relax and prepare for the next phase. At that point I will be done with studying for basically ever I think. I can start building my practice and my life. Till then... time to get back to work.
August 5, 2013
It is amazing how fast Ramadan flew by. This Friday will probably be the last day. I haven't decided yet, but there is a good chance that I'm going to go visit the family and spend Eid with them. My life has been crazy busy lately. I guess that explains why it is going so damn fast. Ah well, it is what it is I guess. I can't wait to be able to eat during the day again and hopefully start working out again. I've lost so much weight. I think it's time to gain it back.

Other than that, well... not much really. Finally paid off one of my loans. It is a great great feeling. Happy birthday Bahito.

July 28, 2013
Ramadan Mubarak everyone. I know it's been a couple of weeks already and we are more than halfway through, but still. Two more weeks and then I can hopefully go back to my regular weight. I have lost 11lbs already. Maybe even more. There really isn't much newness going on right now. I have had the laziest weekend ever. Just basically hanging around and wasting time. Working on some school things, studying here and there for the boards but mostly... wasting time, waiting to eat.

I am very excited to head out on a trip to Florida at the end of August. Just a nice vacation. Get away from school and be able to relax. In the mean time it is absolutely time for me to get my lazy ass up and start working on some reviews for the boards. I am now Chief Resident of my program which is a very big deal. I am also working on my second music album. These will be a very busy couple of months.
July 4, 2013
Oh man, what a wild and great week it's been. Happy fourth of July. It's been a boring but relaxed day today, tomorrow back to work and then enjoying the pool and having a home cooked meal. I am excited. In the mean time, there is nothing new to report.
June 11, 2013
Today is my second day of covering Semer's office. Eh... I hope I never go back to full time dentistry. It's a little bit boring honestly. But as a job, it has gotten much easier. Private practice is a much better way to run things in my opinion. If I have to go back to it, I will go back to a regular private practice. My company has treated me well, but this is so much more relaxed.

I am excited that I finally get to go back to the gym today. After being sick for over two weeks and just not feeling up to it, this is going to be a very nice change. I can finally do what I need to do without coughing up a lung. I was even singing yesterday.

Right now life is great. Meeting a whole bunch of new people, and one particular person seems very amazing. Otherwise, life is life. I'm hoping to make into to Dallas this weekend for Samier's birthday.

Happy birthday Samier.
May 29, 2013
Officially, I am now a third year resident. It is amazing how less than two years ago I wished I was right here, where all I have to worry about are my research and my board examination. Well, looks like both are coming up pretty quickly. If everything goes to plan, I am hoping to be done collecting my research data by next July. That means I can write up my paper and submit it for defense. My boards are already a set date at the end of September and beginning of October. I am not really looking forward to studying for those but I am looking forward to completing the exam. That will leave me with a single point that will need to be done. I can graduate just fine, with my master's degree. All that will be left is the second part of the boards. This is a tough one... but I'm up for the challenge.

Right now there officially is nothing too exciting going on. I am keeping busy with exercising, working on a new piece of software and basically keeping up with all my work and school stuff. Sometimes I wish I had way more time during the day to just not think, but this is my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. My mind is always trying to work out ways for me to pay off my loans and get out of debt. Because after that... well... I'm free.
May 11, 2013
So I just finished watching "Five Broken Cameras". What an absolutely inspiring film. Every one should watch this documentary to get a feel of what it's like over there. I am amazed that this only got one award but not so many people got to see it. No theatrical release in the US. No TV release. No anything really. The truth is always silenced I suppose. In any case, this movie should be watched and something needs to be done about the illegal occupations. It is sad that world doesn't refer to these practices as terrorism. What a joke.

In other news... there is no news. Just busy with life as usual. Happy birthday Lina and Sanam.
April 29, 2013
Man oh man has it been a busy few weeks. Enjoying life, meeting new people, working my ass off as usual. I am pretty sure that I have no more exams for the rest of my residency. This is very very exciting for me. In fact, I can't tell you enough how nice of a feeling this is. Tonight I'm going out to a party and tomorrow I have half a day. Hopefully I will spend the other half laying out by the pool.

I had a ridiculous flu the past few days though, and it really knocked me on my ass. Now I'm back to normal though. Just a little cough here and there, but nothing too serious. I can definitely handle it. Right now, I'm deciding whether I want to go to NYC, LA, San Francisco, Dallas or just some random place where I know no one. It's a good problem to have.
April 10, 2013
I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. I guess I've just been crazy busy lately. Right now I'm in between so many things. Starting my research project, getting ready to take my boards, I have three exams coming up in the next couple of weeks. Basically, I have been insanely busy. Right now I'm in between updating my software and fining some flights out. I am also looking for a computer to buy for my parents. I'm tired of them having issues with theirs. Looks like dad's computer is about to die, mom's already died. Ah such is life I guess. Oh well, on to the next thing!

Happy birthday Mazen
March 10, 2013
Looks like the weather has finally starting warming up here. Well I can't really say finally, I've had the top down on my car for almost an entire month now. Even though the city isn't the most exciting in the world, I have to say, the weather is so worth it over here. My face is a bit sunburnt from hanging outside. Tonight I'm gonna go to a small get together with some friends. Life is good in San Antonio. On the other hand, my coming trip to Los Angeles is going to be pretty amazing. I'm sure the weather there will be amazing and the company will be even more so. Can't wait to get this next week finished with so I can finally take a break from school and from work. I can't believe I get an entire ten days off.

Life is good.
February 28, 2013
I've officially been here almost a month in the new apartment. I love it. Much more me than the previous one. A lot of young professionals around and best of all, a swimming pool. Today I will also be presenting my master's thesis protocol to my committee. I hope it goes smooth. Next step will be to actually conduct the study and I am hoping to have this thing wrapped up by the end of this semester, so that next semester I can simply concentrate on the boards. I am starting to get anxious to graduate and finish my residency.

In the mean time I do get a week off school in March. I booked a plane ticket to go to Dallas and then to LA as well. Very excited. I'm ready for a real break and some relaxation.
February 5, 2013
I finally moved into a new apartment. It feels a bit more cramped than the first, but it is much nicer. Something that is more my style. Now if I can only get a million dollars to pay off all my loans and bills, then life would simply be perfect. It seems like my internet isn't exactly kicking into full gear right now. Oh well, I guess I'll figure that out in a bit. Today marks the first day since my move last week that I've had enough time to come home and simply not think about anything at all. I can just sit back here and do what I want and enjoy the new apartment. It is a good feeling.
January 10, 2013
Well it is a new year. I have great hopes for this year. Very excited about getting closer to being done with my residency, and on top of that work is going smooth, life is going smooth, everything is going smooth. I'm flying to NYC tomorrow and I can't wait to see my brother and some other friends while I'm there. It's only for the weekend but that's better than nothing!

In the mean time, I am as busy as always. I believe this year stocks will bounce back to new, record highs, and the economy overall will improve. That means work will get better and I am hoping that I will be able to pay off some student loans while I'm at it.

Happy New Year and happy birthday Nasreen!
December 16, 2012
Ahhhh, it's already the end of the year. I find it amazing how fast this year flew by, with the good news to the bad news to the in between news. In any case, I am thankful for everything I've learned. Excited for next year to get my research going and tying some loose ends. Till then, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.
November 29, 2012
It was an amazing Thanksgiving. It was great to see the family and some friends. Nice to meet some new people and honestly just be able to relax for a bit. I am excited about Christmas time. I will hopefully be able to relax go to New York for a bit and see some old friends and my brother. Very excited about that. In the mean time I have been busy with work, school, research and I made this new video. It has been a while since I have updated my YouTube website, but now that I have a camera again I hope to be making more videos.

In the mean time I have an exam coming up next week. Not at all looking forward to it, but definitely looking forward to the time afterwards. It's gonna be an incredible year for me.

Happy birthday Mom and Savera!
November 13, 2012
I love this time of year. I have off for the rest of the week and then next week is Thanksgiving, I get to go home and see my family. Or maybe take a trip to the Bahamas. In any case, I'm excited to have some time off from all of my jobs and my residency. It seems like my other apartment has no openings coming up. I need to call them and follow up. Maybe something will come through and I can live in a place I really like. Other than that, I think it's time to start my research project and get busy with some other things. I'm still on track for paying off some of my loans and I'm even considering getting a new Z4. I would love having the updated model. Blue with brown interior, yellow with black interior or white with red interior. I can't go wrong in any of those cases. Blue... though would be my preference.

I still haven't gotten a new laptop, waiting on that I suppose. Let's see how the stock market reacts this next month before I jump into a new purchase. I might be able to pay off some loans and both cars pretty quickly. Which would be amazing.

In the mean time, yesterday was the first actual cold day in San Antonio. It is amazing how long it stays warm over here. I absolutely love the warm weather. Also by cold, I mean about 60 degrees. Not exactly bone chilling, but definitely cooler. My convertible top didn't come down.

Happy birthday Monique and Hani
October 16, 2012
Life is great. Had a shitty all of last week, but this week is looking pretty amazing. Excited to go see the family this weekend. Just got my iPhone 5 yesterday and next week it's looking like I will finally be buying a new laptop, something I've been waiting for and expecting for a very long time.

These days I'm getting closer and closer to my goals, and paying off my cars and some student loans. Basically I'm making the best of what I have. I also found a new apartment that I might move into. This one is beautiful. Wood floors and granite tops. More my style. Should suit my furniture just fine as well.

On another note, I'm thinking of getting a dog. I'm excited to find the little pup. Either a Pug or a Boxer.
October 7, 2012
Nothing new to report really. Just busy with life and school. Winter is starting to kick in, and I am not excited at all about that. Next week is gonna be interesting and long.
September 18, 2012
I can't begin to explain how good life is right now. This semester is moving along quickly, soon I will be able to relax a bit, with more free time, which will mean more time to get some work done and pay down some loans and some bills. I'll still be able to play Super Mario Kart too. Now if I can just get my back to feel better, then I will be in absolute bliss.
September 2, 2012
Well, here I am in Dallas for labor day weekend. Nice to see the family and some old friends. It is also nice to realize how easy it is to get your work done outside of the office. Being able to get some work done, while literally laying in bed is just amazing. Now to go and get some food and meet up with the usual crew. Life is great.
August 11, 2012
In Dallas for the weekend, excited about the Jason Mraz concert tonight. After a very very long day at work last night and an even longer drive down, I'm finally going to get to relax a bit. Been busy as usual updating my software, fixing some patients and just being overall my awesome self. Life is good.

In the meantime, been to Austin, going to Georga, considering taking a trip to Bora Bora around Thanksgiving and might even make it to Houston next weekend just for the hell of it with a bunch of friends.
July 16, 2012
Just sitting in undergraduate clinic, doing absolutely nothing new right now. Excited that I booked my tickets to Miami. Also excited about a couple of things, Apple will be reporting earnings in a week or so, which means I will be selling my stock pretty soon. Hopefully at a great profit. I'm also excited about the rumors on the new laptops that they are coming out with. If everything goes well then I will be getting a brand new laptop. I guess for my nerd self, that's pretty exciting. Otherwise, life is about the same right now.
July 10, 2012
Nothing overly exciting to report really. Life is good. I am busy basically with residency and with my two jobs. I am also starting to get my research project going and soon will begin preparation for boards. I am excited to also start my advanced MRI physics class soon. This will be extremely tough, but it is something that I have always found interesting. MRI is one of those things in dentistry that should be used much more often but is rarely utilized. With the development of SWIFT MRI technique, I have a feeling that MRI could possibly become the future of dentistry.
June 24, 2012
There have been so many changes in my life lately I don't know where to start. I went from being strictly in residency to having my full time residency and two jobs to take care of. I have also been refocusing my life and making some pretty tough decisions. Just needed to be happy again. In any case, it's nice to have some income again, I'm getting close to paying off both of my cars and then soon I can start tackling my student loans more aggressively. I would love nothing more than to just be free of debt so that I can enjoy life, travel and basically not be stressed about bills all the time.

In the mean time, I am heading into my second year of my residency and I'm very excited about that. It really will be busy and great at the same time. I can't stress enough that this is in fact one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It is the type of practice that I am in full control of, and it simply puts a smile on my face when there is a puzzle in front of me and I have to figure it out. This is diagnostics; and it's much more interesting than practicing with my hands ever was. Additionally it is also better for my back.

Happy birthday Meghan. I know you're out celebrating right now.
June 2, 2012
Well... it's been a sad couple of weeks and an even worse ending. I am busier than I have ever been, with two jobs and a residency to do, but all that is fine by me. Nothing compares, however, to the sadness I feel for my director and his loss. I wish I could make it all go away and bring little Danny back.
May 24, 2012
So many crazy things have been happening lately. Two jobs and residency can get tiring sometimes. Still I am making the best of it and I have my goals that I must reach. In the mean time I am glad that I have no exams coming up right now, and I probably need to get started on my research project to get things going.

My prayers are with my director and his son Danny.
May 8, 2012
Two more finals to go and then freedom. I am very excited to be done with this semester and officially be in my second year of residency. I also think that it is time to put my car up for sale and get into a Hyundai. I'm very sad, but it's also the smarter decision.
April 16, 2012
I can't believe that it's getting pretty close to the end of my first year in this residency. Just a couple of more exams and then I can simply relax for the rest of this year. Glad to be at this point, and I can't wait to be a second year resident. Sure the boards approach and more responsibility comes up but I'm ready to take on the challenge. For now I will bury my head in some presentations and try to get ready for my next exam. From my understanding, this will be "the one" to pass. If I get past this point, then I'm pretty much golden for the rest of the program.
April 2, 2012
Well I have some time right now between a couple of my classes. Such an early morning. I am ready to go back to bed. It has been exactly one month of writing reports and so far so good. A quiet place with no distractions and what amounts to a puzzle with every new case. I can't complain.

At home, I have spent the past two weeks writing a new version of iGrades. I think it is a tremendous upgrade to what the last version was. I've also managed to find a weekend job so that I can hopefully get back on track financially and start again on paying off my bills. First become debt free, then start saving.

Mazen's birthday recently passed. Happy birthday!
March 15, 2012
Been a busy and amazing couple of weeks. I have to say, I thought the week where we had to cover for all the upper class members would be filled with stress. Instead it was an incredibly useful learning experience. Over all I am very satisfied with what I'm doing. This residency was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now that I am able to work on the weekends, I can relax a bit and actually concentrate more on learning rather than trying to trade stocks for a living. I am also hoping that I can pay my dad's car and my car sooner. Then maybe a student loan or two. That would be bliss.

I am excited about this weekend, tomorrow I'm making my way home to see my baby. It's gonna be nice to just relax a bit and concentrate on a software project that I really need to wrap up very soon.
March 3, 2012
Ah the weekend, what a great feeling, also I will be saying goodbye to it soon hopefully. I got the go to get a job while doing my residency and so I'm going to do a weekend gig and hopefully be able to make some money and pay my bills. There is nothing on my mind right now other than doing well in school and paying off dad's car and my car. Hopefully I can find a job soon enough and get that going. I would love to be rid of those two bills. At that point it will be me and my student loans and hopefully I can get one or two of those out of the way as well.

That being said, I spent a couple of hours last night replacing the brake pads, sensors and rotors on my car, a job that I was quoted $1500.00 to do ended up costing me 220.00 dollars in parts and tools and about a couple of satisfying hours out of my life. So far the car is driving smoothly, the breaks seem to work just fine and I really can't complain. A little sore, but such a great feeling. I put my Meghan on it.

The car aside, I am still loving this residency, this coming week will be an extremely busy week. It is our first week writing reports and we are literally being thrown into it. I am very nervous and very excited at the same time. This really will be a test of what it's like on the private practice side of things. I simply get scans and I describe and diagnose my findings. I will have a couple of eight hour days. Basically it's a test to whether that lifestyle is in fact doable full time or if it is like everyone else says, a half time thing or you'll go crazy.
February 15, 2012
Life is good. I just got my schedule for March and it is intense. It will be a very busy and probably and a very learned semester. The first week of March I will spend almost entirely in the radiology reading room looking at outside cases and interpreting and diagnosing. So for one week, I basically get to find out what it will be like in private practice. This is a little scary and very exciting right now. In the mean time I am keeping busy with school and studying. I am also working hard on my software to try to improve it. I really need the sales on it to go up so that I can make a bit of a living off of it.
February 6, 2012
As the semester keeps going I have been keeping myself as busy as I can with work and trying to keep up on my studies. This has, hands down, been a much better semester, much more interesting and much more relevant to what I will be doing. Several thoughts cross my mind, a way to come up with an entire top to bottom solution for radiologists. A way to somehow make money while I'm in this program. Heck I even questioned what I would be doing if I were at home still practicing dentistry. I probably wouldn't be too happy. I've also kept busy with my car, it needs some maintenance and on a BMW the price is just ridiculous. Thank God I'm proficient with cars and took my brake job from 1500.00 dollars down to 160.00 dollars. Yes, thanks for trying to rip me off brake place. You suck. I don't think even the dealership would charge what they were wanting to charge. Unbelievable.

Back to what really matters, I absolutely love what I'm doing here, I just wish I can somehow monetize it. That is really the biggest factor for me right now. If I could somehow make a living so that I don't have to worry about my bills while I'm in this program, I would be one very very happy person. Plus it would basically make it the perfect experience.

Happy birthday dad!
January 16, 2012
Two weeks into the program and I have already started taking my own conebeam CT scans. I've been to Dallas about a million times and I just got back home to San Antonio. A huge congratulations to Mazen and Lina (Lucifer) for getting married. It was a great wedding, and we had a great time there. That being said, I am sick of the drive to Dallas. In fact, if I could just never do it again, that would be fine by me. Wish I had the money to just fly back and forth as I please, that would be incredible. Oh well, the life of a student I guess. Nothing overly new to report, the semester has been off to a great start. I am happy to be in this program, although I do miss making money. Maybe I can figure out a way to balance both.
January 1, 2012
Happy New Year! I'm excited about what's to come. I finally start reading radiology reports and start what will hopefully be a very long and prosperous career. 2011 has been a very interesting year. Going back to school has for the most part been amazing. I wish the finances were there to help along with it, but regardless I love what I'm doing right now. 2012 will be a great year and I am excited for the future.
December 15, 2011
It has been way too long since my last post. I have just been extremely busy lately. It turns out that even in graduate level programs, there still is a crap load of exams to take. In any case, right now I have one more final left. In the past two weeks I have juggled three finals, a professional organization meeting (AAOMR) and Thanksgiving with the family. I am beat. All I have left planned is one more final on tomorrow (Physics) and a wedding to go to this weekend. Other than that, I will be back to trading stocks and trying to somehow make a living while I'm in school. I am very excited about my upcoming Christmas break. I get to be home with the family for a couple of weeks. Till then... back to studying.
November 21, 2011
Despite the challenges and craziness this semester, things are looking up. I am finally done with my Biostatistics class. Nothing could take that feeling away from me. Other than that, well... a few more classes to go. Excited about moving along and being done with all that. Once I am done, things should get much much easier. I'm very excited about the future and excited to finally start doing some radiology.

In the mean time, I have a move date and I'll be getting my own place soon. Sad to leave Mazen, excited to have my own place. Life is good.
November 2, 2011
Amazed at the past few weeks. It hasn't been fun, dealing with exams and life in general. Right now I'm apartment shopping as well. Not at all looking forward to the whole ordeal. I hate apartment shopping in general. In any case, I have been busy and tired and bogged down with a ton of schooling. I'm looking forward to being done with this semester.
October 16, 2011
It's busy season in my program. Midterms are coming up next week. Surprisingly, I am actually studying for exams and getting prepared. Something I am not at all used to doing. In any case, the most stressful exam right now is my Pathology exam. It is a ton of information and a ton of very tiny details. Those details are great at blending with each other over time. I'm excited that the Texas Rangers made it to the World Series. Also excited that there's a Cowboys game on tonight. Back to the books...
October 6, 2011
Rest in peace Ammo Abu Waleed. One of my absolute favorite people on earth. This really has been a shitty week.
October 5, 2011
Rest in peace Steve Jobs. One of my heroes and true innovators of our time.
September 9, 2011
Busy week. My baby has been here a full week! She just left to go to Houston. Now it's back to reality and pathology. Oh and biostatistics. Not very exciting to be honest, but I love it still. I figure this is the worst of it all. Imaging itself is insanely interesting. The stuff behind the scenes, the stuff that doesn't really relate to what I will be doing, not so much. In any case, I'm still giving it my best and hopefully I'll see some great results.

I also just finished updating my three programs that I'm selling on the Mac App Store. Hopefully those go through pretty soon. They're good updates. Other than that, school school school.
August 21, 2011
I finally got a whole lot of sleep tonight. I haven't slept well the past few days. I guess hitting the gym in the morning really helped. Even though I was fasting, I really didn't notice being more hungry or thirsty, but the workout was great. I had my physics final a couple of days ago. It didn't go too well, I'm not exactly hopeful about it. Neither were the other two residents in the program. Both of them saying the same thing as me, I hope I passed. I suppose I will know the result next week.

Speaking of next week. It is the official start of Fall semester. This is the one, the king of all semesters where I am simply going to disappear. It looks like it is going to be brutal, with something like eleven classes to take. Every resident before us, including the chief resident said the same thing. This one, will make you wish you hadn't joined. After that things will get simpler. So four months of extensive schooling and then some relaxation. It will still be tough, but not overly. Beginning in January I start diagnosing and looking at radiographs (the correct term for x-rays). More than anything I will start scanning patients on our cone beam CT (CBCT) units. This is exciting for me as the majority of my career will be based on CBCT. This is where things get interesting and this is where I plan on making a living.
August 1, 2011
Ramadan Mubarak everyone! Honestly I don't exactly like this fasting. Love the month though, it's our Christmas essentially. Lots of family gatherings and get togethers. Of course, this year will be very different as I'm living away. Still though, I plan on visiting hopefully one weekend. We shall see if it's possible. In the mean time, I am enjoying my residency. So far it has been a lot of fun and a lot of learning. Amazing how only a few years ago I could not wait to get out of school and right now I am excited about being in it. I'm slowly starting to get the hang of things here and there. I'm also a bit worried about next semester. I believe it's going to be a killer. To the point where I will disappear for a while. I guess that's just simply the price that you pay for specializing. No one said residency is easy.

I had a fun weekend, thanks to Manal, Doa and my Babaloo Babyloo Babaloo! I miss having my peeps around me in general. In any case, I keep myself busy programming these days. I released my first app on the Mac App Store. I have to make a living somehow. Hopefully I can write a few of these and have them truly supplement my living costs so that I can be worry free this next few years. I also started a new website in addition to my radiology site called CocoaShot. Check it out when you get the chance. You will see Passport Photo listed on it.
July 13, 2011
So I am finally in my program. Actually taking classes. Some are fun and some are not, as you would expect from any program. I'm damn excited though. To be honest, while I've done a lot of schooling, I don't ever recall being this excited about a program and a career prospect. It really is the perfect choice for me. Computer and medicine and dentistry in one? Who would have thought. Now all that is left is to make it lucrative. That being said, I'm ready to put in my time and get things going. I'm excited about this time next year when I'm past all the basics and I'm finally beginning to diagnose and look at cone beam scans and MRI scans.

That being said, playing with radiology software and starting to use my computer for some pretty intensive tasks, I think I have finally reached the limit of the hardware on this machine. It is an amazing machine and has lasted me a long time, but it's time to upgrade. I'm just waiting on Apple to finally release some new laptops and I'll see what suits me. More than likely the MacBook Air with Sandy Bridge platform is going to be the winner here. Next year I'll consider upgrading to Ivy Bridge when Intel finally releases it. In the mean time, I have to have something. I'm currently running OS X Lion and I love it. I finally submitted my first app to the Mac App Store. Hopefully I will get some money to help me pay my way through school. Very expensive. In the mean time, you can follow the progress on that at my latest radiology site.
July 1, 2011
So I'm back in Dallas for a little bit. Had my orientation this past week and on Tuesday I should start the actual program. Some general classes and some that are more specific to radiology. In any case, I'm very excited to actually start and also being to make a home for myself down in San Antonio. Right now I'm visiting Meghan and just hanging out, going to enjoy the weekend before school actually starts next week. After that I'll probably be missing for a while. That's the price you pay I suppose.
June 20, 2011
Happy Birthday Babaloo Babyloo Babaloo!
June 17, 2011
Vacation is amazing. Just hanging out at home not really doing much of anything is one of the most amazing things you could do. I try not to be too lazy, but I am lazy this month. I figure that July 1st I will be starting back at school again. That will be interesting transitioning backwards from a very lucrative work life to a not so lucrative student life again. New city, new school, new friends, new program, eh... doesn't sound exciting. Truth of the matter though, I am very excited about it all. I'm very excited to start my program and kick it into high gear as far as radiology is concerned. The one absolute that needs to happen is I need to find a job! Yes I probably will practice a bit of dentistry while I'm in school. I have to pay the bills somehow. No more student loans for me, I hate them and I'd rather not have to deal with them anymore.

Update on the Z4, it is by far my favorite car I've ever driven. Yes even more so than my beloved Del Sol. I hate to admit it but I finally found a more fun car. It drives fast, turns quickly and right now I can only imagine it being topped by the Z4 M. I am very sad to report though that BMW is slowly phasing out manual shifters from their cars. For example, the current high end Z4 is only available in automatic. So depressing. I guess when I graduate I will have to switch to Porsche and hope that they still make manual transmissions.

In the mean time I will keep updating my Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology site to document my residency experience.
June 1, 2011
My first day off and I have enjoyed it to the max. Well, not exactly, mostly ran errands. Still, I love having the freedom to do what I need to do on my own schedule. I am done with dentistry, at least for now and I can finally get ready for my big move to San Antonio with Mazen. I am very excited about this, although I'll be leaving my baby back here. Long distance stinks. In any case, life is great right now. I am very excited about the new knowledge I'm about to learn and the new challenges ahead. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the actual move itself. I hate moving. I've done it so many times and I'm simply tired of it. What a pain. I also will have to find a part time job while I'm out there, most likely doing some dentistry on the weekends. Something to support me while I'm in school.

That being said, I've also started a new website to document my experiences in my upcoming specialty training in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. Honestly, I have started this site for one reason and one reason only, there is almost no information on the field out there. Salary ranges are very variable, and while they sound great, I feel like they might be debatable. Not exactly the most credible sources out there. It is something I have wanted to do and I am taking a risk getting involved, but a risk that I am excited about. To keep up with my OMFR residency click on the OMFR link above.
May 16, 2011
Currently I am sitting at the office browsing the internet. I only have two more weeks to go here as I gave my notice a while back. I made it into radiology and I'm going full force into that. Dealing with our first patient this morning reminded me of exactly what made me start hating dentistry. Outside of it being rather mundane and repetitious, nothing turns me away more from dentistry than dealing with patients.

I need to start packing all my stuff. DVDs need to go into boxes and I need to take down the entertainment system at some point. I don't really have too many things that need to be packed, my studio is completely disassembled. All I have left is my entertainment center and my clothes. Neither of which I can imagine taking a long time at all.
April 30, 2011
Some very exciting changes are coming about. I got into the radiology specialty and I'm even registered for classes. This is going to be a very exciting time. I'll be poor as hell but at the end it will be worth it. More than likely I'll have moonlight while I'm in the specialty. Doesn't sound too exciting but hopefully it'll keep me from having to depend on other people for money. In any case, I am very excited about the field and the huge potential that it has.

I finally bought a new battery for my laptop, it's about time, the last one won't even last three hours before finally saying bye bye. I guess I'm a bit spoiled with my Macbook, considering my dad's laptop is lucky if it lasts half an hour. Still I have become used to having a very long battery life. I'm still in love with my Z4. I think from now on I know better than to ever buy anything other than a roadster for myself. It's really the way to go. My next car will be a Porsche Boxster S or if BMW ever releases it, the Z2.

It's time for me to start packing and boxing everything, in a month I will be headed down to San Antonio to start school all over again. Just another three years and I'm all done. Hopefully I'll be able to come back and get a position teaching at Baylor and also be able to practice radiology part time from home. That is the key and really what I'm looking to do.
April 16, 2011
Excited to soon be getting my Z4. Finally bought a car, 2006 BMW Z4 and I'm excited about it. I think this is going to be the one to finally match my love for my Honda Del Sol. Other than that life is OK. I'm not very happy but whatever. Doesn't matter anyway.
April 2, 2011
Opening day was yesterday! It was so smooth and calm. Very surprising and very pleasant. I am excited to do dentistry like this, in my own office with my own staff. It is a great location and looks like it is going to be a very busy practice. That being said, I still have this uneasy unhappy feeling in life. Like things don't seem right.
March 26, 2011
As it stands I am less than a week away from opening my own office. What an incredible feeling. Right now I just woke up, resting from a very long week. So much work and things going so busy at my current work. It's a good thing, I'm finally making a decent paycheck and able to have some breathing room. After this month I will finally have some money in my savings account. Of course, soon this money will somehow be gone for some random expense. I still need to buy a car but I'm waiting to the end of April before I do that. I want to either pay off the car I got for dad and get my own or buy mine cash. In either case I need to keep my expenses as low as possible.
March 5, 2011
What an odd day. This morning I woke up feeling very lazy. Not really in the mood to move or leave the bed. In fact, I would say I was probably a bit down. The weather was cold, not much to do and nothing that needed to be accomplished. In any case, I got up and decided to do something that I used to thoroughly enjoy. I grabbed a laptop full of viruses, reinstalled the system cleanly, made myself and account on the machine, and another one for my dad for his office. His has no administrator privileges while mine is the admin account. I am hoping that by taking this approach I won't have to worry about viruses too much. Anyway, enough technical stuff. So I'm in the office, then I'm laying down in bed again, still as lazy as ever. Got a call from my cousin to see if we wanted to go and hang out for a bit. Sure I said. I got up, showered, got dressed and headed to our local hangout. First there were three of us, and as usual, seems like we quickly multiply. Over all it turned out to be a pretty fun night. Lots of laughter and joking. Really can't go wrong with that.

My new office will be opening soon, three more weeks. It got pushed back to April 1st. Not only that, but this office that I'm in now should be getting it's cone beam CT machine sometime this week. I am very excited about this. I'm excited to scan myself and go digging, seeing if I find anything at all. I'm also needing it for a patient of mine that has simply been having some odd symptoms. I'm hoping that this will provide me with a better diagnosis and I can finally fix her up properly.

Other new stuff... I'm currently testing OS X Lion, the next OS from Apple. I'm very impressed with what they're doing here. I believe this update will be worth the upgrade price. Talk about changing how computers work in general. Making the concept of saving and shutting down a computer all a thing of the past. Why didn't OS makers think of this before? An operating system that automatically saves documents every hour. Not only that, it keeps copies of all the original documents since the file was started. I believe that Apple will make a huge push for SSD drives next year. The recent release of Macbook Pros is nice, but it's not the one that will redefine the laptop computer. Apple is aiming to make a big change and if the Macbook Air is any indication, then I would only hope that Apple will follow suit with the Pros late this year or early next year. This really will be very exciting for me. I was hoping to upgrade but I believe I'll wait till the next batch of computers. I think we'll see SSD storage, no more internal CD/DVD drives, and also finally a real graphics card in the 13" version. Plus a much higher screen resolution. I would love if Apple gets Lion resolution independent enough to actually be able to double the resolution of their monitors. Once you the iPhone 4 and get used to how crisp that display is, you know what you want in laptop.
February 16, 2011
Such a slow day at work. In fact, it has been extremely slow this entire week. Numbers keep going down and in my mind my paycheck keeps going down and down and down. I'm in a bind with my car. I have to sell it and get something uber cheap. I need to cut down my expenses significantly and prepare. The exciting news is that I am going to open up my office soon. In fact, as the plans stand right now, three weeks from tomorrow. What a great change of pace. True things will slow down significantly, but on the other hand I am very excited to finally have my own place. The way I see it, it is the start of a great chapter, hopefully one where I can build great relationships and a better future. My girlfriend is laying right next to me and asking me if I have updated my blog. I'm working on it. In the mean time, I haven't eaten anything yet and it's time to make some food.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and I am happy to report that I do not have a morning meeting. I love late starts. Not sure why, but I've always thought I was a morning person. Turns out waking up to an alarm is just not my cup of tea. I wake up early on my own regardless, usually by eight in the morning, but if an alarm woke me up, I'm cranky. This leads me to my next point. If I do radiology, an alarm is one item that I will kiss goodbye. Sometimes I wish the world wasn't so much about making money and more about living life. Maybe then we can all get along.
February 2, 2011
Well it seems as though my weekend wasn't as pleasant as the last post had suggested. On the drive back from San Antonio, the car that I had purchased for dad for his birthday broke down. Turns out the timing chain slipped off. I'm not sure that was even possible but apparently it is. This little incident caused so much damage that the engine had to be replaced. It was a great time that I spent just waiting for the tow truck, the extended warranty adjustor and the Mercedes dealership to decide what needs to be done. Luckily, yesterday I received some pretty good news. Warranty company will cover the repair but only with a used engine. Or I can, for a thousand more, have a zero mile manufacturer backed engine shipped from Mercedes and be placed in the car. I opted for that of course. It just made more sense. Also late afternoon I received some even better news. It looks like I have been accepted into the radiology specialty. I am very excited as it is something that has been on my mind literally every two minutes. Still I will be a new resident at UT San Antonio and finally doing my specialty training in a very technologically driven field. I can't wait till I never do another filling again.
January 23, 2011
After a crazy and very busy week, I had a great time hanging out in San Antonio with my cousin. Just relaxing, and as I type this, watching Russell Peters and laughing as quietly as I can. Mazen has to be up by 4 am and he's trying to sleep. Right now I feel as if life is a bit on hold for me. I'm making a lot of plans, but waiting on an official letter. Hopefully soon I will be able to report some great news.

Not too many changes to report, I did register some more websites and a new blog to describe my experiences. Hopefully that blog will continue for the next few years.
January 3, 2011
A new year and hopefully a great year! I am very excited about some things that will soon be coming up. I'm more than excited about receiving an official letter for my acceptance to a specialty program. I have a few more weeks to wait before finding out but I'm very hopeful right now. Things are looking pretty good. Work has been going well, a little busy the past couple of months and I'm not complaining. The more the merrier right now.

That being said, nothing huge has changed. Serene and Ahmed are now married, it was an incredible wedding and I couldn't be happier for either one. I'm selling my car again, this time for a good cause and I'm looking at very cheap cars right now. This is going to be a very difficult transition. Going from my sexy car to a... SUV maybe. Not looking forward to it at all but it would be nice to have a much smaller bill to pay. Right now the way the economy is it might not be a bad idea at all. So why SUV? No reason other than it's something that if my girlfriend and I get married, once I get out of the specialty program then she can have it. She loves big cars. The bigger the better. Me? Not so much, I would be much happer with a BMW Z4. Standard transmission and fully loaded otherwise. It would be a thrill car.

Sacrifices have to be made I suppose. The other thing is I would again be away from my family and again be going into more debt. This does not at all sound exciting to me, but at the same time I might consider doing national guard and work two days a month. If it'll pay down some of my original student loans I might consider signing up the three years that I'm in school again and pay off some serious student debt while I'm in school.

Happy New Year!
December 5, 2010
What a lazy weekend it's been. Just hanging at home, not really doing much of anything. Preparing to go to San Antonio and visit my cousin this week. Can't wait, it's gonna be good times and some news might even come out of it. I'll keep that secret for now. Currently I am watching the Cowboys play the Colts. Started out great, we were way ahead, then the Colts caught up. Now it's an interesting game.

Now my baby is not feeling too good. She's also very hungry. I'm not really that hungry. Lately I've been on this Oatmeal kick. It's surprisingly good. It also is good for my cholesterol. So I can't really complain too much.

More than anything these days though, I'm excited about only working two days this week and seeing Mazen. Also this time my baby will be coming with me! She was able to get time off work. This is going to be a great long weekend.
November 13, 2010
In bed, woke up at 7:30 am. In case you don't know, it's a Saturday. Not sure why I'm up and not sleeping in but would love to go back to sleep if I could. My girlfriend on the other hand is sound asleep in her usual, dramatic, sleeping pose. As much as I love watching her sleep, right now I want her to wake up so we can go get some breakfast. It is 46 degrees outside right now, the first day that I actually feel is like winter. I guess New York had rubbed off on me a bit. Right now as I'm typing this it sounds like there is a very large dog fighting a very small (and squeaky sounding) dog. The large dog sounds like a dog, the smaller one I don't think really knows how to bark. Literally sounds like a kid's squeaky toy. You know, the one that you want to toss out the window.

So here I am, in a bed that we have both agreed tends to cause a lot of back pain and sore muscles in the mornings. Mazen is in town and I'm excited to get out and get some breakfast. My baby has a lot of homework to do this weekend so I'll probably be hanging out solo. Not such a horrible thing, but I will miss her while I'm out and about. Can't wait for Hani, Nasser and Noor to come into town next month. It feels like the entire crew has just missing lately.

Future plans are still brewing, what I'm hoping for is some major changes to be announced in a few months.
October 25, 2010
I can't believe what I'm watching right now. The Cowboys have been an absolute disappointment this season. To top it all off, Romo broke his clavicle and now is replaced by a QB who hasn't played in two years. What is going on here? Where is the management? Why is Jason Garrett still offensive coordinator? I could not be more frustrated than right now.

I also finally got my hands on a U87 Neumann mic. One of the best recording microphones for vocals. Thanks Firas. I'm going to test it out and attempt to possibly even recording the entire album using this mic. Who knows, it would be great to have someone master the album for me. I might get the recordings in, and send the songs to someone at Universal Studios to master for me. If I can get the full thing mastered at the same time I might be able to pull off a much better sound.

Halloween is coming up, which is nice and exciting! I'm not really into it that much, but my baby is and I want her to have some fun. Life is good!
October 3, 2010
What a relaxing weekend. With so many changes coming up I'm feeling great about a new opportunity that I've found. Today we should hopefully be finalizing the paperwork. That being said, I have a new song idea that I'm also very excited about. It'll be interesting to see if I can pull it off. Also I'm getting to a point where I really need to start recording my second album. All the songs are written already, although I might be bringing in a drummer to practice with for a while. See if I can add a different kind of feel to my music.

Yesterday I spent the better half of my night putting up shelves and mirrors and hanging pictures. We are pretty much done with the move at this point. Just some last minute organization and the apartment will be complete. My girlfriend cancelled her contract with her other apartment already and so this should be pretty straight forward at this point. We now live together, and hopefully will be able to save a lot of money on rent, bills, etc...

Other than that? Well? Nothing much to be honest. I have signed up to be an affiliate member of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology. Very excited about this field. This will truly be the future of dentistry thanks to cone beam CT scans.
September 5, 2010
Here I am laying in bed, being as lazy as I can be this weekend. This is the last weekend of Ramadan. I fasted as much as I can but I managed to miss a few days. It's harder than normal this year for some reason. In any case, I'm excited to celebrate Eid next weekend, although I won't be in Dallas. Right now I am studying for the GRE and going to attempt to get one hell of a score. Yes, I am actually studying... or trying at least. I don't know what it is about studying that I find so boring. That being said, I am committed to take on this new challenge. Life is too short not to anyway.

I'm very excited to meet up with Mazen this weekend in Houston, also to go to San Antonio the weekend after to hang out with him. This is going to be great! He's on call but Saturday and Sunday he's free to do whatever. The way it should be. Things are going where I want them to go and I have a very good feeling about some big changes that I am getting ready to make.

Special shout out to my baby. Because she's the best. Also this interesting blog that I've found.
August 22, 2010
Long time since my last post. To be honest, not much has changed. I'm still a bit distracted with life and several things that I am trying to do. Mainly I am attempting to go into an Orthodontics specialty. I love dentistry but ortho is where I want to be. I enjoy it just as much and it just makes sense to me as a life style. It's only been a year but I am tired of dealing with infections.

In another note, we are in the middle of Ramadan and I am fasting every day. I have to say, I really don't like Ramadan. Actually I like Ramadan but I hate fasting. It is just so tiring, makes it hard to do anything during the day. Afraid of going out in the sun, because it's too hot and I'm worried about getting dehydrated. By the end of the day I get in a markedly bad mood. Always angry and easily irritable. I guess food keeps me happy.

Other than that, what has changed? Nothing really. Just in the planning process of my life. Deciding on basically what is going to happen.
July 11, 2010
Almost a month since I last posted and not much has changed. I have been a bit distracted lately with several projects that I am attempting. Also reconsidering my future all together. There is so much of this world that I want to see but it is hard these days. My girlfriend and I have decided to move in together to make things easier. We are together all the time anyway. New music is brewing in my mind, I finally finished writing all the songs that will be on my next album. Now it is time to record. I need to either fix up my studio to make it record friendly or simply go to a studio and record my music there. The latter is much more expensive, but the quality would be much better.

I have decided to try to teach one day a week and practice four days a week. I think for me this would be ideal. I've always wanted to teach and always had a passion for it. It really comes down to whether I can find an opening. I'm sure there has to be something open. If there is I will jump on that and hopefully teach students clinically and maybe give a few tips and tricks here and there. I am excited about the thought of that, although the drive would not be fun at all.

Other than that I have finally gotten my 2011 Audi S4 a couple of days ago. I love this car. Absolutely beautiful to drive, I have not once felt so comfortable driving a car as I have this one. Yes it is a sedan, which is a drift from my normal cars, but I'm ok with that. I'm ok with change. After all, if you don't change, you die. Now I need to start relieving myself from some financial stresses. Now that I finally have a car, my only purchase since I started practicing, I think it's time to concentrate on paying off all of my loans and doing some investments. This is the time to sacrifice lifestyle and eating out for some solid decisions that will hopefully make having a family a very easy and enjoyable task.
June 13, 2010
I have been very lax lately on posting here, but also I have been so busy as well. Seems like every weekend I have had some sort of even happening for the past few months. Baha and Hind are now engaged, Serene and Ahmad are now engaged, Nasser finished college and has been accepted into med school, Mazen has finished medical school and Hani, my brother, has just graduated medical school as well. I'm proud of all of you and I love you all very much. Life is good.
May 27, 2010
So many ideas and so little time. I wish I had no student loans right now. I would be able to make so many different things happen these days. Talk about some serious investments and patents that I am interested in making. But all will come in due time. There is nothing wrong with having a little patience. So it's been a while since I updated this blog, but in reality not much new has been going on. Life feels like it is on a standstill right now. Things have to be done but the problem is getting them done in a timely manner. It comes down to needing money and paying off my student loans. If I can manage that within the next five years then I will be in great shape. Till then, I will simply have to sit back and let the wind take me. Can't wait to get my new 2011 S4.
April 19, 2010
Yesterday I was watching Bill patience talk about taxes and nuclear weapons. Also he talked about the Goldman Sachs fraud that has been going around. Advising people to purchase terrible stocks and then Goldman can make a lot of money off this stock. What has this world come to? The heads of patience Sach will probably get away with every bit of it. If they do get in trouble, it will most likely be executive jail which is like a vacation.

Another important topic that he brought up would be the IRS, federal income tax and why people who have kids pay less taxes. Shouldn't they pay more? At first I thought this was a bit crazy but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Why is it that people can pay less taxes just because they have kids? Why do churches get a tax break? Same goes for really most of the tax deductions. As Bill Maher said, the IRS has become a social club.

What impressed me most about this show is that when they started talking about nuclear weapons and how Bill pointed out that Israel is a threat. Is this the first time in American TV history that I have seen someone bad mouth Israel? I never liked this show until this episode. They finally made some sense. Federal taxes are a joke these days and the IRS really should be dismantled. Instead of taxing income, tax goods higher. People pay taxes based on what they spend rather than what they make. Works well in other countries, not sure why the US is an exception to this system. I feel like the IRS system is so corrupt that someone out there is making a lot of money off of the working public.

Happy birthday Noor and Serene!
April 5, 2010
A new week, new month has started. I'm looking for a house to purchase so that I can have some property that I can call mine. Life is really good right now. Wish I can make a bit more money and pay down my loans quicker. There is nothing that stresses me out more than being in debt, and so much all because of school. What an amazing amount to owe just based on student loans. There is a plan to pay things down, and it is in action, but it is much harder said than done. Taxes take up most of my paychecks. Contrary to what most people believe, dentist don't just swim in money. Then again such is life. We all have debt, we all have bills to pay and payments to make. I just can't wait to be debt free. That will open up some real opportunities for me.

Speaking of opportunities, Abu Dhabi anyone?
March 21, 2010
Not that much new really. Still trying to make some big changes.
March 4, 2010
What a hectic day. I am so tired and so beat down right now. I'm finally home and ready to simply take a nap. I think I need a vacation! Of course I just found out what my next paycheck is going to be and it doesn't look very pretty. Taxes are killing me and honestly I just need to be making more money to be able to just pay my loan payments. All sixteen of them. This brings me to another topic: Taxes.

The never ending tax system in the United States is appalling to say the least. Everything is taxed with absolutely no reason for it. Things to consider, if you purchase a used computer from someone on eBay, you don't pay taxes. If you purchase a used car from someone on eBay, you pay taxes. The IRS is the most confusing entity of government around. Honestly the entire thing is a scam. Taxes need to radically change in the United States. I propose to simply remove the IRS and increase sales tax. Make sales tax 30% and completely get rid of income tax. People pay as much as they spend. The more money you have the more likely you are to spend and you can control what portion goes to taxes simply by spending less. This by itself will encourage people to start saving more and spending less. This means no ridiculous spending and outrageous loans. That being said, taxes should be limited ONLY to new products. If you buy a car brand new, then you pay taxes on it. When you buy it used, taxes have already been paid on that vehicle, why pay it again? It doesn't make sense. The same applies to housing and land.

I don't know why things developed the way they are but when half of my paycheck is going to some entity and I have no idea why it really does get very frustrating. And then at the end of the year I have to pay them even more money? What in the world? Can someone explain that logic to me, because this is getting ridiculous. I can't even pay my student loans these days and it's mostly because taxes take away so much money. If I can control my spending, which I have to anyway, then that will allow me to pay my loans much easier and get me out of this debt that is weighing me down.
February 18, 2010
Brand new Audi S5. What a beautiful machine. Other than that, I feel like changes are in the air for me.
February 2, 2010
I finally got my car back. It has been in the shop for the third time now in six months for a fuel pump failure. As much as I love it, I think I am sick of sending it in for repairs. BMW, you screwed me on this one. For an amazing machine it sure does suck. So instead of doing something right by me, you are not taking responsibility. As such, I am going to go another route. I test drove the Audi S4 yesternight and man was I impressed. Luxury and sport in one machine. It is fast when you want it to be and comfortable at all times. So the other question that lies here is whether I want to lease or purchase. Leasing is easy, payment will probably be less and I get to trade the car in every two years or so for a new one. That can be fun. Purchasing on the other hand gives me the car. I can do with it whatever I feel like doing. Can't really go wrong with that either, but in the end it will cost me more. Decisions decisions.

Other than that, I also finally got my dumbbells. Powerblock dumbbells and a great bench to get me going again. Also I recently ordered the Weider X Factor door gym. Hopefully the combination of both will keep my back straight secondary to work. Tonight's workout: chest, biceps, shoulders.
January 16, 2010
Ah the comfort of sitting in my orange chair and rocking back and forwards. The weather has been getting better and better. I am relaxing more and more and I have to say that I am enjoying this great Saturday morning. The apartment is very bright. The pizza in the oven is smelling like perfection. TV is off, no sound, just quiet bliss. Several projects have come to mind right now. Removing, changing, updating my website. Redesigning the entire look. The concept is building up in my head as I type this. Also I am now looking for some gym equipment. Something that I can use to get a full body work out at home. I refuse to sign up for a gym and I have more than enough space in my apartment to have something substantial. The question is, how much do I want to spend and how crazy do I want to go with it.

Recording of a new song began but for some reason I just cannot get it to sound as good as when I sing it live. Something in the recording gets lost. It has been driving me nuts and honestly it is the reason that I absolutely hate recording. It never sounds as good as when I'm in person.

Gym here I come.
January 1, 2010
New year new web design? Who knows, probably not although I am starting to get tired of the look of the site now. Well 2009 is gone and it was fast. Work has been keeping me busy and my personal life is always full of small surprises. My new album is in the making, I would say half way there sans the actual recordings. That's the easy part though. The hard part is usually writing the music. Once that's done and I like it, the rest just falls into place.

I have many hopes for 2010, to name a few I hope to pay off at least two large loans, cancel my TV service (worthless), and buy a house. I'm also hoping that Apple comes out with a tablet and Obama manages to make healthcare reform a complete reality. I am also very hopeful that my second album release will be much better.

Happy New Year everyone!
December 16, 2009
On my lunch break right now. At home relaxing. Not eating lunch. Contemplating life and the future and the past and the present. So what do I do in this 50 minutes that I have left? I think I'm going to work on some music. Figure out where I need to be saving my money and most importantly how. With as little as I make and as much as I have to pay every month, I have to tread carefully. The next few years will be tough and as much as I'm up for the challenge I cannot wait to when things are relaxed.
November 30, 2009
My apartment is finally painted. Oh how nice it is to have a painted place to live in. Adds so much of a home feeling to being here. Yesterday I had gone shopping for a dining table with my mom. Didn't find anything I was in love with. I have an idea of a table and chairs in my head, but unfortunately I don't think anyone makes it. It would be entirely impractical but can easily be a beautiful art project. A center piece to my place. If only I had the equipment to make what's in my head.

Work has been going great. Things are improving for me. It's just a matter of getting my numbers to go up and consistently stay up at this point. I'm learning so much and enjoying so much. So many great patients. There are frustrations, but for the most part I have to say that things have been going very well for me. Insha Allah they will continue so. I have gone to the gym the past three days. Today is leg day, which I never enjoy doing. Still after I eat I have to force myself to make it to the gym. I don't know why lately I have been so lazy when it comes to the gym. I need to get back into it so I can get back in shape.

I'm starting to save money towards my car. If I can pay that off I think I will feel much better about my finances. It is one less loan to worry about. Then comes one more loan. Then comes paying off all my smaller loans with every two paychecks and before you know it, I just have a few bigger ones. I will tackle those as they come. The less interest I pay the better I will be and the more freedom I will have when it comes to my career and how I want to proceed with it.
November 9, 2009
So many changes. Still waiting on furniture. Hospital bills that are about to go through the roof. When will I ever be able to start saving money so that I can pay off my loans? I hate being in debt. It puts entirely too much pressure on me and I'm not a fan of being pressured. I would like to be asleep but I can't be because of some drama going on right now.

I have finally managed to buy what I need from Ikea to hang the shelves that I bought. I also need to go to Zara and return a few things that I had purchased. I didn't expect the medical expenses to take place. This sucks.
October 16, 2009
Sitting on the couch. Some furniture is here. Internet is finally up and running and soon I will have television. My cable is getting installed tomorrow. I can't wait to start watching the Cowboys play from home. This will be the first time I get to do that. In other news, I just had some cereal for myself. Honey Bunches of Oats. You would be surprised by how much satisfaction I get from eating this cereal. Work has been great this week. I wish it were this busy all the time. Then I would feel very secure about the job and where I'm heading in my future. As it stands I hope to produce enough to pay my student loans alone. Just those on their own are of a very significant amount. My plan is to save up what I can and simply pay off one loan at a time. Starting with the highest interest and most expensive loans and moving to up the list to completely rid myself of being in debt. I have never been in debt to anyone before and I have to say that I don't like it.

In other news, I think I am done spending money on my necessary purchases. I'm done. Now it's time to start saving up as much as possible and start paying off all the loans that I possibly can. This is the priority now and my mind is set on it.
October 1, 2009
Laying in bed, still no furniture, no internet, no TV and I'm sick. Today was an interesting day at work, seeing patients and all and not feeling well at all. That being said, I'm enjoying working there. Things are looking like they are improving very quickly for me. I'm getting quicker and better at procedures. I suppose this is why they call it "practice". That being said, I do love living in my own place. The apartment is awesome. It will be amazing when I am done painting it and when I'm done furnishing it. I'm excited about the music studio more than anything else.

Speaking of music studio, I've finally begun working on my second album with 6 songs completed. Some of which have been recorded and others are still being recorded mixed. The environment here is so quiet it really makes recording very easy. Much easier than in New York. Plus a glass door doesn't hurt either. I can slip the computer outside of it while recording so that any fan noise the computer makes is no longer an issue while recording. Essentially what it comes down to now is furnishing the place and getting my equipment setup.

Other than that I've really just been busy working, hanging out with friends and enjoying what I can of life.
September 18, 2009
I am finally living in my new apartment. Things are very nice here. I still have to get used to having my own place again. My huge closet that feels oh so empty. That's dangerous. I guess I will have to fill it soon enough. The greatness of having absolute quiet at night and a room that is almost completely dead when it comes to noise. This will make my recording sessions all the more pleasurable. The only problems that I have right now are parking and no internet. I had to go over to my neighbor's place and ask him what his password is for his internet access. I can't wait to get some sort of internet service going on for myself here. It is truly the one thing that makes this place feel "out of place". I have already ordered a couch, which will get here sometime next week. I am planning on buying a desk sometime today for the music studio. The rest I will get slowly as I go along. Life is too short to stress over what furniture I have. What I have to do now is paint the place and go with my "Bonzai Tree" theme. In the end it will be one great looking apartment.

In other news, I'm also aggressively trying to pay off my loans. So what it comes down to now is simply saving up and paying off one loan and then the next. I am starting with high interest, short term loans and making my way down the list. 17 of them to go right now. Hopefully by November we will be looking at 16 of them. Then a few months after that down to to 15 loans. That will drop my monthly payment by about on thousand dollars. This will give me some breathing room and the ability to really start paying off loans.
September 1, 2009
Well it has been an interesting few weeks. Work has been getting better and better, with the exception of today of course. Hopefully things will pick up full blast again soon. Other than that, today was just horrible overall. It started with waking up extra early to go get a new driver's license. Turns out that no matter how early you get up, you will still spend close to two hours waiting in line waiting to take a picture and stick your thumb on a little red light. How exciting. To top it off, my car broke down and the replacement that BMW decided to give me while it is getting fixed is a nice and huge Dodge RAM. What am I supposed to do with that? A single trip to work already used up a quarter of a tank of gasoline. Another great win for BMW. So the day continues with a crappy day at work and then topped off by the fact that at the end of it all, I'm still stuck with that damn truck. It makes me appreciate my car on a whole new level.

Now that being said, it is hopefully over and I can now relax. I'm going to go and get some jeans for myself (mine are all torn apart and pretty much at the end of their life). I also cannot wait to finally get some food in my body. Ramadan is starting to take a toll on me right now and it really is becoming increasingly difficult. Plus I haven't been to the gym in who knows how long. Oh well... I hope today's karma changes and tomorrow gets nice and busy and smooth flowing. It's the way I like things.
August 16, 2009
For the first time in what feels like a decade, I do not know what to write. Life has been good and different. Having a daily work regimen is something that I have to get used to all over again. Not that I'm not thankful. I am. The people I work with are great and the office is excellent. I'm just still not used to having to wake up early every morning. In different news, this has been a family filled weekend. Lots of people here from overseas and it has been fun. I also ran into an old friend from my middle school or high school days. That was highly unexpected but very good. He played bass and now plays piano. Who knows, maybe I'll start a band and we can create something and put it on the market.

Till then, life has been work, weekend, work, weekend. This coming week I'm flying to California for some dental conferences. That should be fun.
August 1, 2009
Big changes have come. So I got the job at Eldorado Smiles and finished my first week there. So far so good. Everyone seems so nice and all are willing to help. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Hopefully things will continue this way and once I build up my patient list I should be able to start getting some real work done. Oddly enough I miss dentistry, the two months that I took off were great, but towards the end I could definitely feel myself wanting to get some work done.

I've also signed on my new apartment. Unfortunately my move in date is still a month and a half away from now. In the mean time I'm coming up for ideas in my head to decorate the place. It's located at the Shops at Legacy. Nothing is more convenient than that. I don't have to drive anywhere. I just walk downstairs and there are a ton of things to do. I also can't wait to get a music studio up and running again. The study is the perfect room for it. It is big, and has no neighbors to the side of it so I can get as loud as I would like. Plus a glass door so that I can put the computer outside (fan noise) and still be able to record. This will get me the cleanest signal I have ever gotten from any recording. Hopefully I can get a recording of my new Uke for a couple of songs that I've written. I'm excited about having a very clean sound.

Yesterday I had gone out to Candle Room for Bahaa's birthday. That was fun. Today circus and I'm thinking karaoke. Tomorrow who knows. Happy Birthday Bahaa.
July 16, 2009
It is time to get the jet ski running again. Today we're taking Nasser's jet ski into the shop to get fixed so that we can destroy it again next week. Should be fun. In the mean time I'm still on vacation mode. Still relaxing and still enjoying life. Just got my new Nike running shoes and a new Ukulele that sounds just incredible. What it comes down to these days is finally getting my own place and setting up my recording equipment again so that I can get back in the game and re-record a couple of my Uke songs. I want a better quality recording and I'm going to get it. Even if I have to go to a professional studio.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to San Antonio to see Mazen. I can't wait for that. It's going to be a great time. Of course I'm not taking my car. I'd rather not have to add miles to it when it just isn't necessary. Especially with the advent of Manal having her company car. We will pay for gas, but at least I don't have to worry about too many miles being added to the car.

Till then, life is quite good.
July 2, 2009
Two days ago I had a job interview at a practice called Eldorado Smiles. I have to say I liked the vibe of the place. Very calm, very modern and everyone seemed very professional. They use Cerec CAD/CAM technology to make their crowns and that is something that I like. I can make my crowns and send the patient home in one session. There is no denying how wonderful this technique is. I haven't heard back from them but I am hoping to hear something from them very soon.

Otherwise I've been apartment shopping and simply enjoying what I can of life before I hit the work force. I'm excited about working but I just know that once I start, that will pretty much be it. There won't be much stopping beyond that point. I have been looking into sky diving. Hopefully sometime soon. Maybe in the next couple of weeks or so. I know I'm afraid of heights but it's something that I really really want to do. It's a once in a life time thing and there is no time like the present to jump. Very Cliche but very true at the same time. For right now I think I'm going to go to the gym, jump in the pool, and enjoy whatever is going to end up happening tonight. Should be a jolly good time.

Happy Birthday Nish!
June 16, 2009
The pool is getting cleaner by the minute. Soon I will be throwing a barbeque for the masses. Life has been pretty much bliss these days. I have mainly been waking up, going to the gym, working on pool, laying out a bit, relaxing, eating, shopping. Now I'm finally ready to start looking for a job. I'm just waiting on my diploma to get here so that I can send out for my license. In any case it's starting to get to job time. I can't wait to move that along and start working on patients. I'm really missing it. I'm starting to have a sort of addiction to the work.

This Friday is my graduation party at Al-Amir. I'm pretty excited, there are going to be a ton of people there and it is going to be a great great time. Other than that, Greg and I are throwing a Fourth of July party at his brand new place in Lewisville. I can't wait for that party. His place is beautiful and the view is unbelievable. This will truly be one of the best places to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Work... here I come.
June 1, 2009
What a great day! First of all, fixing the pool filter went very smoothly. I replaced the pressure gauge and plugged some leaks. After which I checked the mail and my WREB scores had returned. I passed. Then after that I had gotten to finally pick up my new car. This was very exciting for me. And so what now? Well tomorrow I start working out in the gym again, after that I might go to the lake and hit some waves on the jet ski. If not then come home and cook a couple of steaks. And the rest is simply history.
May 17, 2009
In exactly two weeks I will be back in Dallas. I can't believe it's coming by so quickly. I just finished my licensing exam and hopefully everything went OK. One of the cavities turned out to be a lot bigger than I had intended, but the adventure was stressful and fun at the same time. Stressful from the exam, fun because of Santosh and Shawna of course. Now I'm quietly stressing over the results. Inshaa Allah everything has worked out. I really don't want to have to do this again.

Other than that I have had time to completely redesign and reprogram Got Nose?. I have re-written the entire code base so that the program works properly with folders, subfolders, and images with spaces in them. I have also incorporated Shadowbox in the code so that the presentation is pristine all the way to the end. The program now automatically detects the images, their folder names, arranges them by either date or folder: depending on a preference setting. It also creates the thumbnails automatically and even works with video files and audio files. It essentially supports all types of media and does it in a very polished and elegant way. It has several customizable preferences and so far has been working very well. I probably still have a few bugs to iron out but they are minor at best. Now I have to figure out how to add features to it. Possibly the ability for other people to upload images to it.

I have also been car shopping lately. I think I have found my car. Nasouh is on it right now and we are simply waiting for it to somehow make its way to his dealership so that it can get checked out and inspected for any issues. Plus any imperfections will be repaired and hopefully when I make it home in a couple of weeks I will have my car.

The biggest news of all... this is my final week in dental school. I am very excited to have five more days left of dental school and then graduation and then never again look at it. This is a journey that I am hoping to never ever repeat. I learned a lot, but at the same time I am tired of being there and excited about what is coming next. Now I'm in the middle of selling my furniture and all my stuff. I seem to be generating a ton of interest in my things. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have no furniture here left and only my clothes which I can easily pack into a box and ship home the day before I leave.

If you would like to see an example of my new Gallery software, check out Versailles Luxury Homes - Dallas Luxury Homes. Just click on gallery and enjoy the automated and dynamic code development.
May 2, 2009
Only 3 weeks of clinic time to go. That's all I have left and I can't wait to finally walk on that stage. I can't believe it's already May and we have so little time left here in dental school. So what's next? Well... I have to buy a car, find a job and eventually a place to live. I am excited about every single one of those steps. Right now I plan on taking a couple of months off and just taking things easy. After that it will be work time and really just making a living, paying off my loans and enjoying life.

I've been packing up the place slowly. I already sent 4 boxes home and it looks like I have a few more to go. I would like to have everything packed and already sent so that when I finally fly home all I have to take with me will be my laptop and my diploma.
April 17, 2009
I am done with my work week early. Overall it was pretty successful but one minor setback. Hopefully Wednesday morning that setback will be completely gone and I will have much less to worry about. I can't wait to be done with dealing with this school and graduated and ready to go. I am also needing to prepare for my upcoming licensing exam. Hopefully that goes by much smoother.

In other news, I'm still car shopping and I still haven't found the exact car that I want. I can't say that I'm not excited though about finally purchasing one. I can't wait to make it home and just have something to drive for myself instead of having to count on whatever car is there or someone else to drive me around. Other than that, I'm looking forward to taking a few months off and relaxing after I graduate. I'm also looking forward to moving back to Dallas and laying out and enjoying the sun. I have to clean the pool though. Maybe I'll re-plaster it myself and get that done. Probably not. I'd rather just get someone to fix it. I'll have to wait till I'm working for that to happen though.

In other news, there are no other news. I'm just doing what I can right now to graduate on time. That's it.
April 1, 2009
8 weeks to go. I'm still excited, but getting more nervous. I need to finish my requirements ASAP in order to truly be relaxed and excited about graduating. I gave my landlords my move out date and basically I'm just planning things out. Once I deliver my RPD though, and get my competencies done then it's really just a matter of relaxing and enjoying the time I have left. Transferring my patients to my juniors for care and really making the best of New York that I possibly can.

I've been very busy these days though. Honestly a little stressed too. I guess I'm just worried about graduating on time. I already know two people who are going to be held behind because of requirements not being met. Now I just need to get my stuff in check and that's what I've been concentrating on. Hopefully I have all my requirements met by the beginning of May. If that's the case, the I can start selling off my furniture so that comes graduation I will be absolutely ready to move out. No issues and no hassle. My landlords are amazing and they are making things as convenient as possible for me.

Till then I am going to busy busy busy.
March 18, 2009
10 weeks to go. Am I excited? Just a bit. Who am I kidding, I'm pretty ecstatic about garduating. Just got graduation invitations and all. Not enough for the entire family though. What is with this school anyway? The majority of it is ethnic. We don't just produce 2 kids per household. It's not our style. We're more like the Octomom, but without the crazy. So the trick now is to find people with very small families and try to take their tickets. I will try my best of course.

So I just got back from a weekend from Dallas. Well technically I'm on spring break here. Unfortunately two things get in the way of that. First, the weather in NYC doesn't exactly scream spring. Second, I am taking my WREB exam starting tomorrow. It's a four day ordeal and holy crap I can't wait to be done with it. If I pass, then that's really the last major hurdle in my being able to practice. Then I just have to finish some requirements, but even if i stay a little later, I don't care, that is stuff that I can finish.

For now I will say goodbye and hopefully next time I post I will mention that I passed the WREBs.
March 3, 2009
Snow storm today! And what fun was it to walk in that. It's over now. In a few weeks I'm predicting that the weather will definitely improve. I can't believe it's already March. It's crunch time for me now. I have to start getting my requirements completely done before April hopefully. If I can get everything done by my birthday then I'd be pretty happy.

So what's new? Well nothing much to be honest. Had a great weekend hanging out with some friends. Leila and Sayran had come to NY that was fun. Talk about shopping experts. Manal had come too and as usual we always have fun. She finally bought a real computer so now we can video chat. Other than that I'm just keeping uber busy with school. I had a 12 hour day today and I'll probably be getting a lot of those before graduation. Speaking of which, people you need to mentally prepare to come to NY for my graduation. I'm still trying to round up extra tickets to try to bring everyone in. We will see what happens.

Happy Birthday Sayran!
February 16, 2009
So the weather is cold again. Figures. Not that big of a deal. I love having a Monday off. I have slept in the entire weekend and I feel absolutely relaxed. I am about to work out, shower, get some food and then finish off the day by playing Donkey Kong on my Super Nintendo Emulator. There is nothing more relaxing than not having to worry about anything. This weekend I'm giving my graduation requirements a rest and just enjoying what I can.

I have retrofitted Gotnose? to display videos now. I am sick of YouTube controlling the quality of my videos. Too many bugs in the system. Some videos I upload show up in high quality, others in absolutely crappy quality. The other thing that bothers me is that YouTube's high quality videos aren't really even all that high quality. I understand server load, but other sites are now showing much better quality videos as a standard. If YouTube doesn't do something about this soon, I think they will start losing their customer base and any advertisement revenue.

I have finally started packing for my trip back. Yes yes, premature right? No. 2 months ago I decided to start packing, but things got so busy for me that all of a sudden I only have 3 months left of school and nothing has been packed. So finally yesterday I decided to start on it. Everything that I was planning on donating to goodwill is now boxed up and ready to be delivered to them. I have four or five boxes worth of clothing that's ready to go. So starting tomorrow, when they open, I'm going to take one box a day until I'm done with all my boxes. I'm also going to start importing a movie a day and putting it up on Craigslist for sale. I don't want to ship back all my DVDs. Too many and honestly I watch them once and that's it. What's the point of having them? I prefer renting from iTunes these days. It's convenient and also doesn't waste space like purchasing DVDs.

I am officially down to 99 days till graduation. I can't wait to get things done and finished with. I need to start my RPD and my Onlay/Inlay. I also need to start job hunting. I have finally put my curriculum vitae up online for employers to see. Hopefully I find something sooner than later and something that I like.

Happy Birthday Ruba!
February 3, 2009
It has been a beautiful 2 days. With the weather reaching up to 50 degrees (very briefly). Now it's 26 outside, but I don't mind. Much better than 7 degree weather. It is officially 16 weeks, to the day, till graduation. Now all I have to do is get my requirements done and then I'm all set. Very excited. I already booked my flight to go buy my car. All that is left is for me to find a job and then I'm basically all done. Right now I'm working on my CV to get ready for job interviews. I'm hoping I can come up with something worthwhile to post.

Other than that, nothing new has been going on in my life. I'm basically just waiting to try to get things done. The flu hit me the night I came back from Dallas, the 25th of January. I was in bed pretty much the entire week after that. Today I'm feeling better, although I can't seem to shake this cough yet. Hopefully in a couple of more days it will be completely gone. I can't wait to be able to sing again, my voice is completely gone these days. Aside from that, I'm presenting my senior portfolio case on Thursday and I feel prepared enough to handle it. It should be fun. Plus there will be a lot of doughnuts present.
January 17, 2009
It is 7 degrees outside. What the hell? I'm trying to find a ticket to come home tonight. That would be great. It's too damn cold to do anything here and on top of that I feel like getting out of the city anyway. I'm tired of this weather. I need some sunlight, a swimming pool and orange juice.

So as of today I am still short on some requirements, but not many. I need to deliver another RPD soon. I also need a few implants to be placed. NYU has got to be the slowest working school in history. 3 months to get someone to place an implant for you is really unacceptable. That's half of your fourth year. And finding onlays; forget about it. I thought fourth year was supposed to be free of stress, but it doesn't feel like that. I suppose once I get my requirements done then I won't have to worry about it much. It seems like the school might be doing something about the implants, but they're not doing anything about the onlays. If they can waive our implant and onlay requirements (they did for other years) then all I would have to worry about is a single RPD. This I will get done ASAP and then you can consider me graduated. I really can't wait to be done with it all.

In the mean time I will keep dreaming about my future car and hopefully it will happen sooner than later.
January 5, 2009
Happy New Year. This is definitely going to be a very important year for me. Yes, I graduate in almost 20 weeks. This means that I am finally done with dental school and I can practice and make an actual living, rather than take money from loans. I have to admit that I will definitely miss New York though. While I have called it a hell hole many many times, it really was most likely all due to dental school and drama surrounding dental school. Being stressed out from exams all the time or finishing your requirements. Very frustrating stuff. But now, it's all coming to an end. Just a few more requirements to meet and I am good to go. I'm hoping to have everything finished by February so that I really have nothing to worry about for the last three months that I'm here.

Towards the end of March I plan on flying back to Dallas to place an order for a new car. I'm looking to purchase a BMW 335i. For the longest time I didn't like BMWs. Till recently once I started test driving the cars, the 335i very quickly grew on me. Its performance is very impressive and at the same time the car is a pleasure to drive. The only thing I hated about it previously was the iDrive system. But the new iDrive system is absolutely beautiful to use. As easy as an iPod. That is what sold the car for me. Once that was in place it was pretty much over for any of the other cars. Finally a quality car with an easy to use computer system. Not to mention 384 horses if I add Dinan to the car. I most likely will, although I'm not sure if I'm going to do it right away.

I have also gone apartment shopping and I have my heart set on The Venue apartments. New, stylish, right across the street from the Dart station and a symphony hall. Very easy access to the highway and the apartments themselves are my style, sans the ugly bamboo floors. Of course all of this depends on where I end up working. I don't want to have to drive two hours to work daily. Just not worth it. So in the mean time, all I have to do here is consolidate all my loans and finish my requirements. Oh and not to mention I have to find a job. The future comes soon I hope. I am very excited about starting life and really doing something worthwhile.

In other news, yesternight, very very late at night, or really early this morning, was an incredible time. I have to admit I had such a good time while I was in Dallas. I already miss being back there. The weather, the lifestyle, the simplicity of things and most importantly having Mazen around the entire time this time was so much fun. We played games till very late at night, reminded me of our old times together. No pressure, no dealing with whether people are happy or not. Simply nothing more than two best friends hanging out and relaxing, ignoring the fact that an outside world exists.

Happy New Year everyone! I am very very excited.
December 17, 2008
I'm still feeling extra lazy. Oh well. In other news, I passed my boards. I received my scores last week and man what a relief that was. Now all I have to do is finish my clinical requirements and then I'm set. Finally, it is looking like graduation is really coming here and I can't wait. This weekend I am going to make my way back home for a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get over this cold I have and just relax. Enjoy the time I have there and possibly buy this, this, or this. In any case I don't think I can go wrong with any of these choices.

Nasser is sitting right next to me playing with Naomi trying to learn "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz for a wedding he's singing at tomorrow. It's the funniest sight in the world and the worst sound at the same time. I can't explain it. Other than that I have just written a new program for dad to make passport photos easily and produce 2 passport pictures at 600dpi. Winner? Who knows, it took me a week to write it and I'm proud that I even remotely remember how to program. It has been a very very long time.

Other than that, yesterday I went and saw David Letterman with Tom Cruise as the guest appearance. That was fun. Today I saw The People's Court. I think I might have pissed off Judge Milian. I asked her if I could sit in her chair and take a photo. She said no. I still would like to see Conan O'Brien and The Daily Show at some point. Who knows if that will happen, they're near impossible to get into.

Right now I'm sick and my voice is almost completely gone. What a horrible feeling. I'm just hoping to be over it by the time I fly home. Since last I posted on here I have uploaded a new video to YouTube. I actually have two versions of this, once where I used a good mic and it sounds great, and the one on YouTube. Why? Well the first one for some reason won't process and refuses to post itself on YouTube and so I was forced to record a second one. Oh well. Win some lose some. People seem to like it. So I can't complain I suppose.

Also, in my weekly shameless product promotion, for anyone who has a computer screen and is looking for a cleaner, look no further than RadTech's excellent and no residue OmniCleanz. This product outperforms any other product on the market because it doesn't leave the annoying residue most cleaners leave. Why this isn't wildly popular yet I have no idea but I am glad that I found and I will never use anything but this. The company has the ugliest website I have ever seen in my life, but man oh man, their products are just incredible. Every computer I purchase, I purchase the Sleevz for it almost blindly. By far one of the best purchases you can make to protect your investment.

Enough shameless advertising, I am sick and I'm going to do something else.
December 2, 2008
I'm feeling extra lazy today. Of course I've gotten a ton of work done at school, went grocery shopping (finally) and worked out. So maybe not such a lazy day. I just feel lazy for some reason. Maybe I'll do something interesting. Well... interesting for me at least. We all know how my mind works.

Yeah that's all! Goodnight.
November 15, 2008
Done. With what you ask? The boards of course. I have just finished the second part of NBDE. The acronym stands for National Board Dental Exam. This is Part II and I have to admit it was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. Now is just the waiting game. I wait for 4 weeks to see when my grade gets in if I have to repeat the exam or hopefully never look back at it again. To say the least, it has been a very stressful couple of days but now it's over with and I can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

In other news, Obama won. I couldn't be any happier. I have my skepticism but between him and McCain I am more than happy that he won. I feel like he might be able to restore this country back to what it should be. Bush has done enough crap to completely destroy the integrity of the United States throughout the world. I believe Obama will do the opposite. There is a lot that needs to be done and if it is done correctly, I will be more than happy to vote Obama's way next election. Maybe he can win Texas this time.

I'm thinking of completely redesigning my website. Maybe just making it not go 100% the length of the window. For those of you who have much larger screens than I do, I can see that being very very annoying.

Almost down to 27 weeks. Things in school are flying for me. I am finally beginning to get a lot of real work done and a lot of requirements met. Next week I set teeth for another RPD and if all goes well, I should have my second RPD done. Then one more RPD and I may never have to make one again. If I can only get my hands on an implant case and an onlay case, then I would pretty much bet set to graduate on time. Either way I can't wait to get things done here and get out of dental school. More than anything I can't wait to get a job and make a real living.
November 2, 2008
"Sir, I'm sorry but the next time you try to bring your computer for exchanging you will have to pay the 10% restocking fee."

My Reply:
"Maam, I'm sorry but if this doesn't work either I'm not paying a penny."

And you should have seen her eyes at that point. This is my third MacBook, seems like they all have a wireless problem right now. The connection is just too slow. Great job on this one Apple. The laptop is otherwise perfect, well... the first one and the third one were, the second one, not so much. I got it with a ding in the casing, the metal was much darker than any of their other MacBooks and the laptop itself ran much hotter than the first or third one. Yes... it must have been a manufacturing issue, I don't even know how it passed quality control. Wake up people and do your job, or I can come do it for you, but that probably wouldn't be such a good thing. I'm too detail oriented and probably 75% of the machines would not make it through. If I worked for Dell I would put them out of business on the crap they produce.

As you can see, I'm in a feisty mood today. Yeah Apple was giving me crap. First person I dealt with was absolute bliss, she was more than happy to exchange my computer. She tried it herself and immediately noticed the problem. Then she ushered me to the checkout line for the exchange. This guy had to check it himself or he wanted to charge 10%. Well fine, check away. He comes back and says nothing is wrong with it. Excuse me? Am I just imagining how horrible the networking is on this machine? It has got to be the worst wireless machine I have seen in my life. While any other computer on my networks downloads at 1MB/s (that's a million bytes per second), this one downloads at 20Kb/s (twenty thousand). Even this brand new that I just got back does the same thing. So now I attribute this to a software issue, considering that the computers were built in different plants at different times.

That being said, the last computer still needed to go back. It definitely had manufacturing issues. The hassle that I had to go through to return it was ridiculous. When I heard the clerk tell me I would have to pay 10% to exchange this computer for a functional one, well... I opened my mouth. His eyes widened and the surprise just took him over. After arguing and essentially telling him he's wrong and that I know more about networking than he does (which I do by the way), he manages to call the tech support. After telling tech support that they are also wrong that's when he started throwing the manager word around.

My Reply:
Lets make this easy on you, you can't do anything about this so let me just talk to your manager and I'll take care of it.

Yes I wish I can help you but it's really out of my hands, it's a good idea you talk to her.

He walks off for about five minutes, I look to the side I see him discussing something with the manager, then returns.

OK, we will remove the 10% restocking fee.

Five minutes later the manager comes to and has the guts to mutter the second line of this post. And my reply you have already read.

Bottom line: fuck you if you think I'm going to pay for a shitty product and then pay more to have it fixed.
October 16, 2008
Oh am I glad I have the day off tomorrow. Today was just hectic. Unbelievably so at that. The past couple of weeks consisted of my losing my only RPD patient. There is a very real chance that I might have to repeat a year in dental school because of a single crappy RPD. As usual for the school, they are not at all willing to help. Does it surprise me? Not really. I've been there long enough to know that you have to fend for yourself. So as of today I am simply trying to find an RPD to get done by December 12th. Hopefully I will with no issues. Other than that I'm pretty much on track with all my other requirements.

For the exciting news, at least nerd exciting news, I have finally bought a new computer. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while and I've been waiting on Apple to come out with something worthwhile. They finally have, all new incasing that is built like a rock. This thing feels like my PowerBook G4, up till now, my all time favorite laptop. I believe that this machine will quickly replace that however. Being so sturdy I can't help but be impressed with what Apple has done here. Some will say it's too expensive, but not me. No, not at all. I know the difference between a BMW and a Ford just like I know the difference between an Apple and a Dell. I am absolutely happy with my brand new MacBook. With the backlit keys and such it has to be one of the most beautiful computers I've ever seen. Only thing that's lacking: FireWire. Why Apple chose not to include FireWire in this machine is beyond me. I suppose to differentiate between the high end and the consumer, but for me, I think they could've done it some other ways. Get rid of Ethernet before FireWire. Us musicians need our FireWire ports to hook up our control interfaces. Oh well, I guess I now have to wait for something good to come out on USB. This brings me to my next point.

I bought the computer, which means my music hardware won't work with it. No need to worry though, my M-Audio crap interface died on me recently. So this left me in the unique position of needing another interface to my computer. Since I haven't purchased one yet, I had the freedom to choose between FireWire and USB. So unlucky and lucky at the same time, I could get my computer and not worry too much about me not being able to get my hardware working properly. This also brings me to my other next point. I don't know why I'm trying to build a studio here considering that I plan on moving very soon after I graduate. So lately what I have been doing is actually just selling all of my hardware. I'm down to headphones, 2 mics, a horrible and no longer on their site M-Audio Radium MIDI controller and a foot pedal. What I figure is that once I start working in Dallas, I can build a real studio with much better equipment or simply go to a studio and just record. I'd prefer the latter considering that I absolutely hate recording music. I'm a live guy I decided. It's a lot more fun.

So I didn't mean for this to sound like a tech blog, but it surely does. In any case I will leave you with this: get a new MacBook.
October 3, 2008
Well it was an interesting week, but not much happened in it. Got a lot of my requirements done, which is a great feeling. Now if I can only get that damn RPD finished so that I don't flunk out. During my time off though I have been enjoying making some movies. They are fun, and I've also been enjoying my my new favourite show.

I have registered for the second part of my national boards and I'm scheduled to take it November 14 and 15th. It is a two day exam and I'm hoping to knock it out in one shot. No issues to deal with here. I have also been working on my uncle's website, which is now open for criticism. The point of the site is to be straight to the point. No frills or anything too fancy. Just display the information and do it in a very neat, organized and straight forward manner. I think it is successful in that aspect and I feel like I have managed to make it pretty enough to look at and hold someone's interest. Now to brainstorm how I want to do the gallery...

I decided to put a sign downstairs in my building for computer repair. A fifty dollar flat fee repair service, just bring your machine over and I will handle the rest. Whether it is removing viruses, installing hardware and so forth, I am hoping to make a little bit of money so that I can fly home whenever I feel like it. It will also give me something to do in my spare time other than shop.

And tonight I will leave you with this and this.
September 16, 2008
Still laying in bed. Still hungry and I have a headache. My throat is completely parched right now, oh how I love fasting. Two more weeks to go and then food time. So far I have surprisingly only lost 2 or 3 pounds. Not bad at all, I thought I would be down 10 at this point.

Manal was here this weekend and we had a blast as usual. Last night while I was at work she went grocery shopping and surprised the hell out of me. I have a fridge full of food now! I can eat for a week at least and believe me I am going to make everything that there is to make here. Veggie dogs, veggie nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, chicken skewers, the works! And maybe I'm gonna make Baleela too. As of today nothing entirely exciting happened. One of my patients had a seizure while she was in my chair, otherwise it is business as usual. Still trying to get all my requirements done by December so that I can completely relax next semester and have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hopefully I will be successful.

Right now it's back to watching The A-Team for me.
September 2, 2008
I am laying in bed. Ramadan has started and I can't feel the tips of my fingers right now. My head is spinning and my muscles are tensing up. I think I might be dehydrated right now. So the question that's on my mind right now is what to eat when I can eat? All I have is Cup Noodles. Not that exciting but what I think I might do is eat a cup, go get a Subway sandwich and then finally go grocery shopping. If anything, buy some bread, some peanut butter, some jelly and some eggs. Then I will be set for the week. I also need to start saving some money, I've been spending like crazy.

So I just came back from my first day as an official D4 student today. I have to say I enjoyed Dallas so much this trip around. I mean non stop hanging out with friends, family, jet skis, lakes, swimming pools and cuts of filet mignon. I have also managed to go car shopping, apartment shopping and eat at IHOP. Oh how I miss IHOP right now. Appetizer sampler, no chicken, fries instead and a short stack. That is carb loading that would make my mouth water, if I wasn't dehydrated right now.

Ramadan Mubarak!
August 18, 2008
Dallas! Finally I'm home and enjoying every minute of it. It is raining outside today but for some reason it just doesn't bother me. I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, but I'd like to go to my uncle's house and hang out with Sami and Shereen for a bit. Other than that, not much is going on here. Just hanging out with my 2 aunts, my cousin and my mom, collectively known as the chimneys due to their ridiculous smoking habits.
August 2, 2008
I have roughly 42 weeks of school left, 13 days until I go home for two weeks and an absolutely dark apartment at twelve in the afternoon in New York. The weather outside isn't exactly screaming out lets have fun. I think today will be an "in" night. Maybe I'll go visit my brother or maybe I'll just lay in bed, relax, program a bit. Watch some TV? Yesterday I started watching Lost online. So far I've seen I think four or five episodes, but I'm still not entirely sure what the big fuss is about. Maybe I'm just too much of a TV grouch. It is boring after all. I can't wait to make it home, jump in the pool every day and hang out with the peeps every night. It's also high time to go camera shopping with my uncle and take some pictures of his newly built home.
July 16, 2008
Subject: "Graduation Info: Details and Dates". If only you knew how great it was getting this email. I am getting closer and closer to graduation, but this really put a smile on my face. I will be able to work on a patient without having to get 30 signatures. I will be able to complete a procedure in less than an hour. You just can't go wrong here. More than anything, I will finally start making a living. Is it time to start researching apartments yet? Maybe I should start looking for a new place to live very soon. Nah, too soon right now. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. I'll just have Manal do it instead. Much easier. Besides it's time to put the harem to good use.

I'm coming down to Dallas next week. So how's a nice get together sound? I think it is time to begin planning for that. Should be pretty exciting. See you soon Dallas.
June 27, 2008
I must be 35000 feet in the air right now. It has been an interesting night. Today I met a woman, a young man and an even younger girl. I sat behind the checkin station for gate D10, a little walled off section, more private than the rest of the seating area. The woman across and her daughter were eating french fries. The young man writing music next to me. Another couple on my left, one listening to his music through oversized headphones and an iPod. His wife leaning her head back. Large fireworks were shooting on the horizon, practice for the 4th of July I suppose. Or one hell of a sweet sixteen. The woman began having hot flashes across from me, but she wasn't embarrassed nor was she shy about announcing it. But that wasn't what I found interesting. No what I enjoyed the most, the two mice playing underneath the seats. They must have been the size of my thumb. Running out from under the air vents and back in. More interestingly, the people around me were not bothered at all. Instead we all watched them. Playing, looking for food, playing, etc... Then the only natural thing to do, we fed them some freedom fries. Oh and they ran after them like there was no tomorrow, but they struggled. The single fry must have been heavier than they were. Their ears looked enormous compared to their body and like I mentioned earlier, they were about the size of my thumb.

Now I'm laying down across three seats, I lucked out, the two seats next to me were empty. First class couldn't outclass me here. Now my bag is on the side of the window seat, my head is on it, it is the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever had, but at least I just slept for an hour and a half. And tonight, I will sleep comfortably and as always in Texas, it will be very quiet and worth every minute. Of course this will happen after the traditional run to IHOP. If everyone is still game.
June 15, 2008
It's not that I'm bored, it's just that I hate studying. Can't help it, it's the way I am made. I'm not a didactic person. Never will be. It will all come to an end in about two weeks. Then I'm officially done with my third year of dental school. Or as us "in the know" call it, D3. After that, well, 47 weeks till graduation. I just have to meet my requirements and pass my boards and licensing exams. Then freedom, and hopefully one hell of a job. I always feel better when I think about how there is finally an end in sight for dental school. I will finally take my place in the world and do something that I love doing. I can't wait till I walk across that stage and make my final trip home.

Happy Father's Day!
June 2, 2008
Yes I skipped a post. Get over it. Been busy guys. Besides, I have one more month of all exams and then almost freedom. At least freedom from exams. Anyway I'm trying to find some tickets back to Texas for this weekend to hang out with everyone. I can't wait to be home and relaxing and shopping and enjoying things. I'm hoping to have a car this time and maybe even make plans to visit Jerry. Eh we shall see, the weekend is too short for that, but definitely in July and further on I will be able to take a little longer flights in and maybe even have some time off.
May 3, 2008
The seat next to me is empty. Right next to that seat sits an Indian man, covered in a blanket staring at the drop down 8" plasma screen. He is a cardiologist who is on his way to Houston to begin practicing. He just finished his fellowship. His wife, a few seats down, two kids laying on her lap, one from each side asleep. She will also relocate to Houston and pursue a speciality in lung diseases. A mother in the seat directly behind me and her son, who is developing a habit of twirling his phone on the table. I sent them in search for the tip of my Reprosil infused headphones. I've lost it and I need it back. It is, as usual, from my right earbud. I needed it back and they found it. The pressure in my ears is ringing and I'm longing to be among my friends. When will I see them next? Soon? Very soon. Last the captain called, he announced turbulence and an altitude of 35000 feet. Large scales of grass below me with roads etched out of them. Like a work of art based strictly on graph paper. Mountains are split in half and the man walking around with this glasses on. Hopefully I will land soon. Then once after will be another flight, but this time it will be a little quicker. This one I will be more than excited to land. If only this was the permanent move, but it isn't. Fifty five more weeks. Soon to be fifty four, then fifty three and so forth. Yes I am counting the weeks. Yes I am looking forward to finishing and yes I am looking forward to beginning again. A new stage of my life.

Ah spontaneity, the things you make me do. Two hours ago I was at home, laying in bed, thinking to myself I really want to go home. I pulled up the internet, booked a flight and hopped a cab, all in about 10 minutes time. Now I am in the air somewhere, making my way to Houston first and Dallas soon after. Yes it is true, I did something unexpected. My parents have no idea. Everyone is meeting me at IHOP once I land and I am going to eat then surprise them. Or maybe the other way around? Who knows. In any case, I'm looking forward to resting.
April 9, 2008
I'm still waiting to find out my album sales data. I think it is going to be a very long wait. Till then I decided to add a counter to my site, bottom left corner, that shows how many days until my graduation. I have been very productive lately and I'm getting close to have my final bout with the school. 78 days of exams coming up that no one is looking forward to dealing with. And who can blame them really? After that, simply two board exams and clinic. I can deal with that no problem. I just have to pass what's coming ahead of me.

I had a great time in Texas. I missed everyone so much. Now I'm thinking of planning another trip somewhere around mid or late May. I need to be away from here, from all the drama and anything associated with school. I haven't been creative at all. I feel like I'm drying up and I just can't think of anything to make, write, produce, record, etc...
March 24, 2008
Nish is next to me. Hi baby!
March 8, 2008
Seems like I missed the beginning of the month to blog. Been kind of busy lately. And to add a moment of present, I'm hungry. Really hungry. I had a great steak last night at Houston's. Other than that, same old same old. I just got my ticket to go home for spring break. Yes I know, I'm not doing anything exciting like going to France like I was planning to. I have my reasons for this. More importantly I'm just looking forward to being home with the family. Having our little parties and just relaxing before I have to come back for another few rounds with the school.

If studying was a man, it would be gayer than Richard Simmons because it is annoying and persistent.
February 15, 2008
"Mo, mommy's the devil." Too funny. As soon as I pulled up my program Nisha said that. Cracked me up. I'm here in Pennsylvania right now with her and her parents. Having a good time and relaxing at this nice three day weekend that we have coming up. We are watching her childhood videos, she's dressed in a princess outfit looking incredibly funny and cute. Oh wait, that's not even Nisha, that's just some fat kid. Nisha is now finally getting into the video. Holy crap, the fat one is going crazy right now. Nisha looks very cute when she was a baby. And so shy. Not the girl that likes to karate chop me all the time. Definitely not the fat girl. That girl is nuts!

Ahhh the relaxation station. Life is good when you have some time to do whatever you want and that's exactly what we're going to do.
February 5, 2008
So nice to be in a humid environment. I managed to keep the apartment nice and humid so that the guitar has a chance of surviving in New York. I think I need to find a way to better seal the guitar case anyway so that the outside environment doesn't affect it quite as much. Now if only I can figure out how to better seal the windows. They do not open like traditional windows. Instead they open on a single hinge, kind of like a laptop would open except upside down. This would mean that there are three edges to seal. The only problem here is that as soon as I seal those three edges, the fourth edge, the hinged edge, open up and is no longer sealed. So it turns into a balance game between the three edges and the single hinge edge. Just like life, everything has to be done in moderation, I will study the situation a little better before making any moves.

Do you really care that much about how well my apartment is sealed? I didn't think so. To be honest neither do I. I'm just tired of writing the same thing over and over about school. So I won't. Instead I will indulge you in my other other schooling interest. I am thinking of taking this spring break in a programming boot camp. Yes, I'm a nerd. Yes, it's supposed to be vacation. Do I care? Not really. I find it relaxing anyway and I do it in my spare time so really, it is in a weird way vacation. Besides, once I graduate I might not do dentistry at all. I might end up being one of the odd balls out there who dedicates a decade of my life to one discipline and end up doing something completely different. I have a lot of ideas. A lot of creative ideas. They just float in my head. I can't get rid of them and I can't seem to stop thinking about them really. It's how I think I suppose, with just about everything. Kind of explains why I go through waves of hobbies. For a few months, guitar, few months painting, few months programming, etc...

Prince Ali fabulous he, Ali Ababwaaaaa.
January 18, 2008
So much going on these days. Apple released a new laptop. My album sales stats should be in sometime next month and I'm kind of excited to see what they will be like. I figure if I sold 100 albums I will be happy. That's a good goal for me. I never meant to make money, just to make an album, and that is one goal accomplished. My PowerBlocks are incredible. I'm already starting to see results and I am already starting to gain some of my weight back. It is really a matter of time before I'm back to where I was.

I haven't written any new music since I have come out with the album and in fact, I have barely played any guitar. I don't know what it is lately, but I just haven't been in the mood. I'm definitely sick of school. I have to admit that they just like to make things difficult for the sake of making things difficult. No real advantage to it, I think they just find it kind of fun. Oh well. Soon it will all be over and I will be on a beach somewhere relaxing. Making a living and enjoying life as much as I can.
January 1, 2008
I can't believe it, another year has gone by and another year out of school is done. I'm a year older and no wiser than I was 10 years ago. Oh well. As a recap, in 2007 I have done some exciting things. I have redesigned my site completely. Come out with a music album, one that at some point in time has become album number 269 in all album sales on Amazon and at another point in time, number 37 in all Folk music albums. I couldn't be happier. I have also managed to get the album put on iTunes. I have also managed to lose 22 pounds after Ramadan, have my gym membership expire and basically ditch anything that has to do with health regarding my body. On a good note though, at the end of the 2007, I have managed to order some Powerblock Dumbbells and a Foldable Bench for an in home gym. I'm sick of paying New York's unbelievable fees. This way I can get all my exercises done as I would at the gym, except I'm doing them at home, for cheaper, more convenient and probably more effective workouts. Now if only I can get my exams in check, then everything would be back on track. I feel like 2008 will be an incredible year charged with old love renewed to what will be no less than an incredible and substantial part of my life. She is the boost that I need in my life to really keep me going.

2008 will lead to my fourth and final year of this hell hole people call dental school. I cannot wait to reach the end of June and beginning of July where school simply becomes a job. A job that I happen to be able to do very effectively and very well. Here's to you kid.

Happy New Year everyone!
December 17, 2007
Some very big announcements today. First of all my album has been officially released. You can search Amazon or iTunes. Just search for mohannad and my album is called Strings. Go out and get it. It has always been a dream of mine to release an album. Not for money or any of the such. Just to see if I can do it. Well there it is and I'm proud of it.

I'm back in Dallas right now. I've been having a great time catching with my friends and with my family. I have finally convinced my dad to get a Mac. Only took several years to do but the way I see it. Since I'm the repair guy, he's going to buy what I deem is good for purchase. Truthfully, I just got sick of fixing viruses every 10 days. Too much work and I don't have the time for it. With the Mac I won't have to worry about that. Simply I just get the work done that I need and I can do it much easier thanks to Leopard's screen sharing feature.

So now what else? Well nothing else. I'm going to enjoy my time off from school and just relax. The weather here is going to be just beautiful. 60's for most of the week. I can't complain about that. It is a great week. Good friends, good food, great family and my first album.
December 3, 2007
My blog has become dull. Filled with mundane stories of school and the horrors it produces. I'm laying in bed right now. I'm getting sleepy. I keep trying to study for my pedo exam but I just can't seem to do it. I think I'm burnt out on the whole school thing these days. Why did I choose to be a dentist again? Enough of school talk.

It is official. I have written my first song on Ukulele. I will record it soon and probably have it up one day. It is simple and very short but it is relaxing. I wrote it while I was in bed, on the spot. So simple I memorized it instantly. It is a song for someone special.

Less than 2 weeks I will be making my way back home to Dallas. I can't wait to make the trip. It is going to be excellent and more than exciting to see my family again. Be around all my friends (my extended family). I can't wait to relax for two weeks without a thought given to anything other than sleep, food, relaxation.
November 16, 2007
Friday, 9:30 in the morning. Louay is snoring a few feet away from me. I can't believe my brother is here in New York. He couldn't have picked a better weekend to come either. I have no exams next week and I am looking forward to having a great time with him. Right now I have to go take an exam, but I'll probably be back before he even wakes up. Then I have clinic one more time, but I'll probably skip that as well. All in all, it's going to be a good weekend. Savera's birthday is tomorrow but we're going to celebrate tonight. Mom sent me a box of chocolates, yummm. This really is going to be an excellent weekend.
November 1, 2007
Happy Halloween everyone! Ah the fun times, costumes in New York. As if people aren't weird enough as it is. Then again costumes are every where, whether people wear them or not. There is always the drama behind knowing what you want and being afraid of pursuing it. Time heals all wounds. Questions gone unanswered. Life will always go on of course, maybe with you, maybe without you. Well I guess soon, very soon, a decision will be made. To sit here, and just wait around? Not going to happen. It's a late night and I'm getting tired. I'm going to sleep.

Happy Birthday Hani!
October 1, 2007
It's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times. In any case, I'm done with oral surgery for this semester. I have to say that even though the field doesn't interest me, I'm very impressed by how great the faculty is at our school. One of the few departments that has really captured my attention.

Slow down world. I walked around the city for a few hours this Saturday. Everyone was in a rush. Like the world was going to end tomorrow. Made me sad. Dodging between the drunks and the hobos. Step by step trying to reach my never ending destination. What an eye opener. To see the world as a single person. No difference between the poorest and the richest. The coolest and socially challenged. The prettiest and the ugliest. Everyone has faults and everyone is amazing at the same time. Like a game. Teasing you. Giving you just the right amount of insight. Just the wrong amount of insight. I guess that's life. You can never justify why people are the way they are. What small glimpse of light changed their life, and what major event never crossed their minds. What made them the way they are and what made them the way they are not.

Well I know I make you cry and sometimes you wanna die but do you really feel alive without me?... Cheers darling here's to you and your...
September 19, 2007
I passed my boards! I couldn't be any happier about it either. So much stress gone. Now if I can only finish the next two years without incident.
August 29, 2007
I feel like my vacation is quickly going to come to an end. I don't want to leave Texas. I don't want to leave my friends. That aside, I just had a fantastic barbecue over here. Close to 30, give or take, of my friends had shown up and it was fantastic. In fact, this entire week was greatness. I've been having such a good time that it makes me a bit sad it will all have to end soon. The last day I can spend with anyone will be this Saturday, and Sunday morning I will be on my way home. To New York. To that brick and mortar place. No nature except for the type created by man. I guess I will have to find a way to visit Dallas more often. Probably over the weekends now. It should be easier this year, although I'm not entirely sure how easy it will be till I'm really in it.

I'm kind of excited about finding out how I did on the boards. I hope that I passed, and more so I hope that I did very well on them. Not that it is that big of a deal for me, but it is nice to have the option to specialize if I ever chose to do so. Too far to think about I supposed. Right now I'm getting ready to get a good night's sleep, in a very quiet city. No horns, ambulances, police or any screaming kids outside the window. No not here. Just serenity.

Enough about that, the barbecue was a great success. Even people who said they couldn't make it, ended up coming. We ran out of food entirely. But it wasn't my fault, more people showed up than I had expected. It was great!

On another note, my Treo finally decided to die on me. Yes. I'm going to miss it. Not really, I hated that phone. So finally a couple of days ago I went out and got myself a new phone. I have to say, still the best phone I ever owned, even if it does need some improvements.

That's about it as far as my updates go. I am starting a new chapter in my life and hopefully it will be good. I am just sad that I am going to end my vacation so soon and go back to that bland life people call dental school. It will be worth it in the end, no question. But somehow that doesn't make it any less bland.
August 11, 2007
1:05PM. The plane has been delayed two hours so far. It is damn cold up here too. Is there no way they can turn up the heat in this plane? The seats are wide enough for me to fit, but could they have not separated them just a little more? So that the person in front of me is not sitting my lap? I just finished watching Apocalypto with Ravi who's sitting in seat 10C, an aisle seat. I have goose bumps all over my body. It really is too cold in this plane. Exactly 10 days from today I will be taking the dental boards. Actually at this hour I will hopefully be getting close finishing. I have to buckle down and really study. It is going to be interesting how this will work out. Me and Hani studying together. Last time we did this, we were both in biochem class together. He would study and I would get yelled at for not studying.

So far I have met a total of 5 people on this trip, two older ladies, one 11 year old girl, a woman desperately trying to catch the next flight (standby is horrible) and Ravi, who happens to be a mainframe programmer (old school). I slept a total of about 2 hours last night and I am very tired. Still I can't help but feel a bit of excitement to finally be on my way home to Plano. I will be able to get a good night's sleep and hopefully concentrate some more on studying.

Out of the need to avoid studying, I have been updating my resume lately. I have to say it is horrible. There is nothing dentally related in it at all. How am I going to get a job getting out of school? Too far to think about I suppose. I'm sure when the time comes to it, I'll be able to swing one. For right now, boards. That's all I'm supposed to think about.

I'm comin home momma! sneaky sneaky.
August 8, 2007
The boredom that is the boards. I think I should have gone into computer programming. Actually I am seriously considering the possibility of getting a degree in computer science once I finish dental school. I love dentistry, don't get me wrong, and I plan to practice dentistry. But what am I going to do once I graduate? Go to work, then come home and watch TV? That is too boring. I need something else to keep me busy. I figure taking classes is not a bad way to go. In any case, I'm just sick of studying right now. This school will not get a penny from me in the future. The way they stress students out.
July 31, 2007
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Freedom. Yes, this August 3rd, on Bahaa's birthday, we will officially be out of school till September 4th. It couldn't have come at a better time. Everyone is really burnt out on school and the dental boards are coming up quick too. If anything, it is really hard to go to clinic all day, deal with patients and faculty then come home and study for the boards. After the semester we just finished, it just isn't working for me anymore. In three days though, I'll be able to just hang out at home and relax a bit. Study, and work on what I like to work on. I bought a book. Yes I'm a nerd. I know it. I enjoy it.

My voice is completely gone right now. Coincidentally, I've been working on some new music. Three new, angry/sad songs. My usual style. Of course right now all the recordings sound horrible because I sound like a 12 year old kid who is just hitting puberty. Kind of entertaining actually.
July 28, 2007
No more Gmail. Not that there is anything wrong with Gmail, it is a great service, but it just is not flexible enough for me. I prefer to use my own domain email address. Why? It is just easier, I have full control and I can do whatever I want with it. I can have a bigger quota or a smaller quota, whatever really floats my boat at this point. I did at one point have 6 email addresses. Why? Who the hell needs that many anyway? As of now, I only have two, my school assigned one and my self assigned one. That is it. My digital life is much simpler these days.

These I am getting ready to take part one of the dental boards, AKA NBDE. I am tired of exams. Very tired of them. This school that I am in, really isn't helping with studying either, instead they are just giving us busy paperwork to do and clinic hours. Thanks, but no thanks, I can't wait to be done with you.

Logic. Apple is holding off on releasing an update to Logic. It has been several years and it is WAY overdue for a new release. So today I decided to look at some things and I found some interesting stuff. First of all, their other audio app was just updated. More importantly they have the manual for the application online now. Interestingly enough, when you look at the manual you see all the same effects that were in Logic are now in this program, but... they are updated. Meaning Apple is doing work on them. This leads me to believe that we will see a new update to Logic very soon. In fact, I'm willing to bet that when Apple finally releases OS X 10.5 (Leopard), we will see a whole new Logic. Very optimized and ready for some real grunt work. Hopefully it will have the tools that I need to basically, just clean up my audio. If I can get a clean recording of my vocals and my guitar, then really I wouldn't need anything else. Unfortunately, I live in New York in a studio. Maybe I will make a recording booth out of 4" styrofoam. Really, I might. It is an excellent way to go and a good way to get a clean signal.
July 23, 2007
I can't think. This music is distracting. All these flying emotions just get in the way. I'm tired and I want to sleep. Above that, I want to rest. This diet sucks, I'm getting used to eating less, but man is the food boring. I guess I haven't found my niche just yet. I'm working on that. The apartment is really dark tonight. A horribly gloomy day outside. Nothing but rain and clouds and ugly as sin weather. Can you tell I'm a bit cranky? The eggs are boiling, the bread just finished baking and all the dishes are done. Life is exactly how I plan it now. How boring. Can you tell I'm bored? What about school? My flash cards are in front of me, arranged, in small stacks, large stacks, at random and in what seems to my mind all over the place, even though they are within 3 feet of each other. Can you tell my mind is jumbled?

It is a good time to just relax and be myself for a while.
July 11, 2007
Ah the beauty of high cholesterol. Total is 213, LDL is 162 and HDL is 51. Very exciting. I guess I need to watch what I eat.
July 8, 2007
Yes. It is true. I am officially an iPhone owner these days. I just bought it yesterday. I have to say that I love the phone. It is damn awesome, but on the very expensive side. I'm still not sure whether I'm going to keep it or not. I might return it and save myself 500 dollars. I mean it is just a phone after all. An excellent and very well designed phone. For the price though, I can get a whole bunch of software or even a new computer. Besides, the iPhone isn't perfect by any means. For example, you can't sync through bluetooth or wifi. You are instead relegated to having to use the USB cord. Also the calendar doesn't support multiple calendars and you can't edit Word or Excel files on it. Apple promises all of those are coming in the future, but for 500 dollars they really should work in the present. Also, if you are browsing the internet on the phone, using ATT's EDGE (as opposed to wifi), you cannot make or receive calls at the same time. This is a huge drawback in my opinion. What were they thinking with this one?

Right now I'm trying to find a plane ticket to come home for a weekend sometime in July. They are so damn expensive. Why they are so expensive I'm really not sure of but it is incredible how much they cost. I've ran across tickets in the vicinity of about 2000 dollars. That is just incredible to me. If anything I might try to get a standby ticket. Those look promising.
July 4, 2007
Happy quarter of July. It has been a much more relaxed 4th of July than last year. Wonderful. Don't do drugs. Not even marijuana, which affects your sex drive... Louay!

Exciting! Or maybe not, depends on how much you smoked.
June 29, 2007
I am done... finally.
June 24, 2007
As you can see, there is a new look for Hummingsoft. It borrows from the old and the really old and adds a bit of new to it. I have to say that I am a fan. Although I'm not sure if the journal is easier or harder to read now. I might revert it back to the way it was. I also finally updated the art section to include some of my paintings, rather than just push you back to the old site.
June 19, 2007
I passed Systemic Pathology. Hallelujah. I also re-recorded Sin, the new version sounds much better. It needed it really. The reverb isn't as strong now and the guitar is louder.
June 17, 2007
I have stopped smoking the hookah. I think the last time I smoked was when I came home to Dallas, just as a social thing. I don't really know how long it has been to be honest. Nisha estimates about 2 to 3 months since we had a smoke. I have gotten many questions as to why I stopped. Well, to be honest, I realized that it really isn't a matter of deciding whether to quit or not, but more of a when to quit. Don't get me wrong, I love the sweet taste and the great smell, but is it really worth it? Aside from cancer, which most seem to think they are immune to having, how about all of the other health risks posed by tobacco? It is highly known that cigarettes can cause cancer, it is clearly labeled on every box in fact. But what about hypertension, atherosclerosis and all other types of cardiovascular and renal problems? I found it very amazing that as I was learning about the endless diseases that plague generations of average Joes, I found that tobacco was involved somehow. In fact, I began questioning how Cocaine is illegal but tobacco is legal.

So what about the hookah? It is not the same as cigarettes, in fact, it is filtered through water and is a much safer smoke. Well first of all, preliminary research by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that smoking the hookah for one hour is about the equivalent of smoking anywhere from 100-200 cigarettes. Now lets think about this, if the average smoker inhales one pack a day, then smoking the hookah for 1 hour is about five days worth for a regular smoker. If you don't believe me, you can check out some articles on the matter here, here, and here.

And toxic substances don't dissolve in a water pipe, experts say. Researchers found increased levels of nicotine and cotinine in plasma, saliva and urine, suggesting that water-pipe smoking affects tissues in the same way as cigarette smoking.

Now also to tackle another myth about smoking in general. There is never a "too little to cause damage" when it comes to smoking. That is the reality of the matter. Take it from a future dentist, there is no way around it. The health risks are just too great. Quit while you can and while you're still healthy enough to do so, because once you have that all of sudden, still in your 30's heart attack... it is just too late. Also, keep in mind, that just because you are a smoker does not mean that you are stuck that way. Damage IS REVERSIBLE. Do not let anyone tell you anything different.
June 16, 2007
I am annoyed. My guitar fell today and it is hurt. In addition, I had also purchased about 500 dollars worth of music equipment that I was hoping will help me get a cleaner sound of my recordings. Mainly my vocals, the mic is very sensitive and picks up a ridiculous amount of noise. Well, let me tell you, 500 dollars worth of recording equipment and muffles do not help. Tomorrow I will be getting most of that back. It just isn't working well anymore. As of today I am officially fed up with recording. I never liked it anyway and I just don't see why I should get frustrated over it anymore. I think soon I will sell ALL my equipment, including Naomi. Then I'm going to buy Naomi 2 (without any bruises) and make sure it stays in good shape. Yes I am that picky. Mainly I will simplify my music life. It will be interesting.

Nothing else is new. Just busy with my last four exams coming up. I cannot wait to be completely done with them. Then all I have to worry about will be the boards.
June 13, 2007
Today, my beloved Del Sol got stolen. I am going to miss my baby dearly.
June 10, 2007
I hate school.
June 9th, 2007
I am busy. I will write back at the end of the month. In the mean time, just keep in mind that I hate Systems Pathology. I started studying for it today. Very exciting. I'm also seeing more and more patients which is awesome. A little hectic, but once I get used to the school's paperwork system, then I will be all set.

As some of you may know, I have a new ukulele that Nisha got me on my birthday. I love that thing. I get a kick out of following her around the apartment and annoying her till she is ready to hit me. Life is good. Three more weeks and I will be done with all my classes of 2nd year. Then all I have to worry about will be the boards. Ah beautiful beautiful freedom. Of course I haven't been studying that much, but I'm trying to today for Systems. I need to make sure to pass this class, it is one that I really don't want to repeat at all.
May 16, 2007
One more month... that's all I can say. One more month till this horrible semester is done with. It is going by so slowly too. I was told it was going to go by quickly, what happened to that? I got ripped off. I want my money back. Anyway that is that my friends. I'm sick of school and honestly I'm sick of complaining about school. So I'm done talking about this for now. Oh wait, one more thing, I've had my first official patient today and it went pretty well I think. I haven't done any actual work yet, next time I will get to at least take some x-rays, probe the patient and finally start a treatment plan for the patient. This is very exciting for me. I have to say that I didn't feel at all afraid about having the patient. In fact, most people say the first one is the worst and you are nervous and afraid, but I don't know. I didn't feel that way. I am finally beginning to do what I was wanting to do. I got in this business to be able to treat people and to be able to interact with people. Why would I be nervous? OK, now I'm done talking about this subject.

I still haven't written a song since the last time I complained about writing a song. Oh well, on the good news I am beginning to learn French and I'm hoping to start hitting the French much harder once I am finally done with the boards. I've also been selling things on eBay and basically getting rid of everything I can get rid of. Mainly software that I don't use anymore. It is about time. I used up that money basically to buy clothes for clinic. Yes they were expensive, but at least I can look sharp for patients.
May 16, 2007
Success! I am as of today, officially done with CRII class. This is by far my least favourite lab. It was the most frustrating experience that I have had in any lab I have taken in dental school. Right now I am studying for my Pharmacolgy exam which should be over with on Friday, on which I will start studying for my System's Pathology exam. I went to visit Dallas this past weekend. It was nice to get away from the hectic life that is New York. I still don't get what the attraction to this place is. To each their own, but I can't wait to go back home after I graduate, get my own place and sleep through the night without hearing a thousand horns.

Other than my trip to Texas, nothing new has been going on. Life is merely repeating itself now, with exam after exam after exam. At least I will be starting clinic soon and will begin to have my patients very soon as well. That is something that I am looking forward to. Hopefully I'll learn something from the experience before I take my part one dental boards.

44 days, 1 hours, 38 minutes and 39 seconds till D2 is over with. Yes I have a counter as part of my collection of Dashboard Widgets. I am slowly counting down to how many days and weeks I have left before this hell hole that they call a semester ends. I don't understand why this school does things this way.
May 1, 2007
I really can't believe it is May already. Between starting this semester nervously and just finishing class after class. Interestingly one word's definitions can really sum up my experience so far in dental school.

Redundant: the state of being no longer needed or useful
Redundant: repition or superfluity of information

To clear up what I mean, I feel like I am disposable at this school and that everything just repeats over and over and over and... well you get the point. Disparity and popularity are worries no more. This isn't high school after all. No one cares about this stuff anymore. Not to say that I ever have, I didn't. But you can imagine the different setting between here and there, now and then, tomorrow and yesterday. The intensity that leads supposedly good people to try anything to get a head start on their classmates. To write fake exams and then pass them off. To steal other people's work and pass it off as your own. Sometimes people can really surprise me.

In the political front, I would like everyone to take notice of a presidential candidate named Mike Gravel. He is one of the best candidates I have ever hear speak about real issues. He is very frank and honest and he definitely has my vote. Check him out on You Tube.

Happy birthday Masa.
April 23, 2007
Yesterday I turned 25. It was fun.
April 16, 2007
8:45 in the morning. I have class at 12 PM. Why am I awake? In fact, this whole weekend I have been waking up so early. 7:45, 6:45. What is going on? I am tired. And I want to sleep, but I just can't seem to do it. It is a horribly ugly day today, but then again, it just matches the city. Living far from my family really is getting to be unpleasant. I'm missing all the important and not so important things going on. Of importance, Mazen's graduation. One of the top students in his class and I don't get to be there for his graduation. On the not so important side, Louay's new haircut. I can't be there to make fun of him. I know he's sad. On top of that, I am officially pissed off at Apple for not releasing a new version of Logic. If anything, at least acknowledge to us musicians whether you even plan on introducing a new version or not.

Now onto the good stuff. I had a great weekend otherwise. Friday I had some friends over and it was a blast. Everyone enjoyed their time as usual. Saturday Nisha made me strawberry shortcake. It was nothing short of excellence. I devoured every single bit of it. Sunday Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro. But I can care less. I don't use it at all. The end of the night we went out to a friend's congratulation dinner. He is getting married. I also finally booked my ticket back home for a visit. I can't wait. It'll be less than a month from now.

In other news, I am playing the talent show this coming Thursday. I hope I do well and hopefully it is as much fun as last year. I'm out.
April 1, 2007
I think I'm in school again. I'm really not sure. Seems like every time I go I just don't feel like I'm back from the groove. This could partially be blamed on my trip to the Dominican Republic a couple of weeks ago. In any case, I feel refreshed and like this year might actually end somehow. I might get through all the crap that is going on.

So what is new you say? Well, I'm almost 25, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm getting ready to have patients soon. I have new strings on my guitar. I also took a week's vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic that was as relaxing as could be. I also got some great shots while I was there. Only thing about it is that I got burnt to a crisp, to the point where my nose blistered and hemorrhaged. That wasn't good, but now it's almost completely healed and so I'm over it. Last week I got my wisdom tooth extracted (32 for all you dentists) and I'm still swelled up from it. Tomorrow I'm going to go run by the clinic again to make sure everything checks. Right now the side of my face is bruised (3rd bruise of my life) and I'm really just wanting this to be over with so that I can eat and go to the gym again.

I'm still in my music writing block. I'm very annoyed by it.

If you want to see some pictures from my trip, you can look at the Photo section of this site. My Flickr account or if you want a whole lot of pictures (174 from this trip to be exact) you can check out gotnose.com (my other other site). You will need a password for gotnose, you can email me for it.
March 16, 2007
Spring break is here and it couldn't have come at a better time. Unfortunately, the weather doesn't match. Fortunately, on Sunday, I am out of here. I will hopefully be laying down on a nice beach in Punta Cana and basically bumming it. Getting a tan, if that is at all possible. Today has been overall great. Started with a shitty Pharmacology exam, that I kicked ass on. Then I came home, hung out for a bit with Nisha and her friends from out of town. After that I really had nothing planned, and the best part of it all. I don't care so much about studying or not. I have a whole week off. A week that I will not be in New York and I will not be freezing.

The past few weeks have been very up and down. From dealing with stressed out examiners and fixing some email issues to relaxing. I don't know what to say. Life is interesting to say the least. And in even more interesting terms, I will leave you with quotes from an interview with Bob Garfield asking questions and Bill Gates answering them and being a complete no sense of humor ass.

GARFIELD: I want to ask you one more thing: Those Mac ads -- how do you feel about the John Hodgman character?
GATES: I can't comment on someone else's ad.
GARFIELD: OK… but he's you.
GATES: Yeah, I'm not gonna comment on someone else's ad.
GARFIELD: OK, well, Bill Gates, thank you so much for joining us.
GARFIELD: Can I just have a clean goodbye?
GARFIELD: OK, can you just say goodbye? Thank you or goodbye or something like that?
GATES: Goodbye.

Fun times Bill. Fun times...

March 1, 2007
Boycott the RIAA! I love these campaigns. This is worthwhile I think though. The RIAA is starting to do some ridiculous stuff trying to squeeze every penny out of every individual. Not only have they reported ridiculous profitibality every year. They also are suing kids left and right for pirating music, cutting back pay to all artists and fighting off an incredible congress bill. They are all about giving us, the people who pay, as little choice as possible in how we can listen to our music. Personally I've had enough. I have always been against pirating, but now I feel like I'm getting robbed myself. So what can I do? Well for one I only buy CDs from the store that have no copy protection. That way I can listen to my music on any device I feel like. If I have to buy a single song, I use this site. The quality is not all that great, but the price is excellent and more importantly, I can do whatever I want with my music. Play it on any device, any computer, my car, etc...

Onto other things. Life is good these days. I am very excited to go to the Dominican Republic during Spring Break. It is going to be a blast. We are staying at the Puntacana Hotel. I plan on having a good time there and hopefully getting some good pictures up as well. I will post them on Got Nose? if you have access. If you want access just shoot me an email and you might get it. If I feel nice that day.

Other than that, I'm still having a real hard time writing music these days. Don't know what it is, but I feel like I'm in a block right now. Just stuck without the ability to write music. I don't know what it is but I'm hoping a good week of vacation will clear things up for me a bit. Who knows. In the mean time, I am currently lucky enough to have a six pack stomach but for vacation I'm trying to go for an eight pack. Something that I had a few years back when I had time to work out consistently. It is a challenge that I'm hoping to meet very soon. Also, I just had a though. Something that I have not done in a long time is to go to the country, make a fire with a bunch of friends and just chill and hang out. Play guitar and tabla. Yes I'm a hippy I know. But just wait till I get a ukulele, Then I will be a beach hippy.
February 16, 2007
What a long day. And a long week might I add. Today we finished our second exam in infectious disease. Probably the most cumbersome class I have ever taken in my entire life. It simply is just boring and most of the stuff on there, I will forget right after or even before, taking the dental boards. But enough bitching about school, I really don't like thinking about it. I find it rather boring.

Now onto better and more important things. I have finally purchased my own hookah. This is not to say that I didn't have one before this, but this is the first time that I, me, myself, Mohannad, have purchased it. Normally I get other people to bring them to me from somewhere else. Now I know this is super expensive and it is way overpriced, but I didn't care. I don't want to wait months before getting one from overseas and I don't really feel like asking someone the favour of getting one. I am in a good mood but kind of bummed out. I am in a good mood because the exam is over with and I survived yet another one. Bummed out just because I'm bummed out. It is really odd how things work out in a relationship. So many distractions in life and so many things get in the way that it is really hard to enjoy each other. I mean why even be in one really if all you're worried about are other things? On top of that goodness, I always wonder about friends as well.

People in general actually. Why is it that people find it really hard to admit when they're wrong? Pride has such and ugly side to it. It can cause major conflicts yet sustains a person's confidence. It can numb someone's feelings and empower an observer with feelings. I am the man, you are the woman. I wear the pants in the house. I call the shots. Why are you looking at her? My morals are better than yours. You have no manners. I am down and so you have to be too. I really feel dumber listening to you. You don't have the guts to say that? No, I don't care about it, I'm just mad that you don't care either. Why am I here? I can do better. You are lucky to have me. No. Fuck you! Then go find someone better. I'm sick of it all. Why even bother?

I've swayed. This is not how I want to live my life and we both will have to change.
February 2, 2007
The moral of the story? Nothing. There was no story. What are you thinking? Being here in dental school makes me question the need for it. Seems that even though the education is available, it really is just not worth learning. I mean some of the stuff is, but a lot of the stuff is not. For example, we are taking an infectious disease class right now. So we are learning about different species of bacteria and are basically memorizing everything you need to know about the bacteria. Really though, what's the point? We have to learn about lab techniques and how to identify them in labs and so forth. We will never identify bacteria in our clinics. Nor will we ever come across their morphology and what stains they stain with . I personally don't care and I will forget the information just past the next exam. So what's the point? If you want to teach me something about bacteria, teach me about the diseases they produce. Their mechanisms and the drugs required to cure them. Symptoms, progression, stuff that I can deal with in clinic, not what histologists have to know. That is their job, ours is to deal with symptoms and patients. Enough about my bitchfest. It is a new day and a month that I just can't wait to be done with. Once I'm done with February that means I'm closer to nicer weather. Something I can really appreciate since we've been having 12 degree days with below 0 wind chill factor.

I am exciting about being able to go and play tennis outdoors and just hanging out outside anyway. Life is good and it will only get better with the better weather. OK, I'm off to studying now.
January 15, 2007
And the depression sets. We have to study again. On the good side, in basically six months we will be done with everything we have worried about in this semester. Still, something hit me last night, don't know what, and my mood went downhill. Luckily I have no real feelings (according to NIsha) and I am back to my cheery self again. Today we went to lab together and went over what we had to do for our practical that is coming up tomorrow. It is funny because I don't even think of it as a practical. I'm going to wing it like I normally would. Life is good. I love labs and hate exams. I can do practicals all day as long as I don't have to take any written exams.

So what's new these days? Nothing much here, just studying for our exam on Wednesday and our two other exams next week. Only three exams this month, I love it. Other than that nothing too exciting has been happening. I'm going to my gym on a regular basis. Attending my classes no a semi-regular basis, playing my guitar everyday and lately working on three future additions to my music section. I guess some exciting stuff has been happening. Exciting for me at least. Alright, I'm off to studying.
January 2, 2007
I am refreshed. Kind of. Winter break was a blast for the most part. Kind of a bitter sweet break really. But things are for the better now and hopefully more relaxed. As of 8 a.m. today I have officially started a new semester and what looks to be a horrible semester. We have a minimum of 3 exams a month, and that is not including our practicals or competencies. I have no idea why this school insists on making our living life a living hell. In any case, 8 months out I will be done with all of this and then really just enjoy school. Or try to at least.

Lets see, to sum up what happened over break. I finally played tennis again with friend/cousin/sister Doa and had a blast. I also just bought a tennis racket for myself here. It has been over a year otherwise since I've played. Too long. I also went to a recording studio to hopefully be able to record at least one song. Since I wasn't paying though, you can imagine it was something on the back burner for the studio. They got booked and I never got to record. Most likely this summer though. Or maybe in March I'll have a real studio under my hands and someone can engineer my music. That will be an experience for me and a whole lot of fun really. I have also managed to kick everyone's ass in bowling and in one night fix every electronic my parents own. Other than that I did the usual hanging out with my family and my friends. I had a good time. Maybe Hawaii for spring break?

I started off this semester in good shape. Today I finished all the work assigned in lab, which is nice considering that I don't have to go to the gym late tonight and I can instead maybe go to the movies or something with Nisha. It will be our second date after an ordeal that I don't want to talk or think about. Our first date was New Years Eve. It was excellent to say the least.

Happy New Year
December 15, 2006
Finally. A little break. In two days I will hopefully be home with my family and relaxing for the next couple of weeks. It has been an odd semester. For the most part it was very lax, but the last week was going crazy. Anyway, all that is over with now. I’m done. I passed everything with the vengeance and I am not looking back. Another eight months of absolute hell and then… patients. Oh yes, you read right. I finally get to work on actual patients. Exciting? Yes. Makes me feel like a doctor every day I get closer to it.

So the next two weeks are going to be fun for me. I’m going to spend a lot of time with my brothers and my cousins. Good times. As of several hours ago, I am officially on vacation. That’s all.

Oh, one more thing. This is the last post of the year. It is exciting isn't it? New Year's resolution? I'm not really much for those. Work on more music, less school. Just kidding. I'll think of one later.
December 1, 2006
Ahhhh yes, beginning of December, which means that I’m close to the end of this semester. 15 more days and I am done with classes all together for this semester. I can’t wait. So what has been new as of late? Well not much has been going on really. It is the weekend and tonight I’m going to a party, sometime after going to the gym of course. I’m studying up for my exam on the 15th and just keeping myself busy. I have written three new songs since moving to New York (not much I know) which I have finally uploaded onto the music section of the site. I’ve also been doing a bit of photography that I have also updated onto my photo section.

Yesterday Vienna Tang is playing at a local bar but I did not go. I mean she’s good but I’m not the biggest fan in the world, besides, I’d rather keep busy studying this couple of weeks and relax on my winter break with my little brother Louay and my overly sensitive cousin Nasser. He’s sensitive because it’s his birthday. So girly. Anyway, I am told by Louay that I will be playing Final Fantasy XII so I guess I already have plans. Sounds like fun to me anyway.

In other exciting news, I’m going to study. Happy Birthday Nasser. Now stop being so sensitive.
November 18, 2006
Yesterday we had a lecture on child abuse. I have never seen so many dead children in my entire life. For anyone who does what these people do, I hope you burn to a slow and horrible death. You deserve it, trust me.
November 13, 2006
It’s an early day today. Nisha’s at school and I’m hanging out at home. I have lab in about an hour so I probably should go out and get ready to take care of it. I honestly don’t have much to say right now. I miss home and can’t wait to be back in December. More importantly I can’t wait to be done with this semester. It will simply mean that I’m closer to being done with next semester. I just got an email saying that grades have been posted for Intro to Patient Care exam. I didn’t even know that I took this test, but apparently I did and I kicked some ass on it. What a nice surprise.

I think my creativity has been shot this week. I really have no desire to do anything. Nothing with my website, nothing with my music, photography, art, apartment, anything at all. Don’t know what’s going on. Maybe after the couple of exams that I have coming up I’ll be back in the game. Maybe I just need a break, who knows. Anyway, that’s all for now.

Happy early birthday Savera!
November 1, 2006
Interesting week. The good, the bad, the good again. So last exam I took was General Pathology and the one before it was… well I don’t even remember the name of the class right now. So the good. The first exam I got something like a 94 on it. Great, awesome, I’m ecstatic. The next exam I get a 72 on it. Ouch. General Path is ridiculous. How can any school in its right mind stuff a class like that into 2.5 months? There is so much material to learn and we are expected to know every bit of it. But why? Isn’t this a teaching institution? Isn’t their whole purpose is to teach us. Instead we are badgered with ridiculous questions as if we were professional doctors. Maybe I didn’t study enough. I know I didn’t study enough, but I also always never study enough and I always do well. This is embarrassing. Maybe I’m just angry at the test, but I really do have a problem with schools these days. The classes that I remember the most from undergrad and highschool are the classes that I actually enjoyed. The classes were the instructors knew how to drive the point and tested on what they lectures, not what some guy wrote in a book. What makes me laugh about that is that we were told NOT to read the book. It is too much material, we have to condense it for you so that you know what’s important. Fair enough. Sounds good to me, if it isn’t relevant to my field, then why learn it in a school specifically for my field? Then again what is relevant and who decided?

Phospholipase A2. Who cares? I surely don’t. That’s not a disease to me and never will be a disease. Memorizing a pathway doesn’t explain the disease, nor does it help me understand its pathogenesis. Just like knowing how a computer is built really explains nothing to you about the actual computer itself. Beyond school I am beginning to have a problem with the doctoral community in general. The I’m too good attitude. The drive to keep doctors above the rest, as if it is really the only reason behind being a doctor in the first place. We are taught at school that we must “speak like doctors.” We must speak the language of doctors. Why? Is it so that we can say some big words in front of patients to make them feel as if we know something magical. All these words, originating from latin, greek, what have you… and the point? Nothing in my opinion, just to separate us it seems. You can easily explain most terms in everyday English as it is. Aphthous ulcer, makes it sounds like you have a disease, turns out to be a regular every day canker sore. You know the type that is brought on by stress. They hurt. They cause pain. Or dolor in the (medical terms). The have a little bid of redness (rudor) on the outside (periphery) of the injury (lesion). I guess this is just a personal preference, but I don’t really think I want to abide by the high and mighty status quo that is expected.

Okay, enough ranting. I think I’m just bitter from the last test. Truth be told there is probably a good reason to “speaking like a doctor.” When I find it, I’ll probably let you know. Now to the good. Yesterday Nisha decides to blind fold me in the apartment, walk me all the way to the street. Put me in a cab and lo and behold, we get out in front of a small bar called The Living Room. To my surprise, and surprised I was, Joshua Radin was playing over there that night and the place was so small I could literally take 4 or 5 steps and shake the guy’s hand. He is unbelievable live, sounds exactly like he does on the album. That CD has been consistently playing since the day I heard it in the first place. Through him I also heard about Priscilla Ahn, who sounds excellent as well and I actually added her to my favourites in the music section of this site. It’s just a small clip, but you can hear the rest on her MySpace page. Also I added my own songs as well. Me and You and She Kissed Me. I like both of them and they vary greatly from my usual style. She Kissed Me is beginning to be a favourite of mine and so things are good in that department. Right now I have to get to studying.

Happy Belated Halloween and Happy Birthday Hani (you're almost 30)

October 11, 2006
Ah the boring life that is radiology. Honestly, did someone just wake up one day and decide, hey, let me find out what the most boring subject in the world is. Then let me make it into a science and then let me make it a dental school requirement. So annoying. Then again it can be interesting. I guess it just depends on how it’s taught. Personally I have my methods of getting through this class. I simply keep repeating to myself, a single phrase. At least it’s not microbiology, at least it’s not microbiology, at least it’s not microbiology. Ahhhhh, see I feel better already. Speaking of micro, I passed and I’m glad that one is behind me. Now only 20 more classes to go and then the boards. OK, I have to get back to studying, so I’m going to do single bulleted notes.
  • Nisha got me pumpkin seeds. Yumm.
  • I’m working on a new song. Kind of. Well maybe not. If I am, you will be surprised.
  • I returned the Nikon D200 two weeks ago, I’m still sad about it. Knowing me I’m probably going to buy it again. Tonight… err. Can’t, gotta study.
  • I have Windows Vista running, it sucks about as much as XP does.
  • Earthlink sucks. They need to make their DNS standard just like every other provider out there. I hate it when it re-routes to their dumb web-page every single time you type in a wrong page.
  • I am no longer webmaster for my class. Yepeeeeee.
  • I’ve been fasting and drinking fat shakes at night. Talk about Ying and Yang. I lost six pounds, even with my 2200 calorie per serving fat shake. The good news, my shoulder is doing much better and I’ve been consistently working out the past couple of weeks. But I’m not pushing it hard because I don’t want to mess it up again.
  • OK, gotta go and study for Radiology.


October 3, 2006
Yes… I’m in class again. Radiology. So boring. Ramadan started and I’m fasting. Have been for the past 10 days or so. I have to say I keep getting worse and worse every day as far as being hungry. Last night was probably the worst, and I’m hoping tonight won’t be as bad. Of course, as a result of fasting, I have lost even more weight and I’m getting more pathetic at the gym. Can’t wait for it to be over and I can’t wait to start getting back in shape again.

Got a new bed, I’m working on the photography section of HummingSoft, and hopefully it will be complete soon. I’m trying to automate it so that all I have to do is just upload the pictures and the website itself will take care of producing and formatting the page.

I met Nisha’s parents a little over a week ago. Had a great time. Very cool people and lots of fun to be around. I smell food. Seriously, pizza I think. Later.
September 11, 2006
I’m sitting in class right now. Seriously. What the hell is this guy talking about? The heaviest accent and boring subject. So nothing super new has been going on here. I’m back and school is starting. I’ve actually studied for classes and hopefully I will continue on doing so. I went to the gym a few times this week. My shoulder feels great lately. I have no idea what’s going on. One night I went to the gym and when I was done, my shoulder all of a sudden stopped hurting. How odd is that? Ever since it’s been really good. Hurts a little while working out but when I’m done, it’s done as well. That I can live with, as long as I don’t push it too hard hopefully it will continue to heal properly.

Tomorrow Apple comes out with something new. Is it going to be exciting? I hope so. Is it going to be Logic? Probably not. Anyway, Nisha and I are looking for furniture for the apartment and also some tool boxes for school... because the school likes to give us everything thrown together, in one big box and we’re supposed to actually find it all. Crazy. Seriously. So I’m still considering getting the Nikon D200, but right now I guess I’m going to use the D50 till I feel like it’s worth having a D200.

I am playing guitar this Sunday at some dinner thing the school is having. I don’t really even know what it’s for but hey, it’ll be fun. Only doing one song. It’s not a show. What’s the song? I didn’t pick it. Ryan Cabrera - True. I know, whatever, someone else is singing it. So that works out for me.

I don’t have internet access at home. I won’t have it till Sept, 23rd. Man I’m really needing it right now. Till then, peace out.
September 3, 2006
2:22PM, New York time. I’m on the airplane making my way back home. I can’t wait for this thing to land. The seats are so small and very uncomfortable. The laptop is literally shoved in my stomach. Still I can’t help but feel excited about going back. It was a good two months, very refreshing but now it’s time to go back to school. Finish my job, and start my practice. I am even more excited about seeing Nisha. It’s been a whole three weeks since she left Dallas. They were a very long three weeks. I had a great time in Dallas, but it was so much better when she was there. Nothing else mattered while she was there. I would tuck her in and wake her up the next morning. I can’t wait to see her again in a few hours. Basically it doesn’t even matter if I get to hold her, kiss her, any of that. Just the fact that she is in the same room as me. That’s enough.

Second year here I come . I will win.
August 10, 2006
Today we have the new FiOS internet from Verizon. So much faster. It’s faster to upload, download, all of it. The past couple of weeks have been great. Nisha is still here and we are having a good time together. I saw Duncan Sheik in concert. The guy is freaking amazing. I also had soy hot dogs yesterday. Those things are better than regular hot dogs, not only that, they are vegetarian, fat free and cholesterol free. How much better can you get than that. I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately - since I stopped going to the gym. I actually went two days ago, my shoulder bothered me just a little bit but it was fine overall. Much better than what it was before. The only problem is that I did lose about 15 pounds since stopping. It’s been a month maybe? Just a few days over. In any case, I plan on going back to the gym consistently very soon. Then I’ll be good to go hopefully. As long as I keep my proper form I don’t think I’m going to injure myself again. I can’t wait.
August 1, 2006
The first month of my vacation is over. It was a blast. I’m just hanging out with the family and with my friends. My girlfriend is here with me and she’s meeting everyone. We’re having such a good time. We have done so much since being back and I can honestly say that we are enjoying every day like it’s the last day. I think she likes Plano and my family in general. There hasn’t been much else going on. I have barely been on the computer. Just busy with life really. I came here thinking I’m going to get to program and learn a couple of programming languages but I’ve been doing so much that I really haven’t had the time. Maybe at night I’m going to start learning to do this.

Nisha and I went looking at furniture for my apartment. I think I’m going to end up just getting things at IKEA. I just want a new bed and a couple of lounge chairs. For those who have seen my bed, yes I love it, but the problem is that I don’t have a backboard. I am one of those sleepers that pushes the pillow up with my head while sleeping so it just keeps falling off. Also I have nothing to lean back on when I’m using my computer, so that is just not going to work for me. I guess I’m going to be selling and purchasing a new bed all together. In New York that is a major pain in the ass. I have to make appointments with my building to move the old bed out and an appointment to move the new bed in. Go figure. Nothing can be easy there.

Things I’m looking forward to…
• August 4, 2006 - Duncan Sheik is playing a very intimate concert and I can’t wait to go to that. His last album was greatness and I haven’t seen him play in such a long time. I missed him in New York you know.
• August 7, 2006 - Apple is going to introduce Leopard to the world and release new Macs. Not that I care about the new Macs but Leopard I’m VERY excited about.
• August 9, 2006 - Nikon is releasing a new DSLR 10.2 MP Camera. Yes, I know I just bought one but if this thing comes out and it’s the right price. I’m selling the one that I just bought (it’s past return date) and buying the new one. That is if the price is right. Crazy? Naaaah, not at all. It’s a 4 megapixel difference. Meaning that basically it’s the difference of a whole new camera. Worth it in my opinion.
July 12, 2006
A couple of days late? Yeah well, no one said my journal is a blog. I’m finally back in Dallas and I’m really enjoying every bit of it over here. Life is nice and relaxing. People are much nicer in general and the whole atmosphere is just different. I guess once you experience southern hospitality there really is no other. I can’t wait to see the rest of my family and a bunch of my friends. That’s going to be fun. So far I’ve seen most of my close friends. I still have a few that I would like to get in touch with. Anyway I don’t have much to post other than I’m happy to be home. Once I get my girlfriend here with me then all will be well.

Hi Nisha, I finally posted about you. :)
June 30, 2006
Well it’s official. I’m done with the first year of dental school as of yesterday 9:52 AM. That’s when I finished my last exam and that’s when I became free for the summer. Man it feels great too and considering that I passed and have done rather decent, I have to say that it will be a great summer. I won’t have to worry about applying for dental school or worry about taking the DAT. Instead I’m just going to enjoy it considering that it’s the last one for me. So what’s next? I have subleased my apartment and I just have to pack and get everything ready for the new tenant while I’m gone in Dallas. For an update by the way, lately I’ve been learning JavaScript and also AJAX. I also registered the domains cocoashot.com and drhashem.com. One will concentrate on programming while the other will be for a webpage that connects all the doctors/future doctors in my family. I think it’s a good move and a rather good name for a site.

I’m typing this on a brand new black Macbook. I had originally bought a white one but the top pad was getting dirty (a defect with the plastic itself) and I wasn’t sure if Apple was going to acknowledge the problem. So I jumped the gun and bought a black one. To be honest though, I’m glad I did. I love it, even though it cost more. The thing runs wonderfully outside of being a little bit too warm. Still, almost 4 hours battery life and it is FAST.

Now beyond that I haven’t been doing much. I changed my guitar strings earlier today and went to the David Letterman show sometime last week I think. It was pretty good with one exception, I sat up top - all the way up to the right - and the screens hanging from the top of the studio were covering Dave. So for the most part I just watched him on TV anyway. The studio is very small by the way. It looks big on TV but when you get there, it’s very tiny. Something that surprised me.
June 11, 2006
In a day where they say that everyone is supposed to be having fun. Today I relaxed. I spent time at home just hanging out and having fun. Nothing new really to report except that I have three more exams to go and then it is home sweet home for me. I have been very busy lately and there are plenty of things going on at the end of the semester. I have to renew my lease for my apartment, easy, and I have to get ready to get moving. I might sublease two months to pay the rent, that way I don’t have to. It will be nice to get some of the bills off my back for a while. We’ll see how that works out and if it does at all. If I decide to do this I will have to do it soon. Very soon.

Outside of that I have not written any new music at all, in fact, I haven’t been playing any guitar lately. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just not in the mood. I downloaded Windows Vista Beta 2. Installed it and got it running just fine. Seems kind of OK. Nothing really ground breaking in it to be honest. A lot less than what I was expecting. So far it seems like a new GUI wrapper for the same old Windows. Where is the innovation?

Disparity is sorrow. Who would’ve thought. It is 3:30AM and I'm going to go to bed now.
May 30, 2006
Today is a good day. I just finished my Organ Systems exam and the whole class as it is. I also just shipped my old laptop and replaced it with the new Macbook. I am going to miss that machine like crazy. Lasted so long and I’ve never had a problem with it. How many products can you say that about these days? Anyway, hopefully now I have met my school’s requirements for laptops. I decided I might give Loan Table another surge of programming to enhance it a bit. Hopefully it’ll run well. What I am thinking for the program is territory that I have never been on before. Since I’m not a programmer by trade or training it’ll be interesting to see the results. I have a practical in GDS, the last practical for this class, and then I’m done for the day. At this point I think I might go and buy Aperture from the school bookstore. They have pretty descent discounts there. I also am awaiting a universal binary version of Logic. In the mean time I am using Live and Garageband. Live to record loops and Garageband for everything else. I gotta say, I really like Garageband. There is nothing quite like it out there. It is so easy to use. I hope Apple does something innovative like that with Logic, except obviously, much more powerful.

I’m about to grab a bite of bread and olive oil. I had my cholesterol checked and it is high. Now I’m trying to increase my HDL intake and lower my LDL intake. It isn’t really hard so far.

I’m going home soon and I can’t wait. July 6th will be the day.
May 10, 2006
Ah what a wonderful day. I just spent about 300 dollars on a couple of isotonic pillows and a blanket that I have to admit are the most comfortable things in the world. To sum up the past two weeks, I had three exams that I thought I was going to do horrible on all three and ended up doing quite well on them. I guess freaking out is a sign of doing well. In any case, I’m glad. I’m also looking forward till next Tuesday. Rumors are that Apple will be coming out with new laptops then and I am ready to buy.

In case you haven’t noticed, today marks the new design day for my site. I haven’t changed the look in so long and I just got tired of it so spent a bit of time working on this new design. I think it is much more streamlined and works very well. Everything is now in one section with the journal highlighted since it is the one thing that I change on a regular basis.

Other than that, nothing really new is going on. Just keeping up with school and trying to make it till I can come home and see my family.
May 1, 2006
Another day another test. Tomorrow we have our conference exam and I barely studied for it. Just been busy really but I feel somewhat confident for some reason. Still I really want to be done with this test because on Friday I have the one and only real exam for that same class. Yes, the first and last exam. I hate classes that only have one exam. Oh well, after this week I’ll be done with this. And after this there will be another one. It doesn’t even phase me anymore. Soon, in a couple of months there will be no exams at all and I will be at home, in Dallas, having fun with the family and my other family. Enjoying every bit of it till I have to come back to a horrible 2nd year in dental school.

Life is beautiful these days, the weather is good and I’m really enjoying it. Right now I’m just getting ready for tomorrow’s exam and relaxing at the same time. I’ve been playing Darwinia all day and at first the game started off a bit boring. Then after a little bit you get into it and it’s great. I definitely need a new computer now though. This game is killing mine.

I got second place in the talent show about 10 days ago. That was a great moment I must admit. It was great doing the show, pictures are up on gotnose and they look good. Yesterday I was two seconds away from buying a Nikon D50. Then I thought about it again and decided I’ll hold off on buying the camera. I’m going to wait a bit longer, possibly till after I buy my computer. Rumors are that Apple will be releasing computers sometime this month. More importantly they are rumored to be the computers that I’m waiting on. We will see. Wish me luck tomorrow!
April 12, 2006
Good Morning America. And it is a beautiful day here in the city. With a high of 68 today I have to admit that I am looking forward to New York. Not that I normally am not, but today is going to definitely be nice. I’m only going to attend one class today and I’m already missing the first half of it. Not good but oh well, these lectures are about as worthless as a penny is to a millionaire. Then again, the millionaire might’ve gotten rich by collecting pennies, who knows? I have been passing and even kicking ass on my past few exams and that just makes my day all that much better. Last night I went out to a comedy club and had a great time. It was funny but more importantly it was something different to do.

Now I have a bowl of Cream of Wheat right in front of me. I have decided to actually try to eat breakfast these days. Of course, since this is the first time I ever make this stuff, it is interesting to note that without sugar this tastes absolutely horrible. There is no way I am going to finish this bowl. What is of more interest that even a small bit of sugar will make this otherwise horrible meal absolutely delicious. A hint of cinnamon in it just to give it a small kick and I’m good to go. Next time though, make it with milk rather than water.

Good day to you and good to everyone around you. I am redesigning the site right now for a more uniform look and one section rather than the current two (portfolio and personal). It will take a while but when I’m done I hope that you will enjoy it more.
April 5, 2006
Wow, I’ve been so busy with exams that I have totally forgot about updating the journal. Anyway, today seems to be the oddest weather day I’ve seen in my life. i think in the course of a day I’ve gone through all four seasons starting with a really warm temperature in the morning, dropping down to 36 and snowing, then going on to rain and now the day is working itself up to the 50’s. How interesting is that? All in the span of 8 hours.

Now I have an exam coming up tomorrow that just isn’t really worth studying for and an Organ Systems exam coming up Monday of next week that I have been studying for. It is really amazing, in the next month or so I will take four more exams for this class alone. Did they just decide to have the longest class ever created? Boring. Other than that things have been going relatively well with one major exception.

Naomi, my guitar, has cracks in the finish. Yes yes, I know, it’s my fault. I have not been keeping it humid and in New York, the winter gets VERY dry. Because of this the neck of the guitar shrunk and the finish cracked. I’m in the process or re-humidifying the guitar and I have high hopes for the neck. The cracked finish however is a different story, this one does not look like it’s going to fix itself. I might have to go into surgery on it using amalgamator (not a dental term in this case) and some new lacquer, glass, tape, sand paper and buffer. Yes it’s a process but this is also a very special guitar. Aside from the guitar, I have also received a new mic that I bought recently from Guitar Center for a very good price. I’m glad to say that the mic sounds beautiful and the results are very clean. I cannot say enough as to how good this mic performs. After all, if it wasn’t this good, I would not have been wanting it for the past several years.

Now if only I can get the guitar fixed, then my life would be back in order. I bought an extra humidifier for it that should arrive at the end of this week. That along with a hygrometer to keep in the case so I can test water level and make sure it’s on par. It is really interesting what the guitar does when it’s dry, as if it’s a living organism. It shrinks and shows you first signs of thirst by having a rough rippled like finish. Then the wood warps and become concave to where it is no longer perfectly flat. During all of this, the smell of fine cedar and rosewood simply disappears and the neck shrinks exposing the ends of the frets, making for a painful playing experience. My highest recommendations to any quality guitar owner is to buy a guitar humidifier immediately and a hygrometer. They will save you hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars in the future. As of now, the smell of my guitar is coming back and the body is straightening up quite a bit, but will it go back to original condition? I hope so, but unlikely.

Here’s to Naomi
March 11, 2006
Home Sweet Home. That’s the saying at least. I’m back from my trip to Florida and I have to say, I had a great time. It was so nice to get on the beach and just relax for a bit. We went out to a few bars and clubs while we were there too, which I could do without, but the rest of the time I just had fun. Gotnose is updated with pictures and will probably be soon updated with even more pictures. I’m waiting on friends to email them to me.

The vacation couldn’t have gone any better. All I really needed was my guitar and it probably would’ve been perfect.

A simple post for a simple week.
March 3, 2006
Ah what a great feeling. It is the end of a really busy week. We had two conferences, two exams and a practical and I can’t be happier that it is done and over with. Next week? Miami, Florida. I can’t wait. I’m going to stay over at my cousin’s place and I’m going to be everything opposite of New York. Basically I’m going to be a bum, a beach bum. In the day I will tan and burn and at night I will burn logs and just hang out. The only thing I will be missing will be my guitar. That is an easy solution though, I wouldn’t mind buying one for less than 100.00 dollars and just using it for the week and keeping it at my cousin’s place.

There really hasn’t been much going on outside of studying. Just basically keeping busy with things to be honest. Trying to get more organized and waiting for the answer keys to my Neuroanatomy/Organ Systems exam to be released. The overly paranoid instructors have decided to have our system release the keys at exactly 11:10 am. What’s up with that? It doesn’t really matter I guess, 13 more minutes. I did so bad on this test that I am just hoping to pass at this point. In fact, if I make a 60 I will be, not exactly satisfied, but in good standing I believe. The test was a lot trickier than any of the past year exams. I will most likely check my grade before even finishing this post. In fact, I just checked my Health Promotion grade, made an A in the class, so that is good news.

Well, there you go, I just finished checking Neuroanatomy, didn’t pass, but I did make a 64, so I guess that leaves me some room for the next four exams to bring my grades back up. Oh well, at least this week is done with now and I don’t have to worry about anything for next week. Over all, it is a lukewarm day for me.
February 12, 2006
It is Saturday ongoing to Sunday, 12:17 AM on February 12, 2006. Yesterday was a great time, today wasn't so much. The weather is just not doing well for hanging out. It is cold, snowing and very windy. With an exam looming on the horizon for Monday morning, the mood gets worse and worse. Who would've ever thought that people care so much about an exam. I didn't even care when I took the DAT, and that exam pretty much determined my life ahead. Oh well. It has been very interesting times for me lately. Nothing that I want to talk about really but I've been enjoying my time in the city. School gets more and more boring but afterwards things are good. My kitchen is completely empty, I really need to go grocery shopping, but I just don't feel like it in this weather. I'm going to go tomorrow though, I have to. Actually I don't think I will. Maybe on Monday instead, after my exam. That will be good shopping for sure. I haven't had my Mac & Cheese fix in such a long time. I love that stuff, especially when you add an extra slice of cheese in there. So good.

I'm thinking of completely dropping Gotnose and instead getting a .Mac account for my journal and for my pictures. I haven't really decided but Apple now has created yet another addition to their iLife suite called iWeb. Anyway, it really takes the brain work out of creating a journal and really would make my life much easier as far as keeping it up to date. The only thing is that I might lose my archives and I really don't want that. I don't know, I have to think about things I guess. It is a big decision for me after all. I have had this journal for several years now and I love updating it. I guess for now I'll keep it.

Anyway, life is grand, enjoy it before you die. Or, if you're my brother, life's a bitch and then you die (inside joke). I think I'm going to go to bed now.

February 1, 2006
I am inspired… to not study. I am inspired to just enjoy my days here, succeed and even outperform the average at my school without putting any effort. And why not? I’ve done it my whole undergrad and these people really are all the same. I just couldn’t understand it myself. The need for that certain feeling, the rush, the morphine trip… the stress. It seems to be what feeds most of the people I deal with on a regular basis. What feeds me is more ambiguous it seems. I never cared about grades too much. In fact, I just found out, about 2 minutes ago, that I have an exam next week in Basic Tissues. One of my biggest classes this semester. I should study, but I’m going to play guitar instead. Whatever it is that drives me to study just isn’t there right now. I seem to be dependent on inspiration more than logic. I should be studying, I should be working as hard as I could to make sure that I do well… I know that. I’m not ignorant to the logical side of my mind. I just don’t feel like it. Maybe when I fail I might start taking things a little more serious. That day will come I’m sure, could be this semester, could be in a week or it could be next year. Who knows.

In case you haven’t noticed. I’m in an odd mood. I’m not angry, I’m not happy, I’m not sad. I’m bored and right now I just feel like I am here. No one needs me and I don’t really need anyone. Sleep is starting to sound like fun to me. I have other plans though. I’m going to play guitar and this time with a metronome and practice counting while I’m playing. Yeah, I’ve been playing for 7 years so far and even though my rhythm is doing well, it is not perfect. By perfect I mean recording studio perfect, where I can play something and have it hit beat with absolute preciseness. Meaning within nano-seconds of the beat. If I can get this, it would make my recording life MUCH easier. I would be able to create loops and simply mix and really start enjoying the process.

Life is beautiful. I can’t explain it. Like I said earlier, I am in a weird mood. I feel like creating something great, something that no one can take away from me. I just don’t know what yet. On another note, have you ever noticed that the “i” comes after “e” in weird? Isn’t it odd that the word “weird” itself is spelled weirdly?
January 10, 2006
It is that time again. I am in the mood to put a random post on here. Why? I don’t know, probably because I’m really tired and I need to get to bed.

I was over at my cousin’s place and we watched a movie called Dark City. It is old and rather obscure, not many people remember it but it was a good movie never the less. It did get me thinking though. About individuality. What makes us have separate personalities? Is it a genetic medium or classical conditioning? Maybe it’s a combination of both. Could it be that our personalities are basically a series of responses, repeated responses to stimuli? Responses that are controlled genetically and through classical conditioning? That has to be it. Repeated events in our lives shape how we think and how we respond. They also shape what we expect and how we perceive other people’s expectations. Everything in life is a random event. Even things people do intentionally, if you look at them from a worldwide perspective, every single action is a random event. The real beauty though is that every single action has a reaction of some kind. So I do something and something else happens. I type, you read. It’s like a dance. That is how I would describe individuality. A dance.

What else to discuss? I’m trying to take on NYC. Trying to go out and enjoy myself and find my niche in this place. It really is an interesting place to live. It seems that at night the city lights up the most. At night this city is beautiful. At night, most of the stuff that I like doing doesn’t exist. It is a tough balance really. The hardest thing is finding the right people. Still I’m trying to enjoy myself as much as possible and have been generally having a good time here. Speaking of time and its amazing ability to lurk behind you, ticking, ticking, ticking, waiting for you to wake up from your trance and leave your ohms behind you, mine has stopped. I have an early and late day tomorrow. It will be filled with many nods of my head, attempting and trying even maybe perusing the idea of staying awake in class.

On another note, I have been in the market for a new laptop and my favourite company has just released a new Intel based laptop. The Macbook is what they called it. While it is damn impressive and ridiculously fast, I will wait for a 12” version to come out before I purchase it. 15” is too big to carry around everywhere. This is a new era for Apple, the tech field and my stocks.

January 1, 2006
Yeah already. Seriously? 2006? How quick did this past year go by? Well I just made it back to New York from my visit back home. I had such a great time. I missed my family so much and now I already miss them again. I really enjoyed the past couple of weeks and tried to relax and have fun. I gotta say I think it was a success but right now I just feel like a long hot shower, some macaroni and cheese and a long long sleep. The day after tomorrow we get to start classes again. I really am not looking forward to that but... I will be on my way to the second and most hectic year of dental school.

So do I have a new year resolution? Not really. I have come to realize that I have never had a new year resolution. I guess I never really saw the point. Why would I need a new year to create a goal for myself? I've been pretty successful at accomplishing my goals and reaching where I have wanted to. I guess if I were to make a goal for 2006 it will be to find my niche in New York. My group of friends that always want to hang out and like doing the same things I like doing myself. That would be a good start I think. Take in as much of New York as I could before going onto my long journey to Italy, Greece, Taiwan, Japan, Morocco.

So lets sum up 2005. In that year I had a girlfriend, broke up, started dental school, bought a new guitar, flown more times that I would ever like to, met some cool people and not so cool people, moved to New York, got myself an apartment, took out my first two large loans and slept more than 8 hours. I would say overall 2005 was a success. Filled with some big events and some not so big but significant ones in between.

Happy New Year.
December 10, 2005
What a week its been. How crazy is it that all the classes that stress you out are done in one week and then you feel like there is nothing to do. Still, I have two exams coming up next week and I really haven’t studied that much. My head has been spinning in many different directions lately, between here and home. Too many things to concentrate on and for no reason really. If people would just be honest with each other then there would be no drama at all.

Right now I feel like I have been betrayed by pretty much everyone in my family and by the one person that I thought would never lie to me again. All of them were lying to me about something. Each and every single one of them about something. It is amazing how you think that since you are so far away that things will calm down and that there would not be any problems. I mean here I am, on the north eastern part of the country, on an island all on my own and nothing to do really but study. I’m not bothering anyone or saying anything to anybody. Just sitting here an enjoying myself, then drama after drama after drama. Then you find out the one person that you thought you could completely trust has done nothing but lie to you. I’m tired of it, no more. I’ve given enough chances and I’ve put my neck out on the line for nothing. I guess all that one person can really do is start over. All I have right now is time anyway. The stagnant four years of my life in the city that, in my opinion, doesn’t have much to offer in terms of variety.

New York, the city that never sleeps. Sure, if you drink and like to party. We all know that’s not me, and really, if you don’t want to do that, past 5 PM there really isn’t much to do here. Central Park you say? If I hear one person suggest Central Park I’m going to kill myself. Seriously, I’m going to be here four years, how many times are you going to go to a park? It is not that great, it is pretty much on par with anything in Texas except bigger and a lot more crowded. I don’t care about the size so much, it’s not like I’m going to traverse it, and the fact that it is crowded pretty much goes against the ideology of the idea of a park doesn’t it? Serenity and peace, quiet and relaxation... not in Central Park.

This is I guess the last post for 2005. Wow, wasn’t that quick? I can’t wait to get back to Texas and see everyone, even my family.
December 1, 2005
It is dark. Not even 5 PM and it is dark. I guess there are some things to get used around here. For one it gets dark much earlier than it did back home. Not really a problem, my view is much nicer when it is dark. All I see are lights across the sky. Kind of beautiful actually. Anyway, two more weeks of school and exams and I can relax for about a week. I am so excited to go home see my family and all my friends. I am done with my Cell Organelles exam today. I am glad, next I have two Anatomy Exams, one Dental Anatomy and my last exam is Genetics.

Life has been pretty good lately. Nothing overly exciting but just general hanging out and not doing much of anything really. I plan on going shopping tonight and buying myself a new a drill. Yes, I’m excited about a drill. I also finally got my second loan and now I can pay my rent and so that’s a load of stress that I do not have to worry about. Lately I’ve been kind of up and down. Some nights I feel down some I don’t. I think school might be getting to me. Anyway, I seem to be doing better in classes. Higher scores than when I started this semester. I’m at least passing now.

What an interesting turn of events for me. When I first moved here I was excited about having my own apartment and being on my own for a while. It has been about 3 months and I am already tired of it. I still want my own place, but I also want all my family to be around me. There is no way I would be able to move away from them and from my friends back home. No matter how well things get here, there really is no place like home.
November 10, 2005
Thursday... meh. Friday... meh. Saturday... meh. Everday... meh. 5 more weeks of this and home sweet home. I can’t wait really. Today I didn’t study a word, the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. I am just no longer motivated. Biochemistry is officially the most boring subject in the world. I can’t believe I am saying this but it is worse than Epidemiology. I know I know, it’s a bit crazy but it’s the truth. I had no problem studying for Epi but Biochemistry just bores me to death. Pathway after pathway after pathway. Who cares about this stuff? I blame the boards for this, I have never met a dentist that even remotely remembers biochemistry. Oh well, past the boards and I am not going to have any classes like this.

Life is good. I can’t say much right now because not much has been going on really. Most of my days consist of attempts to study for the next exam. Most of the time I am just not interested and I end up distracting myself. What can I say, I just can’t seem to get myself to study constantly. The plan tomorrow is to study. The plan for the next week is to study. The plan is to... play guitar and record music as much as possible while studying for 2 minute intervals in between.
November 2, 2005
All I have is exams. One after the next and the next after this one. Just keeps on going in circles and circles is what it feels like. Oh well, at least it's going by quickly. There are so many things that have been going on right now that my head is just spinning. What a ride. My schedule has become pretty set though. Kind of boring actually. I go to school, I come home, study, go to the gym, shower and pass out. The one thing that I enjoy is working out really. I can't complain though. It's not like I was expecting this to be easy. Only two years and after that things will be a bit smoother I think. I'll have more time to mingle and go out. More time to hit on girls, more time to do anything I want really. I hope at least. Either way, by the end of the fourth year I will be done. If I don't specialize that is.

I don't think I'm going to specialize. I am just tired of this consistent studying. I never was an academic person. I can handle it, but it was never interesting to me. Why didn't I go into art or music? Even computers. Any of these fields would have been a joke for me, that's probably why. I love dentistry, but then again I love a lot of things. I just knew I would find this really hard and really frustrating. Everything else I'll have a lifetime to learn. Science is the one general subject that I know I would not sit down and teach myself. Hence why I got in it. I don't know if this is confusing or not, but basically since it is something that I couldn't teach myself I decided to go to school for it. All the other fields I can learn on my own and I would learn on my own. Meh... I've been studying for a very long time now. It is 10 PM and I have been non-stop school work since 9:00 AM.

I have an exam in two days. I need to study.
October 11, 2005
It has been nothing but a crazy day over here. If you think about it, half of the semester is already done and I feel like I just started. Things go by so quickly although I know that this year everyone just wants to be done. Heck, the first two years every student I have talked to just wants to be done with school and done with having to take so many tests, one after the other. Life is so quick though and you can’t just take a step back to relax. Even this weekend when I went to Dallas the biggest thing that was on my mind is studying. I woke up thinking about studying and went to sleep thinking about studying. Oh well. It was a good weekend overall, but a bit sad really.

I went to bed at around 3 AM yesterday. Today I couldn’t wake up and missed my first two lectures, then after that I ran to school to catch my GDS lab. We had a quiz that I just couldn’t miss. I didn’t get much studying done and honestly never looked at the material. Somehow I managed a 100% on it. I am really happy with that, I am also done with my wax-ups through the rest of the month pretty much. I am happy with that as well. I just finished my canine wax up which we should’ve started sometime at the end of October. I love this class. Anything hands on I just know I will love. After GDS I had to go to Anatomy lab. The lab itself was good, I recognized most of the structures but the quiz I didn’t do too well on. I think I made maybe a 40 or a 60 on it. Not happy with that at all. I just can’t seem to get myself to understand anatomy. It is anatomy after all, and so you can’t understand much. Most of it is memorization and that is just not my thing. Never was, and apparently, never will be, no matter how much I study.

Right now it’s time to break my fast. I love food.
October 1, 2005
Ah, the first of October... exactly 3:30 AM. I am tired as hell and have had a very long night. Kind of sad kind of fun. Kind of not really. The day started out great. I woke up in a great mood, late to class already. I went and attended lecture. Made fun of Leslie, Sage and Vani. Good times. Had lab with Amit and our “special friend” Rigales (not sure of the spelling). Well towards the end of the night things started getting worse. I had a long talk with my girlfriend and just telling her how things are just so sad for me over here. Yeah I love hanging out with my friends and I really enjoy all their company, but I sometimes feel guilty that I’m out having fun and she’s not with me. So what do you do when you feel like this? Long distance sucks. I never wanted it. There were a lot of things in this relationship that I never wanted but stuck through. This right now is just really bothering me.

I know she’s not happy with me right now. I know she misses me and I miss her like crazy but I am also a little realistic. How am I supposed to concentrate on dental school and my life here if I’m still stuck back home. That will never happen.

Life is a series of events. One leads to the next and people move on. One of the biggest problems I see is that people think about the future too much. That really was never my style. So far I still can’t grasp the idea of always worrying about what will happen in the future. Instead of living in a world of risks, opportunities and ideas, we live in a system where the only real thing that matters is consequence. Consequences of what you’ll do and how they will affect your future. I can understand that in health, but not everything in life. Sometimes it is best to go and enjoy what is in front of you, right now, where you’re sitting, where you’re breathing at this exact moment in time.

It is 3:38 AM . I am tired and delirious probably. That is not going to stop me from enjoying some humus. Forget about how I feel tomorrow, I still want that humus.
September 11, 2005
The “instant gratification syndrome” that this city exhibits is amazing. No one is out to help anyone else. Each person on their own for their own. Well life is such I guess, especially if you live here. How fast can life move, that is impossible to say actually. Everything we experience is really a series of events. For some time flew by and for others it can’t go fast enough. It is truly impossible. Technically you can count the minutes of an event, seconds, even to the millisecond. In reality, perception is time. It is not a series of events and it is not two hours, twenty eight minutes and three seconds. It is a flow of the mind really and it can only be measured by a person’s perception. This is why things go backwards and forwards. People forget things that happened and remember specific events. If we truly thought “in time” we would remember every single event, all leading to the exact day and second that we occupy at the moment. You reading this. So here’s my question, why is everyone trying to get out of school in four years? Why are we taking only 3 months to study the whole human body, a result of millions of years of evolution? I have never felt as if there is not enough time in the day. Here’s to a new chapter in my life, my professional education and my personal re-incarnation.

For me time can’t pass fast enough right now. I am curious as to what the future holds and honestly I am in a state that I have never experiences. I care about school. I care about passing and I care about finally graduating and making my way back home to my family and my extended-family. Friends is a word of the past now, we are all family.

I have 44 quizzes, two practicals and two exams in one class. It is going to be interesting times for me, I actually have been studying. Weird. Just like my post.
September 2, 2005
A little late... I know but at least I am posting. Life has been nothing but crazy here. Just getting situated in and getting my furniture in and settled in the apartment. What a mess, what a situation and what scenarios I had to go through. Nothing is made easy in New York. Just to get my furniture up I had to ask favours from people I don’t know at all. It is really crazy. First I had to set up appointments with the apartment management office to get the furniture delivered. The problem is that I don’t know when the furniture will be delivered because IKEA and Eurway don’t give you set dates. So you have to schedule with them, once that’s set you call the management office to get the appointment. Well then they tell you that you can’t just set any appointment you want so it’s a no go. To change the appointment with IKEA it is an extra 100 dollars every time. Where do I come up with that kind of money? Right now I am more broke than I have ever been. Not only that, the school loans are definitely not enough to live on. They are giving us a loan based on rental rates from the 1990’s. 1375.00 dollars for an apartment? Where? Even their own subsidized apartments are 1700.00 dollars a month. What were they thinking with this? I guess it is time to go apply for extra loans.

Enough ranting about New York and the move now. I am tired. I need food and there is a slice of pizza in the refrigerator waiting on some CPR from me. I have seen a lot since I have been here. One event that caught my mind was the sight of a guy running around, screaming “f*** Bush.” He got on his knees in the middle of a group of almost 200 dental students and asked for a cigarette. No one paid him any attention, myself included. Then he screamed “why not, do you all support him? is it because I’m Arabic? Is it because I am Palistinian?” It really took a lot to my heart to see him like this. I just wanted to sit him down and buy him a meal. Ask, discuss, interview... whatever you may call it. What does it take to get a person to that point? To go insane? Obviously it has to do with politics, but what it is it? What happened? If I see him again, and if I have money, I will take him to lunch, buy him clothing and if I can, I will attempt to help him get back on his feet. Life is too short to ignore the problems around us and to not help out other human beings in general.
August 11, 2005
I am frustrated. I finally found some furniture I want and some things that I like and every 10 minutes I hear someone telling me to return them. They don't like them. Go away! It is my apartment and my furniture. So what do I do? I ignore I guess. That is the easiest way to get around things.

"The Wife" is right next to me, reading as I type. She makes me laugh sometimes and so angry other times. Oh well, I guess it's all part of being in a relationship. Either way I still can't wait till she moves up to New York with me, then that'd be great. We went and looked at furniture the past two days. She has horrible taste. She picks the weirdest things in the world. Mirrors that are absolutely useless and lights that provide no real lighting. Even when it's dark I think a candle would do better. Ah good times, this is why guys should never allow women to decorate. They get things that are absolutely not practical but look pretty. Guys on the other hand are the opposite, things can be ugly as long as they work. That's the real point anyway, to have things that work.

Soon I will be back in New York and paying so much money to go to school and to eat. The cost differences between here and there are amazing. Most people would flip out and some, the few that lived in New York, are not at all surprised. Oh well, time for me to go and do more shopping now. Find something that the family won't complain about. And the wife would like.
July 11, 2005
Satan’s Den. New York. I have never in my entire life seen so many drunks, homeless and the high class in one area. This really is a great place to visit. Would I consider this place to be the best to live in? Not so much. Most people say it is the place that helped them find themselves, I think it is the place that they lost themselves. It is amazing how each person, unique, decided and comfortable is now the same collective person here. Over and over again you meet the same person, all who discovered who they are. Maybe I only scratched the surface but it seems funny to me that every single person I have spoken with plans on moving back home immediately after school is done.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. I met a lot of people and enjoyed a lot of company. Now it is time to go back. Independence is beautiful. Having your own place and not having to worry about being anywhere or at any place. Things will change soon. School is going to start and that’s all I will be able to think about. It is amazing how fast life can change. One day I am at home with everyone, the next I am in a new world.
July 2, 2005
It is another new day today. The type of day that you know will really do nothing for you. How can you get anything done when you just don’t have the money? It is amazing how schools can charge extreme amounts for tuition and also give you as little money as possible to live. What do you do? The same thing I do I guess. Keep looking. New York is no fun when it comes to looking for a place to live. The market is over saturated with customers and almost every building requires a realtor. The realtor takes a little bit more than a month’s rent. Lately, the minimum I have found in any apartment is 1950.00 dollars a month. Now lets think about that for a second. When you first start rent you have to put in the first month plus a deposit equivalent to each month’s payment. So that’s 1950.00 times two and then add to it the realtor’s fee, approximately 2050.00. That is a total of $5950.00. This is startup cost and does not include utilities, internet, food, living in general. Who has that type of money?

It is depressing here. It wouldn’t be so bad if I can just get up and go to Serene’s place. Life is too fast, too complicated and too selfish here. To each his own is a way of life here, not just a saying. I need my own place, I think that’s what makes this so hard. Once I have that then it is easy from then on. Just go, buy a bed, a desk, plates, silverware, setup electricity and internet access and get a gym membership. Not really that much if you think about it. The trick is finding a place to live first.
June 11, 2005
Well it is Saturday night and I am in my scrub pants. No... not work. They are comfortable. I am very tired, today has been a long day. Good and bad.

Work seemed like it is taking forever. Forever in the sense that forever will never end. I know... that's what the word is supposed to mean. Reality proves otherwise though, everything these days takes forever. A minute stoplight is an unbearable burden. A computer that is two seconds slower is outdated and a child who is 14 is living the terrible nightmare of not being 21. Time is too slow. I think our minds are just too fast. Everything has to be done and it has to be done instantly. Otherwise, catastrophe. It is the end of the world. Every task wasn't accomplished. The prime objective for today has not been reached. Life as we know it will cease. Now what's going to happen to that task. Gasp, it will be done... tomorrow. It is amazing how people rush to get things done all the time. I personally prefer a different method. Relax and do what you want. Slowly, calmly and joyfully.

Today I had a great time hanging out with Miranda. We did just that, relaxed. Nothing was rushed, no schedule, no time. Haven't looked at the clock once in fact. It was a beautiful thing and something that I'd like to do more often. I'm not completely impervious to the rush however. I want my baby back and I want her back now. I guess the only way to handle it though is to take it day by day. Soon I will be in Denver and then New York. I will be in the rush fever. Running from one place to the next to try to get settled in before school starts. Trying to get settled in time to come back to Dallas for one last visit before school starts. In time to come and see her one more time before the big move.

I can't wait... I can't wait to be done with the first year. I can't wait till she is up in New York with me and I can't wait till I wake up one morning and find her next to me. That will put a smile on my face.
June 8, 2005
What a life? How would anyone know with it being cut short so quickly. She is only in her fifties and now she is gone. You know the day people find out the cure to death is the day that I think all war and hatred will stop. After all, why hate someone if you will both live forever. All you will do is fight forever. Then again I guess you can look at it the other way, why hate someone if life is so short?

I guess it is all part of nature anyway. Everything dies. It was cancer. She was an amazing woman. We can’t fight nature, it helped create us. All these new revelations in science and health to postpone what happens in nature. I guess the reality of it is that we are fighting and straying away from the one thing that truly has nurtured us. We are in a sense, becoming our own entity. Humans no longer abide by the rules of nature. Every disease has a way of being postponed further and further. Every treacherous road has way of being paved in brick and mortar. Still though, it seems no matter what we do, and no matter how much we think we will rise above nature, we lose. It is a reality and our fickle minds just cannot seem to accept it. Mine included.

I was shocked at the news. Last I remember, she was quite alive. Running from one end of our small refuge to the other without a second thought. What a grim day.

The doctor said he’d give him a few days to live
I’d give him more... if I could - Jack Johnson

So would I. In loving memory of Violy. You will be missed.

May 28, 2005
Am I really that sinister or is it normal? Maybe I am just selfish. These thoughts that keep running through my head. Good and bad. Mostly good, but what’s up with the bad ones? She’s only been gone two days and I already miss her like crazy. I keep thinking about all the fun that we always have. Every once in a while though, I’ll start thinking thoughts of her meeting someone else. Or doing something that would totally destroy us. But then I think, no way. She’s my baby, my girl, my a lot. And I mean a lot to her as well and she wouldn’t do that. Then I feel better. I guess I’m not that sinister, but definitely selfish. I want her back. I don’t know how nor do I care, I just want her back here with me. Right now. I would like to wake up and all this be a dream and her be right next to me in the morning. That would be ideal. It is only for two months though, eight weeks, 9 weekends. If she’s reading this I hope she is having fun.

love: noun: an intense feeling of deep affection - oxford

What does oxford know about love? They’ve never seen us. I could be in the worst mood and depressed but then she will laugh. I mean truly laugh, like I have never seen before and my world would all of sudden be better. I think it’s more than an intense feeling. I think it’s a dependance, an expectation, a way of life. Simply, a feeling that is truly unique to every couple. The only feeling that is truly unique. Hate and jealousy are all the same. In the end people do the exact same thing when they feel hatred or jealous. Love though, makes you do crazy things. Things like leaving the person you are with just because you know they’d be happier otherwise. What is that? It is torturous. Two more months I keep telling myself, four two week periods or to make it even somehow seem a little better in my head, two four week periods and she’ll be back. I am not depressed nor am I crazy. I just miss my baby.

On another note the past few days have been a great time. I’ve been programming a lot. Or at least learning. I’ve gotten pretty far with what I want although some concepts I just can’t get my thoughts around them yet. Soon enough though, with enough practice I will be able to accomplish my goal.

For the few of you who were worried about me. I really am not depressed, I just feel like writing. These how my thoughts have been my whole life. Just take it with a grain of salt. Believe it or not, I am a lot deeper than I might put out to be. By the way, did you know that beach sand is actually fish crap? A specific kind of fish (that I can’t remember their name right now) that eats rocks. It deposits the non-edible food (rocks) as sand and the sand gets eventually washed up to the shore. So, next time you’re on the beach, have fun getting buried all the way to your neck.

May 12, 2005
I am revolted; by several factors, attitudes and actions. Yesterday I had an FBI agent come in searching for an old customer of ours at work. Why you might ask? As things may turn out, this clean cut all American, married man is running from the law for molesting a five year old boy. The thought of raping an adult woman brings me to a place in my mind where killing someone simply isn’t that wrong anymore. How do you think I feel when a person does this to a five year old child? An adult can comprehend the situation better and deal with it better, but an innocent child, at five years old, instead of playing with fluorescent green balls and getting a lot of joy simply by running from one side of the room to another will never be able to understand why this would happen to him. I propose a new law, castrate all rapists. A five year old child? What can possess a person to destroy a kid’s life? Deteriorate his self esteem and force him a childhood unlike any other. A childhood that he would have been better off without otherwise.

On another note, I ask the question, what is a favor? When you ask someone for a favor, what do you expect? eMail me on this one and I will quote the answers that I receive next time I post.

Other than that, I have been very busy with school stuff for New York. As you might already know, I have received my rejection letter from Baylor, which is not a good thing of course but, I still am going to dental school in New York and that is good. Actually I really am looking forward to the move, in fact, I am very excited about it. New city, new apartment, new everything really. What’s gonna make it hard is the money. I just applied for my first student loan, $74,600. That is crazy, at least it includes living expenses though, I hope at least. I really hope I get the money earlier because I would like to use it to pay for the apartment rather than pulling out of my 401K and using that which I think I will be doing anyway. I got my shots today, that means I am one step closer to getting everything ready for dental school. I have to go two more times, because Hep-B requires three shots. At first I was afraid of getting my shots, after all, I haven't been to a doctor in 13 or 14 years, I really don't remember what shots even felt like. Once I got it done though it was a breeze. No worries there.

May 1, 2005
I had an epiphany; life is becoming real. It has been a long weekend for me and I am looking forward to just relaxing next weekend. I have noticed many things in many people and for the first time I think I am starting to hate caring. Maybe things should go back to the way they were, when I just didn’t care about anyone or anything for that matter. I had my music and my art to keep me company. Now I haven’t written a song in weeks it seems like and I haven’t painted in months. Maybe a requiem for my dead art should be taking place. Something to bring back what I have never not loved and what has never betrayed me. Soon I will be on my way to a totally different world and just as things were getting good here. New furniture, new apartment, new city, new life; all good things, things that people enjoy. New friends... not something that I am excited about. I would trade in all the new things and keep with the old. Life is complicated as it is, no reason to just keep adding new things. It is not my approach to life.

Breaking relations and creating new ties, this is life. This is how the world operates and it is the sad truth of growing. When you are young it takes seconds to make life long friends. When you are older it takes the length of your life to make a second friend. I am not going to see my girlfriend like I have been, like I am now accustomed to and I am tired of making friends. This is a tie that I do not want broken and would like to think that I am still young, hence made a life long friend in seconds.
April 15, 2005
I am... in a weird mood. I feel like talking about something and nothing at the same time. Why is it sometimes that people feel the incessant need to justify wrong doings in their life? There are just some things that I just don’t understand sometimes and some people that I do not get. My brother says “life is a bitch and then you die.” I prefer to think life is what you make it. Never settle for less than you deserve and work hard for what you want and maybe, just maybe, look at the other side of things. Maybe then life will be great, maybe then life will be like how I see it, just awesome. Take things with a grain of salt and relax sometimes. Stop worrying about things a bit too much and try something new, like enjoy yourself by yourself without feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I feel down too and sometimes I feel up and sometimes I just don’t feel at all. I don’t fight it, I accept it, there’s nothing wrong with feeling up or down.

Why is it sometimes that I always feel like I have to defend my place in people’s hearts? Especially my girlfriend? She gets hit on so much I feel like I have to compete or something to keep her with me, but it’s not like she’s a prize. She’s my girlfriend and she loves me. I am not so much questioning her, or people hitting on her for that matter. They would be crazy to not hit on her to begin with. She is smart, funny and absolutely stunning but that’s beyond the point. I think I am questioning society all together. Why is it that I know so many people who have been cheated on and so many people who have cheated? It makes me trust the world a lot less. Why do I worry so much about it? Media influence? No way, that’s not me, it has a lot to do with personal experience but it also has even more to do with experiences of friends and such. Everything that happens makes you think and the more you think the less you follow your heart. I hate thinking. Why is it that a single sip of wine could break me? Has my dislike for alcohol grown to a point where it is taking over me? I don’t know? Now I am thinking about it and in my mind trying to make it feel... alright. Well, this is one point I will stop thinking about as of now. My heart has always told me I hate alcohol and drinking, the party scene, the cool crowd and the mentality that if you’re not drinking and dressing like me you are not cool.

Maybe I am the black sheep in a herd of 300 million white ones but why is it that anything that compromises good morals and values I find completely horrendous? Not bad or distasteful... but horrendous. I am afraid of lack of morals. Is it the way I was brought up? My brothers are a lot more open minded than I am. Generally I don’t care what people do as long as it doesn’t affect others. But for people who I love and care about, it doesn’t matter, all I can do sometimes is worry. Even if they have no intention of doing anything I always place them in scenes in my mind where they are acting just plain stupid. Stupid by my definition of course. I guess maybe it has to do with me having hope that I am not the only person in the world who values honesty in a way like I have never seen anyone value it. I always feel like I am the only person who sees things the way I do. Sometimes extreme I admit, but that is the way I am. My imagination runs crazy and I just can’t stop it. It would be against my nature to even try to stop it. I just wish sometimes that there would be a person who understands exactly the way I feel, not because I explained it but because they feel exactly the same way I do. Not about everything, but about the things that I would consider important... things that they too would consider important.

I warned you that I was in an odd state.
April 1, 2005
April Fools!

But seriously folks, these past couple of weeks have really been amazing. It was my girlfriend's birthday and man it couldn't have gone any better. She loved her present, it was an engraved iPod mini. We went to the movies and stuff and it just was a good time in general. Other than that I have just been going to work and stuff. I have been much happier lately. Just generally happier and I can pretty much account all of it to my baby. I have lately been looking a lot at a Yamaha S08 keyboard. This thing is just awesome. It comes with an excellent sound bank, specifically the piano and the upright bass. Those are really the only two that I use MIDI with. Oh and drums too, but I am only concerned about those two because they use up a lot of computer power. My laptop is great, but not that great. I wish I had a PowerMac G5 to run all this stuff on. It is a much better system for audio stuff.

I have also been looking at a Toyota MR2 Spyder and an Infiniti G35. I cannot decide between either one of them really. The Infinity is much more luxurious but the MR2 is a much nicer ride. The MR2 is also a lot cheaper than the Infiniti but what it has against it is that it is slow, very slow and also there is absolutely no trunk space. Oh well, I will be happy with either decision. Either way I will not be getting a car till I find out what is going on with the Baylor program. I really hope I get accepted into this program. Not because NYU is bad, because it is a great school actually, but because I want to stay here in Dallas. It is much cheaper here for one, about 230 thousand dollars cheaper plus I get to stay with my family and friends. Baylor is, in my opinion, the best dental school in the US and personally I don't want to settle for less. Anyone who is reading this right now, please take a moment to pray for me. I find out what's going on with me on April 27th. Hopefully sooner.

What else, oh yeah, Jana came and visited me today. I haven't seen her in a very long time. It was so good to see her and catch up on old times. I was really hoping that she would get stay a bit longer so that she can meet all my friends and my grilfriend and stuff. Oh well.

Well I think I have said enough today.
March 12, 2005
Ah, work work work! Well here I am just working for free as I have been lately. So what's new, well I have gotten a letter from Baylor insuring that if I complete a year of school with them and with UNT I will be guaranteed a spot in. It is a very good deal actually and I might actually go for it. I spoke with NYU and they said they can defer my enrollment for another year. So things are looking good.

Outside of that, everything is going great with my baby. Her birthday is coming up soon and I am really excited about it. So what else is new? Nothing really, just been going to work then hanging out. Going to work, hanging and so forth. I might be getting a new car soon, I am very excited about that.
March 1, 2005
Ah what a great month it has been. I have been so happy lately, just nothing really puts me down. Outside of a single rough day I think everyday has just been better than the one before it. Of course, I'm sure many are wondering why and many already know, but I do owe the way I feel lately to one very special girl. I can't really write her name here because of reasons that I just don't feel like explaning right now. So... what's new?

Nothing really, I have been working at my dad's place and my credit card balance just keeps on going up and up. I really need to get a paying job sometime soon. I am so excited, this month is my cousin's birthday and my baby's birthday. Two of my favourite people. Mazen already knows what he's getting, baby on the other hand doesn't, she has no idea what I'm doing for her but I'm excited about it. I took a quiz recently... well it was a psychology project my girl had to do, but basically it was about pictures that we had taken, she printed them out and asked me questions about them. What was she wearing? What did the clock say? that type of stuff. I got all of them except for one right. Man that was great.

What else what else? Hmm, well nothing really, just been going out with her and really having a great time.

Happy birthday Sharon and Parastoo.
February 14, 2005
Happy Valentines day everyone! Mine would be fun except that I am stuck at work all day and I don't think I'm going to get a chance to see my girl. It's OK though, I'll get to see her tomorrow and all will be well with the world again. Work today is driving me insane, as soon as I get a chance to sit back down another customer walks in. So... you'd think with this many customers walking in all day that I would have more than two packages right? RIGHT? I guess not today, it's the type of busy that I dislike.

The past two weeks have just been awesome. Really I've enjoyed every day immensly. Everything really has just been great and I've been having so much fun. Nothing new outside of having my graduation party and making a hell of a lot of money that day. Something like 1700 dollars, thanks everyone for the great gifts I really liked all of them. Some news about Naomi (my guitar). Yesterday I was getting very irritated because whenever I would hit the open A string, the microphone would buzz. I ended up taking it to Guitar Center to get it checked and see if they can fix it. Turns out my headphones were the problem and nothing really was going on with the guitar at all. I was so happy, that guitar cost me 1500.00 dollars on its own, not to mention the case and the tuner and everything else I got with it. I was very angry when I thought it was buzzing, something that expensive should not be at all buzzing.

That's all really. Not a very interesting post even though the past two weeks have been great. To my baby, vous êtes très mignonne.

UPDATE: Despite having a horrible day at work, this was the best valentines day I have ever had. merci tellement mon chéri.
February 1, 2005
Second post of the year. This day can either be really good, really bad or just normal. The really good part of the day is coming up and that's having lunch with a girl who I really like. Good times for sure. Now as far as why the day can be really good or really bad, well today I might get a letter from Baylor. If I get a letter it can go two ways, I could have gotten accepted to Baylor College of Dentistry or it can be a rejection letter. If it's an acceptance letter then that would just be awesome, everything basically would have worked out perfectly, if not, well then it just isn't a good day and I will be heading to New York, not that I mind of course.

So, what's changed since last time I posted. Nothing much really, my graduation party was just awesome and everyone had a great time. As usual my dad threw the best party most people have seen. I made a lot of money and I am about to go to the bank to deposit it and send it to my credit card company. This is very good news, I really like paying things off and I am very close to getting all my debt paid off. I still need to fill out my FAFSA work though, so I can go in more debt with dental school, somewhere in the range of 350 thousand dollars. Ah good times! My brother Firas moved out recently, he bought himself a house and I am very proud of him. He is doing very well for himself and I couldn't be happier for him. I feel like I am just listing what has happened recently and I probably am, then again I just woke up 10 minutes ago so I'm not all here.

It is freezing and it is supposed to get even colder, maybe snow so I'm going to get going and make my deposit to the bank. Bye!
January 10, 2005
Ah, the new year, it is quite wonderful isn't it? Happy New Year to everyone who keeps up with this silly journal of mine, I hope you are enjoying it. I certainly do writing it. Well, it's been about a month since I last posted and a great month at that but before I get into that, I bet you're wondering what happened to the rest of the journal. Well, as with every year, it has been sent to the archives, click on archive above and then you can pick by year. Personally I am very surprised and happy that I have kept this journal for more than a year. Still, it is a goal that I have and I definitely will continue on posting here.

Now, back to it being a great month. Well, I have just been going out, having fun, but more importantly I have returned Tess and exchanged her with a new guitar, this one I call Naomi. She is just gorgeous. Perfectly built, with a very nice warm sound. She is very loud and unlike Tess, she sounds good when recording. The biggest problem I've had with Tess (Cordoba CWE-S) was the pickup. It was a B-Band pickup and it was horrible. First of all, there's no real microphone in it, meaning that all the noise the hand made just did not make a single sound. For any classical guitarist out there, you know how fake it sounds when you don't have finger noise. Also, it was horrible at picking up dynamics of the guitar, if I played loud or softly, it barely could tell the difference. I certainly was not a fan of that lack of sensitivity. Mostly, what I hated about the guitar was that when plugged into an amp it didn't sound half bad, but when plugged into recording equipment, the noise is louder than anything else and it is very prevelant. I have many people who can attest to the difference. Naomi (Jose Ramirez 2CWE) is probably the best guitar I have ever played. It sounds better than other guitars that are twice it's price. It also features a Fishman Pro-Blend pickup, probably the best pickup in my opinion. When plugged into either amp or recording equipment, it just sounds awesome. No noise at all, simply nice warm tone. If I want it to sound a bit like an electric I can turn the pickup to use the transducer against the strings, if I want it to sound more natural like a classic guitar, I just turn it to use the condenser microphone that's built in it. So it has two points of pickup and you can blend as much of each as you want. So for example, 80% mic, 20% pickup. That sort of deal. With a good cable, Monster in my case, you can achieve really clean results. The sample you might've just heard was done with no effects or editing at all, with the exception of adding reverb to each track. Pretty damn amazing if you ask me. Outside of the pickup, the guitar itself has been built without a single disregard for detail. It is just beautiful. Best craftsmanship I have seen yet. Everything on it is just right. Now here comes the bad part, when changing one of the strings I had popped it and it went into the finish, and so now I have a quarter inch scratch on there. I am not a fan of the scratch at all and it has been bothering the hell out of me. Oh well, win some lose some I guess.

Moving on, life really has just been good, I've been very relaxed. I have been relaxed since the day I found out I got accepted to dental school really. Now I just have to find a place to live and I have to do my loans, outside of that I'm really free as a bird.
December 16, 2004
Well, this will be the last time I post this year. I wasn't planning on posting again so early but I do have some news to report. I bought a new guitar for myself, I named her Tess. The guitar was a purchase of celebration, I got it because I found out over the phone several days ago that I have been accepted to NYU School of Dentistry. I am very excited, the school was my second choice school mainly because of cost and the fact that my family is in Texas. Still, it is an excellent school, the facilities are up to date and some are brand new. The SIM lab is very impressive and I can't wait to start doing work in it. All in all this has been a really good week for me. Graduation and Dental School. It can't get any better than this.
December 12, 2004
Yesterday was graduation. It was great too, I had a really good time. My friends and I hung out all day and all night. Right now I am over at Ruba's place after a very long night. I think I'm just going to spend the night here and leave it at that. I'm tired and don't feel like driving home much. I have gone and interviewed at NYU School of Dentistry. I loved the school, even though I'm certain the interview went horrible. NY was a lot of fun. I stayed in Manhattan with my cousin Bahaa. I didn't expect NY to be what it was I guess. I went about 10 years ago over there for a few days and I guess I just remembered what I didn't like about it. When I went back this time it was different. It's probably because I got to know some people there and hung out with them. Home is where you make it after all and without friends, it can't be home. I think I can get used to New York, what I especially liked about it was walking everywhere. Even though the weather was horrible, it was very refreshing to be able to walk everywhere. The city had bad traffic at 11:00 P.M. when I arrived from Dallas. That was amazing to me, I couldn't believe it. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, the city was really alive. I'm sure after a while though I will begin hating NY traffice but since I'm walking, then there really won't be any issues.

As an update to my dental school status by the way, I did not get accepted into any of the schools here in Texas. I am second listed at the moment and still hoping to get into Baylor because it is right here in Dallas. Not even 20 minutes from my house without traffic. It would be many magnitudes cheaper for me to go to Baylor than any other school. On average, I'm looking to get out of Baylor being only $120,000 in debt as compared to NYU where I will be leaving with something in the range of $350,000. It is not even a question of how I would like the schools, both are very impressive and I can easily see my self attending and enjoying both. When it comes down to my future though, it is easy to see that it would be a lot more beneficial for me to go to Baylor, just on saving money.

One thing I forgot to mention, I graduated Cum Laude from UTD, meaning honors. Something I am very proud of.

Now back to other things, I really don't have much more to add. It is two in the morning right now and my thoughts are all over the place. Oh wait, one more thing, I've written maybe four different songs in one week. I don't know why but they just kept on coming. Okay, enough for now! Really my thoughts are all over the place.
November 26, 2004
The past two weeks have been much better than the month preceding. Read the last post. Anyway, I've been in a great mood lately, my love life has taken many turns and I'm getting tired of it, but I met a person who I think might put an end to all that for a while. I've been single for so long, all for one person, and that just didn't work out at all. Well, now I'm done being single and I am taking matters into my own hands.

I've written some new music, I am really excited about it. When am I not though? Anyway, soon I will finish recording it and I will add it to my site in the music section. I'm almost done with this coming semester. It looks like December is going to be a very busy month for me. On the first of December I will be finding out if I get accepted into dental school or not. Hopefully I made it in. Then on the fifth of December I will be going to New York because on the 6th I have an interview with NYU. I will be back on the 7th. On the 8th I will be having lunch with Dr Rippel and all the other TA's. He takes his TA's out to lunch every semester and it's just awesome of him. Once that's done, I have my graduation on the 11th, I will be graduating with honors, which is nice. I'm really excited about that actually, and in fact, I am even going to go to the ceremony. I skipped high school graduation, it didn't really feel like an accomplishment. After that is Christmas break, so I will be able to relax for a while and then New Years, which means I get to start a new Journal page and this one goes to the archives. I can't believe it's already been a year, this year just flew by.

I've had several people ask me before, why do I have an online journal? To put it simply, it's been my goal through life to document my thoughts and my feelings so that my kids or anyone who's interested for that matter can somehow understand my life story. Of course, this journal is not all I have, but if you combine my music, my paintings, my journal among other things I think it is possible to figure out how I was feeling at a certain period in time. Every detail won't be clear, but just so that people can get a general feeling of me.

Simple enough!
November 10, 2004
It's been a hell few weeks for me with a bunch of rediculous drama going on that I am not in the mood to deal with. I really won't talk about it now because it is water under the bridge but needless to say, I'm just not in a good mood lately.

On the other hand, Logic Express came in, the improvements in it are great and I for one am very glad of the changes. My brother also bought a PowerMac G5 and Logic Pro. Both of which are just completely amazing in their own field. Logic Pro has got to be the most complete and best music software I have used to date. I am waiting on a couple more updates though before I get my copy of it. I can only imagine what Apple will do to Logic Pro in the next couple of releases. Hopefully they will do to it what they did with Final Cut Pro, if they can even come close to reaching the calibur of Final Cut Pro then they will simply blow everyone's mind away.

On the fifth of December I will be flying up to New York for a dental school interview. By then I should know whether I have been accepted into the dental schools here in Texas or not. Hopefully I have, they are much cheaper over here and some of the best schools in the United States. Right now this is all I will add to my journal.

October 14, 2004
Not that I have the money, but I don't mind going into dept a little for good software. Specifically I am talking about Logic Express 7. Apple just released this, it is what I use for all my music and I have been waiting for an update from Apple ever since they acquired eMagic, the oroginal developers of this program. Logic is just impressive in its abilities. It is extremely well featured, the only issues are that it required a USB dongle to be plugged into the computer in order to use the software and the interface is just horrible on it. With this new update, Logic Express does not require a USB dongle anymore, LogicPro still does, don't know why. Also, Apple has updated the interface for Logic, although it is not a complete overhaul, the updates done on it are worth the upgrade price. Now there are only a few things left to fix. For one, I would like to see a non destructive time stretch interface, much like audio warp in Cubase SX3. More updates to the interface include giving it a facelift and being able to control where loops stop with having to copy an instance of the loop and capping the end of it. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, if you used Logic you would know.

I'm at work right now waiting on customers. I get really bored up here and so I always bring my laptop with me to work on some projects. I have a board meeting to attend at school today and then I'm pretty much off for the rest of the week. It is mid terms this week and since I have to be at work today, Dr Rippel said that I can't administer the practical to the students in my section tomorrow morning. Basically he wants someone who can make it to all three sections and I don't blame him. It is the only way to have fair grading across the board. I am excited that I get the day off tomorrow and saturday. I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'll definitely sleep.

September 30, 2004
Ah the good times, well yesterday I had my second dental school interview with Baylor. I really liked it there, the SIM lab is very impressive. Nothing much has really gone on for me. I wrote a new song, but it's definitely not one for the masses, oh well, I like it a lot myself. Outside of that, nothing new, all I can think about is getting accepted into dental school. Right now I am at work and I am bored. I just finished preparing for biochem lab for tomorrow and that really is all I have to do. I guess I'll just have to find something to do for the next five hours.

Life is still good
September 14, 2004
Yesterday I had my first interview with San Antonio Dental School. It was very impressive, I like the program and I like that instead of buying books, everything is done on computer. All the books are on one DVD. It is expensive, but never the less, it's a lot easier than buying a ton of books. I think the interview went alright, I couldn't gauge my first interviewer very well. Anyway, now I am back home from San Antonio and today I have the day off.

I stayed over at Angela's place and that was interesting. I think she felt a little awkward that I was there which is understandable. For those of you who don't know our story, Angela and I were an item for almost four years. It was very good to see her though, it has been such a long time, almost four years since we last spoke.

Other than that not much has been going on, all that are really on mind are the dental school interviews right now. I am at least one step away from being accepted.
September 5, 2004
As dad would say, "life is good." I have just been having a great semester so far. I have two dental school interviews and hopefully I will get several more. I am really excited about them actually, more importantly I am really excited about dental school. Hopefully I will be accepted this year, I am ready to start. I have been ready for a long time now. Anyway, I have been hanging out with all my friends as usual and I'm only taking six hours this semester, so it's a very easy semester for me, but don't worry, I make up for it. I have to watch my dad's business because he's trying to switch to real estate instead.

Outside of that nothing much has happened, honestly all I can think about are the interviews right now, so I can either end here or write a few pages about them. I think I'll end here.

Bye bye.
August 13, 2004
Wow does time fly. I feel like it was just yesterday when I last posted on here. To give an update, I have just finished my applications for out of state dental schools. I'm really excited, I have applied to areas where I have family and friends. I really would like to go to Maryland because it's an hour or two from everyone. I figure that way I can visit people whenever I feel the need.

Outside of dental school, I did manage to make all A's in the summer, which is nice. I am very happy with the way that went. Obviously. That's really about it for me and school right now. My brother and my friends Paras and Farbad are all taking the MCAT this saturday. Good luck to them all, I hope they do very well on it.

There are many things going on in my life right now that I will not post about, and I have many paintings stuck in my head that I need to begin churning out. I've also been working on some new music, I'm excited about that as well. I'm using an electric guitar now that Paris had let me borrow. It's a different texture all together for me and I'm really enjoying experimenting with it. Still though, nothing touches acoustic classical guitars. I'm still wanting to buy a drum set, piano, violing and a new guitar for myself. I'd like to get a classical acoustic/electric so that I can record music without worrying about outside noise. That's a technicality though, I found two that I liked, both above 1500.00 dollars.

Enough for now.
July 29, 2004
Well, school is almost out. So far I have three A's and one more class to go, I'm pretty sure that I'll make in A in this class too. I hope at least. I am real excited to be almost done with everything. One more semester and then I graduate. I have to run by the HPAC office to sign a form so that all my stuff is sent to the dental schools, that way my application process can finally start.

Outside of that I haven't really done much. Just hanging out with my friends and all that good stuff. Tonight we're meeting at Fuddruckers (I don't know if that's spelled right) and then we'll go out and do something afterwards. It'll all be fun. Friday I'll be going to the DMA because they are open late and they are having a jazz band playing. That's going to be a lot of fun. Also this Sunday my brother is going to Shakespeare in the Park and I might go with him. Just gotta find a date first.

More than anything, I am excited about my mom and my little brother coming home this weekend. I can't wait till they get back, I miss both of them so much. The house is real quiet without the both of them.

That's really about it.
July 15, 2004
Good times good times good times. That's All.

Just kidding. I have been crazy busy the past few weeks, my family being out of town and all. I've still been having a great time though, last week was a party over at Savera's place, that was a ton of fun and the homies and I have been hanging like the usual. I have one more week of school left, I'm really excited about that. I am looking forward to being done with classes, of course I will be starting classes yet again a week later. Still, next semester I think will be a lot of fun actually. The classes that I am going to be taking are ones that I will enjoy. Since all I have left to graduate now are electives I just got to pick my classes and I picked something completely out of my field. I figure since I plan on attending dental school I might as well take something else that I have an interest in becasue I don't know if I'll ever get the chance later on.

My dad came back to town yesterday. I'm so glad he did, I missed him a lot and I miss my mom and my little brother as well. I can't wait till they get back into town. Outside of that I don't think much has been happening really. I mean, it's all about school lately. I still have to write a five page paper, no problem, and I have to prepare for my presentation, I also have to finish a chapter's worth of homework in my creating music class and finish a portrait in my painting class. Outside of that I don't have that much to do, just make sure everything is going well with my applications for dental school as well as register for physics class and pay tuition. Ah, how the good times come rolling.

Have a great July!
July 4, 2004
Happy Holidays everyone. I haven't really done much since I last posted, it's only been 10 days. Anyway, I have just been catching up on all my school work, papers, student ambassador and school events that are going on. I had my HPAC interview last week and was not very happy with it but hopefully the real dental school interviews will go much better.

There isn't going to be much happening tonight. Just a few friends and I are going to watch the fireworks and then go back to Grego's place and just hang out for a little bit. Nothing overly exciting. What is exciting though is that I am going to be buying a drum set. Yep yep, I can't wait. I'm about to jump in the shower right now and then go to Guitar Center and see what type of deal I can get. I can't wait to get one, I've been wanting to play drums for so long. They are advantageous in two ways, one I get to improve my rhythm and second, they will help as far as my coordination goes so that my dexterity for dentistry is improved even further.

I'm still continuing on working on my album, although I haven't recorded anything new in a while, I have just been way too busy. Either way, I just found out that there are scholarships and such that I can get that will allow me to go to a recording studio for free and record a song or maybe even a full album. That would be great to do, a definite eye opening experience.

On another note, last week I went out with some of the first year dental students at Baylor College of Dentistry, where my cousin goes. We got to know each other very well and now I am more excited than ever to begin dental school. I know how much work is involved in it and that I will be very busy but somehow, I am looking forward to that. I guess my dad's saying is true, the older you get the more you want to learn.

Hope everyone has a great 4th, I know I will be enjoying it.ß
June 24, 2004
D-Day. Basically, I bombed the DAT today again. My average did not change a point, I am still at 18. The thing is, I've gone up at least a point in every section but my average still did not go up. Now I'm wondering if I'll even get an interview at all. Do what you have to do I guess, I will be taking the DAT one more time. Outside of that, I really don't have much to add. I haven't done much more than study, so really, I'm done here.
June 1, 2004
OK, so I'm tired right now and I'm about to go to bed. Basically I've been studying for the DAT, I just finished my dental school applicaiton, I've been going to work at my Dad's place and I have been very busy with school. Outside of that, nothing much has changed.
May 10, 2004
Good news and bad news. Bad news is that I have to retake the DAT and score at least two points higher in order to get a decent chance at dental school. The good news, I got all A's this semester, basically I am now standing at a 3.55 GPA the way UTD calculates it. Not that I really care about that, what I do care about, however, is how dental schools calculate grades. According to the way dental school do it, I am now at a 3.55 science GPA, 3.8 non-science and 3.62 overall. Not bad at all, too bad these grades completely drop once you throw in my CCCC grades (first two years of college). I wish I can take back time and redo both of those years with my current study habbits. I would easily have a much higher GPA. EASILY.

Outside of that nothing much has been going on. The pool is almost entirely clean. I'm so glad, I can't wait for it to be done. You can now see the bottom of the pool, something that hasn't been possible for at least a year. Now that we have a new filter though it's getting much better. I've been working on it everyday to get it in tip top shape and it's paying off. Two more days and the pool will be swimmable in. BBQ anyone?

I've written four new songs in the past month. I'm on a roll I guess. I'm still learning more and more everyday about Logic and how to use it. It really is quite powerful, but the interface on it is really hard to learn. I hope now that Apple owns the company that they have a RADICAL change in the interface aspect of it and some under the hood (not much) tweaks here and there. If it had something like SoundTrack's interface it would be excellent. Much easier to use but still has all the power. It's easily feasible. OK, enough of my ranting about this.

Have a good summer!
May 1, 2004
I am done with exams! It has been a great semester and I have learned a lot, but towards the end, I began getting sick of it all. Now I am finally done, I'm taking summer classes and then fall classes and that's it, then I graduate. I will be applying to dental school this month and I will be retaking the DAT next month or the month after. If everything goes well, I will hopefully be posting on here my acceptance to dental school.

Outside of that, nothing much has changed. We got a new pool filter so hopefully the pool will be much cleaner soon. I give it a week and I think that it will be swimmable. This is very good news, I've been wanting to swim for so long.

That's all folks!
April 11, 2004
Lately there hasn't been much that changed. I have been so busy with school that I haven't had time for anything else. I finially finished my senior thesis, and got an A on it, so I am very happy about that. All I have left is a presentation for tomorrow and then I'm pretty much done with this class. No more quizzes, notes or anything, just attendance. Outside of that, I have an exam in Immunobiology and that's pretty much it. The rest is just the usual, practice for Piano and Guitar class, as well as weekly homework and quizzes for Basis of Evolution. This semester is pretty much done now. I'm real excited about that. Also, in about a month I'm going to apply to dental school and we'll see what happens after that. I have to go to school and talk to the health professions advisor, see what needs to be done.

Other than that, I am sunburnt because of Oozeball (mud volleyball). It is an event that we hold at school. I had a real good time there, but the funny thing is that mud splattered on my face and basically, those areas did not get sun burnt at all. Now I have a red face, with white dots everywhere. It's very funny looking.

We also got a new pool filter here at home, hopefully this one will work and I can finally get the pool clean. The one that we had is about 30 years old and it's time that it gets replaced. This new filter will arrive the 29th of April and I for one am really excited about having it installed.

My birhtday is coming up soon, the 22nd actually, and I'll be turning 22. Serene's birhtday is coming up too, on the 19th, so... happy birthday Serene.

Well, that's really about it.
March 28, 2004
Good times, good times. OK, so here's the deal, I'm really making some inroads on recording all of my music. I'm getting better at the software that I'm using and I'm loving it. This is one of the most significant projects that I've done in my entire life. The whole project is mine, the music, lyrics, every thing. No way around it. These past two weeks have been crazy for me actually. I took my second exam on Friday for the Immunobiology class. Hopefully I did OK on it. I also had an event for Altrusa that I went and helped with. The event was a lot of fun actually, time flew really quickly and outside of the people who acted like slave owners, everyone was nice and in a good mood.

Yesterday I spent the whole day trying to fix my uncle's PC. The thing is brand new and cost a ton of money and it's already gone bad. Something's wrong with the hardware, he's going to have to send it in to get it fixed. Towards the end of the night, my uncle decided we should go and pick up a laptop for him, but that never happened. It's a long story.

Other than that, I have just been real busy with school and will continue to do so for the next two weeks at least. I have to finish my 15 page paper that's due for Seminal Papers and I also have two quizzes that are coming up. I am really worried about these quizzes actually. In fact, I'm worried about Immuniobioligy this semester and Seminal Papers. The other classes I think I will do fine it. Guitar is a blast and I'm getting better at music reading. Piano is a blast as well, and I'm getting better at reading music for that as well. I wish I had a keyboard at home to practice on. A real keyboard not like the one that I have now which, is 14 years old and only has 3.5 octaves. I would like to get an 88 piano weighted key keyboard. Then I can really get some real practice going on.

That's all foks!
March 10, 2004
Spring Break is here! Guess what else is here? Yes, a slew of bacteria in my body making me sick. So basically, I'm not feeling very well. At least I have gotten some progress done with my papers. I have a total of 4 papers due at the end of the semester. Last weekend I wrote two of those and I am now working on my long paper. The last paper is for Piano class, it's a simple one page paper that won't take any time at all to accomplish. Outside of that nothing much has changed. I'm just getting ready to go on a trip with the Student Ambassador group at UTD. We're going to be presenting to people how to mingle at parties. Sounds like it is going to be fun.

I have since last time recorded several songs, most just a quick recording so that if I ever forget them I can have something to remind me of how they go. I have also re-recorded Sweetest Rose and it sounds much better now. I had set up a poll, some people don't like it, some do... no problem. It's not really everyone's style of music. I can certainly understand why some people don't like it. Anyway, so far there are only three votes, 2 like it and 1 doesn't. No one loves it and no one hates it.

Outside of that, not much has really happened. Just school school school.
March 2, 2004
Well, I missed making my second post for February, but it's OK, things happen. Honestly, not much exciting news is going to come from this post. The only new things that happened is that I got Logic Express, which is a pro level music development software. On this I recorded the first song that I've ever written on Piano. It definitely sounds better but there are still some tweaks that I plan on doing to it. No extra instruments or anything, just get rid of one of two effects that I have on my voice. I like it to sound as true as possible, and the way the song is right now, it sounds a little different.

Outside of that, I have returned the OmniStudio USB recording interface for the original FW410 that I had bought before. It works much better than the OmniStudio. The reason I returned it originally is because it wasn't working with GarageBand. Now, however, since I am not using GarageBand anymore, I'll just stick with FW410.

Yesterday I went to Greg's place and came up with tunes for a new song on the guitar. It sounds very much like a 50's or 60's song. Super oldie, but it can be fun, and it will be fun. Either way, I enjoy it.

Right now I'm working on my 15 page advanced writing paper that is due at the end of the semester. I figure I'll get it done before spring break, that way I can get started on studying for the DAT during spring break and concentrate on that. Last time I took it I did OK on it, but I would much rather do better. If I can get two points more on it, then I'll be set with the DAT. After that it's applying and interviewing. Hopefully I will be accepted.
February 10, 2004
Many different things have happened since I last posted, but I'm not going to talk about much. I have a quiz tomorrow in Seminal Papers and an exam Friday in Immunobiology so I will be spending most of my time studying, hence the reason I'm not going to post much tonight. To the good stuff, I bought a new computer two days ago, I got a PowerMac G5 and the machine is just awesome. It is easily the fastest computer I have EVER had the pleasure of using. With the speed comes some down falls however. It has a hefty price tag of 3300.00 dollars. A little much for my blood actually so I will be returning it. The good thing that came out of all of this is that I did get a chance to work some of my music without the computer freaking out on me like my laptop did. It is too bad I have to return this, I really love this machine. I don't care if you're a PC user or a Mac head like me, you have to appreciate how well designed and how fast this machine is. It just blows the competition, bar none. The song I just finished recording is called "Pale." It is the second song that I've written on the piano and it is one of my favourites.

Outside of that, I'm doing a little spring cleaning I guess, I'm selling all of my photography equipment as well as some software that I've had for a while. It just is sitting here collecting dust, even my digital camera is of little use now. I just don't have time to pursue music, oil painting, photography, school and work right now. Since I do less photography than anything else, I've decided to give it up for right now. I will get back to it, but not now, besides, I really don't think I have a need for 4 cameras anyway. That's a little much for a hobbyist.

I figure that I will get a pretty good amount of money for all this equipment in which case I will buy new software which will hopefully work better than GarageBand on my laptop. If that works, then I don't have to opt out for a new machine. I think it's kind of crazy that a computer that was top of the line less than 6 months ago is now outdated. I love my laptop, no reason to replace it... not unless Apple comes out with G5 laptops, then we have a totally different story... ;)

Man, this is a nerdy post, all about computers and software and some schooling. Oh well, it's the stuff that's on my mind right now.

January 30, 2004
And you thought I was going to post again this month. Well, you were mistaken. Good times and bad times since I last posted. Nothing great has happened, except that I all of a sudden know how to play some Piano. I'm not great at it by any means, but definitely a lot better than I anticipated. So as usual, I got over excited and went out and bought myself a keyboard. It doesn't make sounds on its own, you have to hook it up to something else, I have it hooked to my computer. It's a MIDI controller. It's interesting that I've been learning so much about audio recording and such. So far I have everything I need to record music, except for software. I bought some software, Apple's GarageBand. It is a first release and it acts like it. Very slow and has some rather irritating bugs. After a few more releases I'm sure it will get real good. I just don't plan on waiting that long anymore. I'm going to buy Logic Express and hopefully that'll do well. It's a lot more feature rich than GarageBand anyway, so I'm really getting a much better software package. The only thing I worry about with is whether there's a good piano sound or not. It comes with several software instruments but I don't know if it has a regular grand piano.

So lets see, what else is new? I guess nothing really, just been hanging out and working on school and stuff. I feel like I might finally be learning how to read music. I'm glad I'm taking these classes, but sometimes the differences between Piano class and Guitar class can throw you off, the two of them confuse me somtimes, but it's something that I have to learn to work through, especially considering that I plan on learning at least 12 instruments by then end of my life.

That's all folks!
January 10, 2004
Happy New Year to everyone! Well, there goes another year. Time seems to fly now, faster than ever. Of course, I am busier than ever as well. Today I finished my History II Wintermester class, hopefully I did well on it I am glad to be done with it as well, not because the class wasn't interesting, but because of some of the students in the class. That's another story though.

The good stuff, I bought some recording equipment finally. I got headphones, a mic/midi interface for the computer and a microphone as well. Right now I'm waiting on software, it should get here next Friday. Once I have the software, I'll be set to record, everything is top quality except for the mic. That will be my limitation as far as sound quality goes, and it is going to be a huge limitation untill I get a new one.

If you notice, the year 2003 is gone, but don't worry, it's still on the site, just click on the Archives section above and you should find it. I always wonder how long I am I going to be able to keep this journal up. It's not daily, and it's very loose in structure, but it is my life. Ah well, no need to worry about that now I guess.

Back to the music. Monday I start Piano classes at UTD, as well as the rest of my classes but I'm more interested in the Piano part right now. My brother left his keyboard in my room the other day, and for the first time I sat down and played it. Within 10 minutes I figured out how to play ColdPlay's "The Scientist." I was so excited, still am actually. I'm considering getting a MIDI keyboard for myself, one that doesn't make sound unless it's played through some other instrument. Now you might think that this move might be stupid, but I think it would be a pretty good one, what that means is that I'm not limited by the sounds strictly on my keyboard, as long as they make new sounds, I can just play those, so I can play a ton of instruments on one keyboard. Don't worry if you don't understant what I'm getting at, it might just be easier to show you.

I am going to re-record all the music in my music section as well as add some band covers that I like to do. It will take me a while to get everything sounding well, so don't expect anything soon. Oh and I will be redesigning this site so that it would work with older browsers better. I don't think it will look any different to any browser that's up to date though.

Have an awesome year!
December 26, 2003
Ah yes, the end of the year. I hope everyone had a good holiday, I know mine was. This will be the last post of this year and then this whole year goes to the archive. I'm excited to start fresh again on a new year. Hopefully things will be as exciting and as much fun as I had this last year. I'm almost done with school, just one more year to go and then all I have left is the DAT. After that, dental school! I'm so excited about that. Enough about school for right now, I'm sure you'll hear a lot more on it.

This past week has been pretty good, not much going on, just hanging out with the girls and the homies. There really hasn't been much to do because everything is closed around christmas time, but it's OK, it's still fun. I'm now working on a new website for the UTD Alumni. Theirs is super duper ugly right now, hopefully I'll be able to come up with something that'll impress the board of directors and also be easy to maintain. That's the goal at least, honestly, the way the site is right now, anything is better, it's the least organized site I've ever been on. It's kind of ironic as well that an organization would have such an unorganized site.

Outside of that not much is going on, plans for new years are ready and hopefully it'll be fun. We're going to West Village, which I don't think I've ever been to, or maybe I have, I don't know, anyway, after that no idea what we're doing. I keep on trying to remember what I did last new years, but I can't, maybe I'll check back on my journal and figure it out.

Happy Hollidays to everyone and be safe!
December 14, 2003
Yes! Finals are done. It turned out to be a pretty good semester after all. I made three A's and one B (Mol Cell). To be honest, I was surprised that I did this well this semster because it just didn't feel like it. Not that I mind or anything. So far I've had one week of break, which I worked away at my dad's business. It's Christmas and his busiest season, so he needed the help. This is the first time I work at his place where I'm doing computer work. I was working with packages and shipping and all the good stuff of the business. He decided he's going to make me a notary public. Which I think is kind of cool actually.

Outside of work, I start school tomorrow. So much for a break, school is already starting for me again. Oh well, not like the break has been that great anyway. All the friends have been canceling to do things, plus the homies don't go to the same school that I do, so they had finals all of last week. Oh well, I guess I'll hang after and before class. Since there was nothing to do during the break, what I ended up doing was updating my music page, this time with my own music and completely changed the layout. I never liked the way I had it before, it always struck me as ugly and confusing. I recorded my music on my laptop using a program not designed to do music at all. It was also all done in one take and through the built in microphone on the laptop. So if you think the quality sounds bad, well... now you know why. Anyway, that's all for now. Told you it was a boring break!
November 25, 2003
So normally I start off by saying that not much has happened. For some reason though, I think a lot has happened since I last posted. At least it feels like it. I am now approaching finals, and they're coming quickly. I have Mol Cell on Monday, Microbial Physiology on Tuesday, Biochemistry and Government on Thursday. I honestly can't wait for the semester to be done with. It is just so much work and I'm really tired of it. Next semester will be busy as well, but it will be better because I'm taking classes that interest me a lot more than Microbial ever did. I went and spoke with my advisor and determined a road map for graduation. I'm looking to graduate Fall 2004. Finally. The next step, and the step I'm really looking forward to is dental school. Everything that I've worked for, I've done so I can go to dental school. I will apply next year and will hopefully receive an acceptance letter in the mail. Once that's done, I can relax. It's going to be tough and a lot of work, but for once I may feel like I'm actually working towards something, and that my future is finally within my grasp, rather than getting my Bachelors in Biology and not knowing whether I will be accepted into dental school at all or not.

Enough ranting about school, now to the important things. Lets see, where to start first. OK, my friend Nasreen was getting sick and she tested out positive for tuberculosis (TB). What this means is that she's going to have to be on medication for the next nine months at least, which is no fun. It really isn't that bad though, it's only one time a day, and once you get in the habit your really won't even notice that you're doing it. I guess it'll be like brushing your teeth. Since she was sick, and could infect people, that means that all her friends have to be tested. So if you haven't guessed, that means me as well. Anyway, the testing really wasn't that bad, I went with Savera and Paristou, and they made fun of me like usual, but it was all good times. We all came out negative, of course we couldn't tell Nasreen that quite yet. We told her Paris came out positive, but she didn't believe us. Oh well, Curtis (Platypus) believed me when I told him I was positive. I thought it was funny. Anyway, so since Nasreen was infectious, she was quarantined at her home, no one could visit her or anything. That must have really been boring. Anyway, today was the day that she was no longer contagious, so she actually got to go out. Congratulations Nasreen.

As far as this last weekend went, well, I went and got tested with the girls and then after that we went to visit Nasreen. Now we didn't go in the house, we just sat outside in the lawn and talked to her through the window. That was funny. Anyway, after that we went to Best Buy and then Guitar Center, my second home. After that, I went to eat with my cosine at Chilis and then went back to her place and just hung out for a while. Saturday, we had a few people over at her place and hung out for the night. By the end of the night though I was feeling pretty bad. My chest was killing me. Anyway, the next day I woke up and I was so sick. I was delirious, dizzy all day and could barely stand. I was coughing so hard and just couldn't really control anything. I had attained the flu, and I got it from my dear mom. I have never felt so sick in my life, it really was worse than anything I remember ever feeling. Good times. I slept maybe 20 hours that day. I was planning to spend all of Sunday studying for exams, and so far, I've barely studied a word, and today is Tuesday. I can't help it, the past two days I just couldn't concentrate on anything, not even music. I didn't play much guitar, I didn't think about any paintings I'd like to paint... nothing. It's a horrible feeling. No inspiration.

Come Monday I feel a little better, no great improvement though. Well, I had to go to the TB clinic so they can check my results because I either had the flue, or possibly TB. Anyway, me and Paris decided to go so I met her at her work after class and then we head on out there, we walk in, and two minutes later, we walked out. I could've just as easily called the clinic and told them what the thing looks like. Oh well, at least they were cool people, unlike most clinics I deal with where they're just too full of themselves to be more human. I don't think most doctors realize the importance of that in their field.

OK, I think I've written enough. I probably could have shortened all of this, but like I said, it really did feel like a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Enjoy!
November 9, 2003
Well, I just finished my third batch of exams this semester. I did OK on a couple, but I have two more that I still don't know how I've done. It's getting very close to the end of the semester, and I for one am glad. This semester wasn't as much fun as my other semesters have been, mainly because it really had me stressed out. Oh well, not a big deal, I figure this is good practice for dental school, where I will be very busy and very stressed.

Yesterday we hung out over at Grego's place. It was a blast, a few people were there and we had the music, hookah, pool table, black jack table and bunch of folk. Left there kind of late actually, then Mazen, Santosh and I went to IHOP and had a little something to eat. Everyone was in a good mood and everything was funny, there were new and old people, it was great.

On another note, Ramadan started about a couple of weeks ago, so I've been fasting all day. That means no food or water at all. As you can imagine, usually by the end of the day I'm extremely tired. Plus, I have already started losing weight, which isn't good considering I'm already very skinny.

Not much more to talk about really. Enjoy!
October 28, 2003
OK, so 10 more days and it would be a month since I last posted. I figure this would be a good time to post. Nothing much has changed really, I have four exams coming up, again, this semester's biggest lab report and a five page paper due. Honestly, the only thing I'm really thinking about now is my microbial physiology exam. I have a feeling that I will do well in Mol Cell, I also have finished the lab report early, so that I don't have to worry about it, which I'm not anymore.

Halloween is coming, I have no idea what I'm going to do for Halloween, but honestly, I really don't care right now. I'll probably just go and hang out at some one's house or something if I do anything at all. It might be a better idea for me to just stay home and study for my exams, but I doubt that's going to happen.

I've made some updates to the site, a new link at the bottom takes you to some of my poetry. I also changed one of the sites in my portfolio to OS X World, which is a much more active site.

As far as what I've done since I last posted, well, it really is nothing more than just studying and hanging out with friends and such. Not a big deal and not much to talk about so I'm going to skip the details. The only thing that I'm excited about right now is the Baylor Summer Enrichment Program. Basically it's a program that is supposed to give you insight and hands on experience with dentistry, which I'm very excited about, plus, it also increases my chances of being accepted to dental school.

I learned to play a few more songs on the guitar lately as well, all by ear. It's really odd, I'm finally starting to pick up music by ear and I'm real happy about that. It used to be where someone would have to teach it to me. Anyway, I learned Green Eyes and The Scientist by Coldplay and I also learned to play Unchained Melody (the song from the movie Ghost). I also picked up four Radiohead songs. The way I see it, the more the merrier when it comes to learning music. Later!
October 7, 2003
So not a whole lot has changed since I last posted. I have four exams coming up in the next week, two for Biochem Lab, one for Microbial Physiology and one for Molecular and Cell Biology. Sounds like a fun right? With all that, I've been so busy with school that I haven't had time to do anything. I'm designing two websites for school, one website for my brother's fantasy football league that he's doing with his friends, and a flyer for school. I also had to go shoot pictures for my uncle's house. I shot over 200 shots that day, I'm happy that I'm not developing them. On top of that, I spent all Saturday helping my cosine Mazen move, that took about nine hours. We hired help and they were horrible, so we got rid of them early and finished the job ourselves. Add all that up, plus things I have to do for school and you have yourself a real busy week. No problem though, I think I'll do much better on this test than I will on my last one, which I made a C on.

So this weekend, after Saturday's move I came home and met up with Nasreen and Paristou, then we went to Savera's place. That was fun, but I was so beat that I just kinda sat there like a lazy ass (Nasreen). Then Sunday I studied the whole day and then went over to Serene's place and hung out that night. That's really about it. Outside of that, it's been all about school which has kept me very busy.

Oh, and hopefully there'll be an update to the pictures page soon, I'm going to try to get pictures of all the homies so I can put them up on here.

This shout out goes to my friend Jerry because he's having a rough week. Peace out homie.
September 28, 2003
This is the first week since school started that I don't have anything but Biochem due. I have no exams, quizzes, homework, or any of the such. It's good too, I can catch up on a lot of things. I just finished washing my car and cleaning the inside. It's still dirty as hell though, as if it hasn't been washed at all. Oh well...

The weather is awesome today, so I have the top down, I think I'll be going to Serene's place tonight to hang out. That'll be fun. OK, so now the updates I guess...

Well, yesterday was my last day at work. Right now I am jobless, which is nice, I don't have to be anywhere other than school. It's real weird though. I'm going to sell my play stock acocunt and pay off my credit card so that I don't have to worry about it. I should also have enough to get another drum set, but this time I'm going to leave it at Grego's place.

Last weekend was Curtis' birthday. I took him to The Melting Pot, there were about 10 of us I think, and we had a blast. Then we went to Grego's place, played pool and just hung out for the rest of the night. That was awesome. It was also Paristou's birthday, so Sunday I went out to eat with her, Savera and Nasreen, that was a good time as well.

I learned some new music as well, I learned three Radiohead songs and yesterday I learned to play Stair Way to Heaven. I don't know how I learned it either, I came back home from Greg's place and I was feeling a little down, so I just grabbed the guitar and started messing around. Anyway, I just started figuring the song out and I've only heard it maybe 10 times in my life. I was kinda happy that I picked it up though, it means that I'm progressing a little as a guitar player.

That's all I can think of right now.
September 13, 2003
Today marks an important day in my life. I gave my two week resignation to my work. I no longer have any time to work, with school and everything involved. I've been there for almost four years, so this is a large step for me. This will be the first time since I turned 15 that I don't have a job. I don't plan on getting one either, unless it's at a dental office. Outside of that, I'm not interested.

So it's been a while since I last posted, well, lets start since the last time I posted. August 30th doesn't really ring a bell but I believe it was memorial day weekend or labor day or something like that. Anyway, I went and hung out over at Nasreen's place with Curtis, Savera and Paris. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, we saw The Secret Lives of Dentists. A really good movie. Since then I bought a few DVD's myself, I bought Rushmore, Phenomenon, and Requiem of a Dream. I haven't seen Requiem yet, but I plan on it.

Ok, the weekend after that we had a little get together over at Serene's new place, that was fun as well. Played guitar, smoked the hookah, you know, the good stuff... There really hasn't been much outside of that. Yesterday I went over to Greg's place and then we went to eat at Bennigan's. Also, a few days ago I went to Guitar Center with Nasreen and I played a drum set they had there, that was so awesome. I have to get one again.

I have an exam on Tuesday, and today's Saturday and I haven't studied a word for it yet. I'm just not in the mood. It's really probably one of the most boring classes I've ever taken in my life. Not interesting at all. It's all just biochemical pathways and such, completely puts me to sleep. Oh well, I just have to do well this semester, because after this, things should be much easier for me. Most of my classes will be electives, and I plan on taking Guitar class. I can't wait for that. Peace out.
August 29, 2003
Well, it had to happen. I just got in my first car accident. Actually, it isn't my first, but it's the first one where I'm at fault. I backed into a car while pulling out of the parking lot of a Chilli's. Anyway, no one was hurt, but now my bumper on my car is nicely bent. I'm just wondering how much it is going to cost me to get this car fixed. The whole thing needs a new paint job. I'm going to call my insurance lady and ask her and see where I can go from there.

Outside of that, I had my Student Ambassador Retreat last week. It was a lot of fun. I had a blast, everone was nice and in a good mood, which is always a plus. I'm looking forward to working the rest of the year with this team, I think it's going to be good times.

I updated my Music page to have a different look on it, plus I added Coldplay to my list of artists, they really should have been on there a long time ago. Oh well, not a big deal. I have a meeting tonight at school for Legacy Lane, which is a school related issue. I won't bog you with details. Outside of that, I have no plans at all. It's kinda nice actually. Anyway, that's all folks.
August 5, 2003
Not much to report today. I have updated my protfolio portion of the site to also include the paintings that I have done. These include some airbrush work and some oil paintings. I have also updated the personal portion of my site to have an archive of dates that I posted. This way, it does not take an hour to load this page and you can search for dates much easier. The link has been placed above instead of "Links." The links page was not being updated, therefore no use in having it. I have also removed the "About Me" page and changed it with the "Music" link from the bottom. This way all links on the page are at the top and you don't have to scroll down to see them.

On another note, today I went to Dr. Grave's office to do observations and such, it was a lot of fun. I saw two or three procedures and then stayed up front for the rest of the time. Everyone there is real nice, which is a good thing to have for the office. Wonderful.
July 27, 2003
So it's only been four days since I last posted, so this is going to be a short post. I'm only adding to this because I made a new painting today. I haven't painted in years, only pencil drawings and digital stuff, but with a real paintbrush and real paint, nothing. It's been so long since I last painted that I had to re-buy a bunch of supplies. Cost me about 100.00 dollars for a canvas, paint, two new brushes, and some other things. Anyway, it's an abstract/minimalistic painting. I really like it a lot, for two reasons. One, I just really felt like painting the last week and so finally did it. Two, it's an oil painting. For those of you who don't know, I don't usually paint in oil, or using traditional brushes for that matter. I'm usually using acrylic and I paint with an airbrush. For some reason though, I wanted to do something with a heavy texture, oil only seemed natural for that. The canvas that I bought has a 1.5" thickness. It's the type that you don't frame. Anyway, I've always wanted to paint on one of these but I could never afford one before. By the time I got a good job I had already backed away from using paints, so I had no use for canvas anymore. Anyway, I liked painting this canvas so much that I'm going to stick with it, so anytime I paint anything, it's going to be on canvas like this.
July 23, 2003
Nothing new much. Just the same old really, work and school. I'm doing great in my Photoshop class, which is excellent. I only have three more lectures left of that class. Can't wait to be done with it. As cool as it is, I'm ready to have a real break from school, with no classes at all. Till now my summer vacation has been all classes. Not really my idea of a summer vacation. Anyway, enough about school. I've been feeling a little down lately because I'm just starting to realize that it really is over between me and Jana. Hey, live and learn I guess. Anyway, we're still friends and she's doing great. She's really liking Chicago now. Finally met some people that she gets along very well with. As for me, I've been hanging out with my cosines a lot. It's good stuff, they keep me busy and keep my mind off things.

I've written a new song, or actually two new songs, they're pretty good. So far everyone's liked them, which is good, but I haven't played them for either Curtis or Greg, which I need to do. I've also been in the mood to paint something lately, so I'm going to go buy a canvas and get on top of that. I haven't painted, or felt inspired to paint, in years. It feels good to want to put something on canvas.

I went shopping with Serene last week. It was awesome, bought a bunch of new shirts that I really needed. A few weeks ago I grabbed a trash bag and threw away all the clothes that I don't wear anymore, or that are torn or something's wrong with them. Anyway, by the time I was done, I was left with two pairs of jeans, one pair of khakis and two shirts. Great. I figure it is time to go shopping. I'm going to buy some more stuff as well, I need more pants definitely. That's all folks!
July 4, 2003
Been a while since I last posted. Many things happened. Most exciting was I went to Chicago and visited Jana. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun there. The first day, I've been on many different forms of transportation. So, I came off the airplane, then got into Jana's car then onto the train then to busses, after that we walked all over the place, got into a cab, back on the train and then into her car and finally home. I was very tired by the end of the night. The next day we went out, had fun, went and ate at the Melting Pot, which was great. We discussed a few things that concerned our relationship, and everything turned out great. Was definitely a fun trip, and I can't wait to go there again.

Since then I've also started my history class, and finished it. I made an A on it, I also made an A on my Government class that I've takend. Glad to get those out of the way, I still have Government II and History II to take. Right now I started my graphic design class, it's going to be so easy. We're learning Photoshop, and I'm pretty good at it. That should be a fun class, the computers there are awesome PowerMac G4's with 17" Cinema displays, which I'd love to get my hands on. Speaking of computers, I also ordered a new laptop for myself. A PowerBook G4, 12". It's an awesome laptop. I'm going to give my brother my beloved PowerMac G4 and use the laptop as my only computer. This is going to give me a much larger desk space, plus it's portable so I can use it with clients and such. I'll have his 17" monitor to hook up to it when I'm at home. I also bought an iSight with it so I can video chat with friends over the net. It works very well, although since the software is in beta stages it still has some bugs in it.

That should bring you up to speed, other than that, there really isn't much to talk about. I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary really, work, school and music.
May 23, 2003
Crazy times we live in. Haven't been up to much lately, just getting things straight and all. As usual good things and bad things. Well, I’ve taken the DAT. I did terrible on it, and what was odd, is the sections which I’ve done awesome in on the Kaplan practice exams, I’ve done the worst in on the real DAT. Anyway, I will be taking it again, I’m not satisfied with this grade, I don’t think any dental school will be either. The Spring semester is done with, I’ve made two A’s and two B’s. I was really disappointed. I was hoping to at least make an A in Genetics, not just because I was doing good, but because I really loved that class. It was awesome, very interesting. On more bad news, I am going to drop doing research in Sickle Cell, the reason being, I just plainly don’t have time. Dr. Goodman had warned me that I will need a lot of time and the fact is, with summer school, work and my next semester, there’s no way.

Now to the good news, I shaved my head finally. It got pretty long nearing the DAT, I didn’t bother doing anything because that test was the most important thing to me. Since then, I’ve started my Government class, which so far, I have a 99.5 average in it. How awesome is that. My instructor is great, she makes government very interesting, as it should be, something dynamic that changes all the time. Other government classes I’ve taken make it sound like everything’s set in stone and nothing every changes, how can that be interesting?

I’ve also written two or three more songs, and I like them, more than any other songs I’ve written. Not only that, they seem to carry a much bigger audience than my other songs, simply because, they’re catchy. I don’t know if I’ll do more like them though, not my style of music, but it’s interesting still to see how people react to different styles of music. With my style, I have a very limited audience, but they would be a very faithful audience, something that counts for a lot with me, and more important than any number can be.

I’m going to Chicago in June, I can’t wait. I’m going to visit Jana, we’re going to have tons of fun. There are three art museums, which I would like to go to all three, but I don’t think we’ll be able to do that. We’re going to go to the Melting Pot restaurant, our favorite place, or mine at least. Then, we’re going to go shopping down town, that will be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do that, it will be a relaxing time from school and work, I’ll just hang out, no driving, no web design, no programming, no anything, just hanging out with a person that I love to hang out with.
April 27, 2003
Well, the past couple of weeks have been awesome. Just always something to do I guess. Anyway, this is looking like a very good semester for me, again, if I do well on these, then it's going to be a 4.0 semester, which I need. So a lot has happened, I am now officially a UT Dalas Student Ambassador. I was so excited when I found out I made it. The interview went pretty good, I had fun doing it. Student Ambassadors are in close relation with the Alumni Association as well, which I will hopefully be redesigning the site for. Right now their site is terrible in my opinion. I think Pat from the Alumni Association agrees as well. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out what she thinks of the design I'm proposing.

On another note, I am now 21 and feel no different. I didn't drink, despite attempts by friends to try to get me to drink, although to my pleasant surprise, they really didn't try to push me too hard to drink. In fact, the waitress where we went to eat was trying harder than they did, shows how well they knew me. That's good freindship when they can respect my values as such and not try to pressure me. I had a good birthday, it came right before finals week, so I didn't do much. Never do though. Anyway, got some cool gifts. Jana sent me jeans that fit perfectly and a gift card to the Apple store for 150.00. Wow, I was astonished at that. Anyway, I'll be flying there sometime in June, I think the 12th was the date that we set for me to go there, so I need to make sure I get them off from work. On May 11th I plan on taking the DAT. The real thing. I can't wait to be done with that. It's so much pressure with this being the biggest exam of my life. Anyway, I have my Biochem exam and my Biostats exam on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I have no exams, but we're working on our Bio Lab final presentation. Anyway, on Friday I have my Genetics exam, then I have to present our Bio Lab presentation, after that, I'm all done except for the DAT. This will give me a good week to study for it. I should be able to do well on it. I really need to study only two sections, sciences and mathematics. The others I'll do well on, I'm not really worried about them. Anyway, should be fun. After that, I have Maymester, and then Summer school, plus research in sickle cell anemia. I'll be busy, but much less stressed considering that I'll be done with the DAT.

April 14, 2003
It's looking like it's going to be a very busy month from now on. First of all, I would like to say that I'm very happy I made an A on my Genetics exam, it was very hard and I didn't think I'd make an A on it. Now, back to the real to stuff. Well, there are two more weeks of school left, not much I guess, but basically I'm going to have a three exams and a ten page paper due by the end of the semester. I'll also start studying harder than anything for the DAT, I plan on taking it May 11th, right after that, Maymester starts at CCCC. The next day after that's done, I'm going to be lfying down to Chicago to visit Jana for a week, then I come back June 1st, where I satrt Summer School. Oh man, I'm going to be busy and I'm worried the most about my DAT. Things are looking very good for me this semester, I think it might be a 4.0 semester, as long as I keep working things like I have been. It's just kinda crazy how everything mounts up to the last minute, all my exams are withing two days, and then I have the paper, which must be accompanied by a presentation to be made. Then after that's done, I have a week to take the DAT. Oh man, I'm so scared about it, it really isn't that hard, it's just so much stuff to remember. Hopefully I'll do well, I've improved on all my grades since I started the Kaplan class, but no where near where I would like to be. I guess I need more practice. I'll get there though, I'm shooting for a 28, we'll see how that works out.

My birthday is next week, on the 22nd, I'll be turning 21. My friends are going to try to get me drunk. Little do they know that they have a real challenge on their hands, since I don't drink and all. It's going to be funny though. They keep on asking me what I want for my birthday, and I don't really want anything, I just want to get into dental school. That's all I'm looking for right now, and that's my biggest goal and that's what's most important to me.

March 25, 2003
Much has changed since I last posted. The Coldplay concert was awesome. It was the best concert I've ever been to. Of course, I really haven't been to too many concerts, still though, it was the best. Since then, many things have happened to me, some good some bad. I made an 80 on my second Biochem exam, I was very dissappointed since I was expecting a 92 on it. I also made a 72 on my Genetics exam, which was 10 points above average. I was very pleased with that grade. I started a DAT prep course, I took the diagnostic and I made a 14.5 on it, which is terrible. I'll bring it up however. I'm shooting to make a 24 on the real test. By the end of the this prep course, I'll hopefully remember the basic concepts, I haven't done these things in such a long time that I honestly just forgot many of the concepts and memorizations that I had to do.

Jana moved to Chicago about two weeks ago. She's liking it up there. I wasn't really happy about that since that means I can't see her anymore. We talk every day at least once, but it's weird because we're now broken up. For the best I guess, at least we broke up without hating each other. Hopefully, I'm going to go to Chicago and visit her in May, by then I'll be done with the DAT and my finals for classes. I'm taking the DAT April 28th and school finishes May 5th. A lot of stress is going to fall off once I'm done with this semester. It's one of my hardest semester, plus add the DAT to that, and you got yourself a can full of stress. Anyway, back to Jana, I sold my laptop to her. She's liking it. I'm also very close to paying off the credit card, which means I can start saving up towards another laptop.

I've written my resignation letter for work. I haven't turned it in yet, I'm going to wait till I secure another job before hand. I'm looking real hard for a job at at dental office, since that's what I've wanted to do most of my life, I figure this is a step in the right direction. Hopefully I'll find one soon, I'm just tired of dealing with banking. I need something to give me more experience that what I already have with dentistry.

I have two tests coming up next week, Genetics and Biochem. Both of which are going to be hard and need a lot of studying, so needless to say, I'm not going to be doing much this weekend.

January 31, 2003
Alright, so today I'll update. Nothing really too exciting, except that I went and saw Duncan Sheik play at the Gypsy Tea Room last Friday. Tonight I'll be going to see Coldplay in concert, which should be pretty good. I don't really care about tonight that much, but I'm going because Curtis loves Coldplay. Anyway, Duncan rocked in his concert. He sounded extremely good, just like he does in the studio. That its really hard to do. Most artists couldn't sound the same live if their own lives depended on it. That's all I'm going to say about that, I'll keep the rest to myself.

I also went a talked to Dr. Goodman this afternoon, I think I might be working on some research for him, which will be great, plus it will help my with Biochem and Genetics. I've also written a new piece of software called Loan Table. It amortizes loans and also calculates extra principal payments made to the loan. It's pretty good actually, in fact, on VersionTracker, three people have rated me and I've received 5 out of 5 stars on the program. Plus I've had over 3000 downloads. Pretty good for someone who's never advertised and who's only released one piece of software before. Right now I'm working on a way to improve it a little more and then I'll start working on an FTP program. I hate the interface of all the other programs, so hopefully this will work better than them. I just have to get it to connect and all. We'll see how that goes, since I'm having some difficulty with one concept, a very important one, saving. Enjoy.

December 28, 2002
It's getting pretty close to the next year, which seems to have gone by so quickly. I didn't expect this year to be finished already, it feels as if it was just a month ago when it became 2002. Jana comes back from her trip tomorrow. I can't wait, I just got off work, which was a whip considering I worked 10.5 hours yesterday. I just didn't feel like being there today. I didn't bring my laptop because I expected it to be kind of busy, but it wasn't. Anyway, I'm going to go clean Jana's apartment. It's good for the most part, but I really should go get some groceries for us to eat tomorrow. She's going to be super tired when we come back, so I'm sure she's going to take a nap. Then we have to go to Banana Republic so she can get a refund on some stuff. After that, we have the whole day to ourselves. Yesterday, Mazen has gotten his PowerBook, and he's in love with it. He's coming over right now, he's going to 'help' me with the appartment, of course, all that means is he's going to sit there play with his new toy while I clean. It's all good though, I've kept the place pretty neat, so there really isn't much to do. I have to turn the heat down. She'll faint if she walks in at the temp. that I keep the place at. That' all folks. Have a happpy new year.
December 24, 2002
Christmas Eve. And I have to go to work. What's even more odd, is that I work at a bank. I don't see too many banks opening on Christmas Eve. Honestly, I don't see the point in it either. Most people think that we're closed, so I doubt we'll have many customers today. It's a loss for the bank. Anyway, to other things. Yesterday I was with my cousine at Jana's house and we were hanging out. Doing nothing really, watching Office Space. And then I dent her table. I dropped something on it. She wasn't happy when I told her. I feel so bad, if she'd like, I'll buy her another table. I'm just kinda pissed that that happened. Seriously. I wish it never happened. She's out of town right now, down in New Mexico with her family. They seem to be a cool bunch. I haven't met them yet, but from what I hear about them, they're the type of people that will make guests work at their place. My type of people. I hate going to places and not be able to do anything because I'm a guest. They're also pretty funny and very nice from what I hear. Jana got me some Christmas gifts, she got me a sweater, a shirt and underwear from Banana Republic. I was so excited, I've worn the sweater everyday since she's gotten it for me. I love this thing. The shirt is a little dressy so I can't wear it all the time, but it's definately my interview shirt when I go to interview for dental school. Yesterday I bought more RAM for my iBook from OWC. That place is awesome, the RAM is cheap and good. I've never had a problem with their stuff. Alright, time for me to go to work. Happy Hollidays.
December 15, 2002
Yesterday night I started on my HPAC stuff, and of course I thought that my GPA was not too bad, not the best, but definately enough for me to be able to apply to just about anything. Well, after doing the HPAC all that changed. See, UTD counts B+'s and A+'s while dental schools don't. My GPA's for cumulative and for science both are terrible. Mainly because of CCCC. Biggest mistake of my life was going to a community college. Nothing in there helped at all. As soon as I hit UTD my grades started going up. Anyway, now I don't think that I even qualify for the HPAC which is very bad news. I'll have to go and talk to Dr. Wood about it and see what he says. I hope things work out for the best. On the good side, my I went and saw my uncle's nwe house that he's building. It's awesome. He's wanting to sell it for about 700 thousand. It's georgous. I'll be faux finishing the whole house with my cousine. We'll try to make it fun, but it's a lot of work to do. I also started working on my program again, there's a bug in it that I can't figure out. It isn't a small bug either, this pretty much stops the whole program. I'll have to talk to my friend Fenny about it and see what he has to say. Hopefully he can figure it out. I'm adding another section to my personal site that has charts of my GPA, one calculated using UTD"s method, the other calculated using dental schools' method. You'll see the difference. Later
November 27, 2002
Man oh man, today is Wednesday, but I have no classes today and no work, which means that I have nothing today. I have the whole day off, tomorrow too. I'm really enjoying it too. I just sit here and do nothing. Ok, well not nothing, you know how I am. I fixed my car and cleaned the whole thing off, including the engine, I've been doing that since about 10 this morning and finished around 4:30. So I guess I've been a bit busy. Next thing, I'm going to write a program for my dad's mail post. I hate the software that he uses, it's pathetic. It crashes all the time, in fact, it crashes so often that my dad, who knows nothing about computers, learned how to clear the computer memory and force quit programs on it. That is so funny to me, because I always try to teach my parents how to do things on the computer and they never learn. I guess the way to make someone learn something is to write 'super buggy' software and let them figure it out. :)

I really don't have much more to say about today except that it has been awesome and relaxing. I might write a new song while I'm at it, although I doubt it. I would go out to shoot pictures, but it's freezing outside, by my standards at least. Gotta go, have to get the groceries from my mom's car, later.

November 20, 2002
So it has been a super long time since I posted, I know, but school and work and other things combined have been keeping me real busy everyday. The only reason I'm posting today is because I'm real excited. I just got out of a meeting with Dr. Wood, he's the Dean for Health and Sciences at my school and it went pretty well. He had basically let me know exactly where I'm standing as far as what I need to do and when to apply for school and all that sort of stuff, now I feel a little more reassured than I ever was. I have all the requirements done for dental school, now all I have to do is the HPAC packet, take the DAT and hopefully do extremely well in my interview. Dr. Wood is into photography which is so awesome, he's got some cool shots taken, specifically this on of a statue in a garden I think, the statue is glowing but everything else looks normal, very cool picture. I had to drop Biochem this semester, mainly because I didn't have enough time to study, plus I found out the hard way that I really should be done with Organic Chem 2 before even taking this class. It's alright though, I'll be taking it next semester along with Genetics, Bio Lab and Statistics of Life Sciences, after I'm done with those classes, then all I pretty much have left is Molecular and Cell Biology, Gov and History, and the rest are all electives, so I can take upper level music classes and have those filled. That's awesome, because my GPA is descent right now, so I figure that once I'm done with the sciences and my GPA is still up, then I'm pretty much set.

That's it for that, now I'm just going to give you a small update on my hobbies and other stuff that I like to do. I bought a new digital camera, Sony DSC-F717, which is a great camera. I've been doing a lot of IR photography with it and I love it, I'll post the pictures up once I have time to do that, probably after finals are done. I've also been designing a website for a client of mine, David Jones Custom Homes, and it's turning out pretty good, in fact, now that I think about it, the pictures for the backgrounds for his site are some of the IR pictures that I've taken. That's really all for that subject. Now my programming, I'm writing a program in Cocoa (Objective-C) called GPA Office, this programs lets you input each class and it will automatically calculate the GPA for you and eventually will be able to graph all your data for you and print out everything all nice and neat. You might think that this is a stupid idea or there's no use, but I think this would help a lot of students and maybe schools as well. This would also be very useful for completing the HPAC. I might write a program that I target specifically towards the HPAC, I believe that would also be a lot of help to other students, of course by the time something like that is done, I'll be done with the HPAC, but still, I think it would be very cool to do something like that and I'm sure others would appreciate it. Later.

September 2, 2002
Well, basically school started and I'm still trying to learn how to write programs in Objective-C and also implement a GUI and let me tell you, it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Oh well, I'm learning the basics really well, but implementing certain things, such as tables, aren't really working out for me that well, main, I wish I could get this crap working. I really need to read the documentation more than I already have, just some things that should work are not working at all for me, so not I'm irritated as hell. Oh well, I'll figure out a way eventually. Oh and also, I bought a new iBook (Apple laptop) and got a wireless base station so now I can browse the internet anywhere around the house that I like to, which is awesome. I should've done this a long time ago :). Anyway, that's really about it. Peace
August 21, 2002
Alright, here's the deal. I'm not really going to update here that much, right now I'm busy putting a GUI behind this program that I wrote that does this page. Basically after that, it will even be easier for me, much much easier, to update this page, plus I'll be able to distribute the software so that other people can do stuff like this. It doesn't have to be a personal page, plus they can pretty much make it look anyway they want. Wish me luck!
August 18, 2002
Man, I just woke up. The past three days have been all parties at my uncles' places and yesterday was at my house. We had close to a hundred people here yesterday, filled the parking lot of the school across from us. It was so much fun, people were dancing and shit, the only thing was the argeelah wasn't all that great. They brought one for like twenty people. Bad idea. They smoked that shit to a crisp :). There's one more party tonight at Ammo Alaa's place, but this one is family only and it should be quieter than the rest. Then tomorrow it's Jana's birthday, hopefully it'll just be her and I tomorrow, but I don't really know what's going to happen. Either way, I'm sure it's going to be fun.
August 12, 2002
Well, I'm just sitting here right now waiting on the Jana. We're about to go to the store, and hopefully I'll find a couple of bookmarks for my self, and I also need some post its. I went to work today and it was OK for the most part, then it got real busy and I dealt with ass-aholic customers. It's cool though, it's part of the job. After that I came home, tried to program, and I figured something out, something real important too, but I still can't get a simple program that displays "This is a test" to work. Oh well, we'll see. I'm sure I'll learn and come up with some cool shit. Anyway, peace.
August 10, 2002
Alright, so it's a Saturday and I'm just chilling with the babe, yep, the Smurf. She just got her own place, and I'm starting to like the little Maddie fattie fattie dog :). Today all I really did was go to work then I went over to Jana's place and we hung out for a bit, then we went out to eat, then we came back here to my place and we're probably going to Mazen's house tonight. We're going to take the Royal Tenenbaums from him and watch it at her place. It's going to be fun. Bye
August 9, 2002
Today was pretty much nothing day, I went to the gym, worked out, then after that I came back and I re-wrote this program to work with any web page as long as you include the <sourceCode></sourceCode> tag in the HTML where you want it to insert the 'articles'. That took me a while, now I'm trying to get it to where it has a GUI instead of just a command line interface, then after I get it like that, I'll post it up on the net for people to download and test. Hopefully this will work fine. Later.
August 8, 2002
OK, so I haven't posted in months, yeah yeah I know. Don't bitch, but my ass has been real busy, plus now I just made it much easier to post on here, I just wrote a program that will automatically create the web page for me, all I have to do is edit a small text file and add the new daily info and it creates the page. Man, I'm glad I learned how to program :).

Update: Soon, I will change the daily section to important dates, that way I don't feel pressured to post here everyday. Anyway, that's all for now, peace.
July 4, 2002
Independence day, and what am I doing? Nothing. Not that I care, it's just another day for me really. I opened up our Why a Mac? website, it seems to be getting good reactions from people. Jerry and I already have three people register for our forums, which is good. Man, I'm sitting here with my Organic Chemistry book right in front of me, but I don't feel like studying at all. I've been finding things to do all morning. I should go outside and wash the car or something. I know I'm not going to study tonight, and that's bad, since I just made a 74 on my second test. Now I can't make higher than a B in the class, unless I get a perfect score on the next two exams, which I know is not happening. Not with my studying habits. On top of all that, my left arm pit stinks, and I just showered. Oh well, maybe that's a sign that I should start wearing deodorant. Naah, I don't need to do that. Later.
June 27, 2002
OK, there really hasn't been anything new going on lately. I'm helping Janna find an apartment for herself. It's real funny too, when we went, we looked at five or six different apartments and they really all starting blending together. I don't really remember anything except for two of them. They were pretty nice, one had the sweetest decks possible, but I don't think she's going for them because she doesn't like the inside that much. I personally didn't think the inside is that bad, except for one tacky addition, they had mirrors behind the stove, it looked real ugly. Other than that, they're a go. Anyway, the deck was all wood, they were condo styled, mad pimp. It was about 22' wide by 16', it's huge, we can smoke the hubly bubbly all we want on there, with a huge amount of people and we'd still have room. I really really hope she goes for those. The people over there seemed real nice as well so that's pretty cool. The pool was awesome and the view is great, the only problem was the prices is a 100 more than what she was wanting to pay, but dude, it is soooo worth it. Anyway, that's about it for now. Peace.
June 19, 2002
No freaking way! I'm posting two days in a row. I guess I'm starting to get used to my schedule, which is very good. I'm bummed about my freaking Organic Chem exam. I was really hoping that this one would've been good, but I guess not. Now I HAVE to do well on the next two. I have to get A's on the next three to get an A in the class, which I intend to do. So what's new today. Nothing really, went to class this morning, which is boring as hell. Our instructor cracks me up. He makes all these jokes and laughs at them while everyone else in the class is just sitting there staring at him, like whaaa? What's so funny? After that I came home, worked on one of my sites for a while, then cleaned the pool and went swimming with the Platypii. After that I had programming class, which I always enjoy. It's real cool to learn stuff that you want to do something with. Now if I have a problem on the computer, I just write my own program and presto! problem solved. I'm getting almost 300.00 dollars commission on my next paycheck. What a whip, I thought it was going to be more, a lot more. Bunch of shit really. I guess I have to start making more referrals than before, especially now that I'm only working 14 hours a week. Peace.
June 18, 2002
Oh my God, it has been a very long time. Sorry :(. I've been really really busy. Programming has kept me busy for a while, then also I'm doing several sites, plus school and work. I don't really have much time to update this. Not like that many people read it anyway but what the hell. These past couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. I have a new girlfriend, new classes, new music that I'm working on and new everything really. What a trip, everything changing that quickly. It happens I guess. Anyway, nothing really interesting for today. I took my first O'Chem exam and I got a 69 on it. Bunch of shit really. I plan to do much better on the next three. That's all there is, I wish we had more exams but oh well. In 7 weeks I think this whole thing will be over with. Then all I have to worry about is programming. I was going to buy a new computer, but my paycheck from work was much lower than I thought it was going to be. I was really pissed, maybe my commission will come in on the next one. I only work 14 hours a week now, from 38 that's going to be a huge pay cut, but school always comes first.